Where have I been?

Hey Guys,
I just want to offer you all my deepest apologies. I am aware I swore to post more often and that I have not done that. It has definitely been a trying few weeks. 
About two weeks ago I found out I was being made redundant from work. 
Basically my company is pulling our branch out from the department store we are based in. Back in the boom time an agreement was made with our host store whereby we would be given a target and if we did not meet this target we would have to pay a percentage of the difference as penalty. This is on top of our usual sales commissions and rent payments. Naturally as the boom ended and things got harder, we found it harder and harder to meet these targets, all the while these targets where increasing. Even though we were one of the best brands on the ladieswear floor we still had to leave as we could not make these penalty payments, leaving 5 staff members unemployed. 
Unfortunately I don’t get a redundancy package and because I only earn a weekly wage I have left myself needing to find  new job immediately, obviously as I am now finished college I need to find a job ASAP. Which is what I am occupying myself with at the moment as well as working full time to cover my manager’s holidays so please excuse me for the lack of postings, I really will try to keep ya’ll updated.
Dublin Girl xo

Irregular Posting.

Hey Guys!
Sorry for the oul lack of posting. I know I said I would be serious and keep this up. Which I kind of am doing, let’s be fair! But I am doing extra work hours and other bits so it is kinda hard, but we will see how it goes 🙂
I have been a busy bee for the past while though so it’s not like I have been sitting around ignoring my blog, I actually have been up and about doing quite a bit.
First thing I did was go to town and get stuff to do my nails with! Now as I work in retail it is kinda a rule that I have to have nice, not chipped nails. Most of us find this is easiest just by getting fake nails done! Especially as you get a while out of them. I can never afford them though, but I find glue on nails, especially the ones you paint yourself, work just as well! I have also wanted a caviar manicure for ages and saw that Hairspray  on Henry Street had their own brand version of the Ciaté manicure, so I decided to try it out! I have to say I was glad I paid €8 rather than €25. The kit was actually quite good though and used barely any of the microbeads, you would get quite a few applications from one packet. I put nail glue over the finished product though in order to try prolong the effect but it made the colour of the beads run, so I would advise against doing that!
I also decided to take up yet another new hobby. This time MAKING CUPCAKES. I am actually quite good at baking/cooking. I always have been, so this is a hobby I could actually do quite well with! I hooked myself up with lots of equipment and started practising. I’m getting on quite well I must say, I am slowly perfecting a basic recipe and getting better with frosting and icing the cakes, although I am struggling to find piping bags so I may trip into town to find them! We will see how that goes!
I am actually quite a busy bee for the next few weeks too. I am going to see a band/go out with my cousin this week as she is home for two weeks from au pairing in Switzerland! I am dying to see her so it should be fun fun fun 😀
I am also going to Justin Timberlake with Shauna next week. I am DYING to see her as it has been a few weeks! Even though I won’t see her for long it will be nice to hang out and catch up!

That’s all I can really think of for the moment.

xo Dublin Girl