Irregular Posting.

Hey Guys!
Sorry for the oul lack of posting. I know I said I would be serious and keep this up. Which I kind of am doing, let’s be fair! But I am doing extra work hours and other bits so it is kinda hard, but we will see how it goes 🙂
I have been a busy bee for the past while though so it’s not like I have been sitting around ignoring my blog, I actually have been up and about doing quite a bit.
First thing I did was go to town and get stuff to do my nails with! Now as I work in retail it is kinda a rule that I have to have nice, not chipped nails. Most of us find this is easiest just by getting fake nails done! Especially as you get a while out of them. I can never afford them though, but I find glue on nails, especially the ones you paint yourself, work just as well! I have also wanted a caviar manicure for ages and saw that Hairspray  on Henry Street had their own brand version of the Ciaté manicure, so I decided to try it out! I have to say I was glad I paid €8 rather than €25. The kit was actually quite good though and used barely any of the microbeads, you would get quite a few applications from one packet. I put nail glue over the finished product though in order to try prolong the effect but it made the colour of the beads run, so I would advise against doing that!
I also decided to take up yet another new hobby. This time MAKING CUPCAKES. I am actually quite good at baking/cooking. I always have been, so this is a hobby I could actually do quite well with! I hooked myself up with lots of equipment and started practising. I’m getting on quite well I must say, I am slowly perfecting a basic recipe and getting better with frosting and icing the cakes, although I am struggling to find piping bags so I may trip into town to find them! We will see how that goes!
I am actually quite a busy bee for the next few weeks too. I am going to see a band/go out with my cousin this week as she is home for two weeks from au pairing in Switzerland! I am dying to see her so it should be fun fun fun 😀
I am also going to Justin Timberlake with Shauna next week. I am DYING to see her as it has been a few weeks! Even though I won’t see her for long it will be nice to hang out and catch up!

That’s all I can really think of for the moment.

xo Dublin Girl

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