Feeling Teal

So the other day I went shopping and I got it into my head that I wanted long, point, glittery, purple fake nails. The reason behind this was I had been playing The Sims Urbz and the urb in the playstation version of it has these long purple nails. 
When I got to Dundrum Town Centre however I realised I couldn’t afford new acrylic equipment and couldn’t remember if I had all of mine at home or had I thrown it out when I moved.
I needed to find a compromise, I had it set in my head to do my nails like this and wouldn’t be happy until I had.

My solution was this.
I went into Boots and got a Kiss set. It contains 100 full cover, clear nails and a glue. I got the active square shape because they were a bit longer in length. The reason I love these clear nails is they are much easier to paint, and the paint doesn’t chip as it would on my natural nail. And at less than €10 for 100 nails, it cannot be denied that this kit is great value. The little bottle of glue included in the kit is much better that your usual pink gel glue. This light clear liquid glue is super fast drying and reusable, so you don’t have to worry about it being dried up after one application.

 I then trekked up to the top floor in the centre to McCabes Pharmacy where they stock a nail varnish by a company called LA Colors. I used their color craze range in Sea Siren and Treasure Island this varnish comes in at only €1.99 per pot which I know is a little bit more expensive than our affordable brands such as Essence. However these pots were much bigger in size. I found that they were better quality too. I only needed to use one coat of varnish as opposed to with Essence where I always needed at least two. The varnish was quick to dry and I loved the somewhat matte finish it left on my nails. The finish was perfect for the glitter top coat. 
Before I painted my nails I filed them into a more practical oval/curved style.
When I spent just under €4 on the varnish I expected it to be a waste of money, even though it wasn’t much to spend. I found however that the varnish much exceeded my expectations and I will definitely be buying a lot more from them.
Dublin Girl. x
PS, I have a new email for the blog, if you have any queries or any posts you would like to see.
Can’t wait to hear from you all 😀

College Blues

I’m back in college a good while now and whilst I have not posted in a while and would love to give some flamboyant reason for it, it is simply that I have been snowed under with work. In my three years of college this has been the first one where I have had any sort of cop on and somewhat been trying to keep up with the amount of work I am supposed to be doing even though I have missed some classes. Where I have missed classes it has been nowhere near the amount of classes I had missed in previous years.

I really do wonder if some lecturers realise how drole and boring they are. Do they know they don’t engage us or that myself AND the three girls in front of me were all playing bubble popping games on our phones the entire length of the lecture, only for our heads to pop up at the topic of MacDonaldisation of the world. This same lecturer that I am currently picking on also sent an email out complaining of people walking out on a guest lecturer, that she had arranged to come in. I wasn’t there so I wasn’t one of the offending miscreants, but you know it must be pretty bad if people can’t even sit there and pretend to be interested, as they do for her own lectures, would you seriously not get the hint? We have another lecturer this week who she managed to get over from the United Kingdom, will she regret this or will we be lucky and this will be the only engaging lecture on the course…?

Dublin Girl. x