Feeling Under The Weather.

Okay let me tell you a little something about me. During August EVERY year, without fail, I get sick. It will normally be some horrid, chesty, cough or a really bad head-cold. It happens every August just before I have to go back to school, without fail. I would have been healthier than ever all summer but once mid August hits, I’m down and out for the count. Luckily for me I won’t be going back to school this year, so I won’t get sick, right? WRONG!! Out of nowhere I have found myself struck down with the worst cough ever. And to make it even worse, it’s not just an annoying cough that makes me sound like a dying power drill, no it’s a sore one, so every time I cough I kinda roll up into a ball with the pain. I really can’t catch a break. You might be wondering why I don’t just go to the doctors, get some medication and be done with it. This I can explain also. I have been getting these coughs for years and have gone to the doctor and gotten medicine, but at one point it was getting so bad I went to my university doctor and they diagnosed me with asthma and gave me inhalers, I still had the cough though. I have found the times when I fork out the money for the doctor visit and the medicine that it takes just as long to get better as if I had suffered through, so I am very tempted not to bother. That and I don’t have €60 for the doctor and however much the medicine costs. Instead I have chose to just plough through and deal with it. But that’s not to say I’m not feeling sorry for myself. 
So in honour of my impeding death by cough I decided to share my top things I like to do when I am feeling poorly and a bit under the weather. (NOTE: Flat 7up and dry toast is not on here because I never got that cure and obviously I am not Irish enough for that or something).
Yeah, I know everyone knows this one. But it is my personal favourite thing for when I am sick, especially when it’s a cough. I get to devour loads of white bread AND I love when you can feel the warmth soup sliding down your achey throat, caressing it with it’s soothing hands, yup, that is the life. Vegetable soup is my go to soup when I am sick, a nice giant bowl of it with at least 4 slices of white bread (and I wonder why I put on weight). However I will take what I can get. Tomato is my other fave. I think one of the things I miss most about my nana since she passed away is her way of cooking. She had a particular way of making tomato soup (and coddle) and it just made it all taste better and cannot be replicated.
A Hot Shower
Now being sick calls for a special kind of shower. This is not one where you clean yourself, don’t be fooled. This is a shower where you crank it up so it is a little hotter than you can bear and you just stand there. Until you are wrinkly like a prune. It makes it better, trust me. 
When I am sick I don’t take normal painkillers, in tablet form. No I take the kid friendly liquid version, I don’t want to put my throat to anymore stress do I? I also load up on Strepsils and Soothers, because my throat needs that TLC… A bottle of glycerine honey and lemon also works wonders, it is literally magic juice.
Being sick, for me, is crucial TV catch up time, if I wasn’t sick so often I’d be so behind on my shows. I’ve noticed when I am sick I have usually watched all my shows so I normally resort to 90210. It’s my go to sick show, and EVERY time I go to watch it it takes an hour to figure out what episode I’m on. Believe me I don’t even know what season I am on anymore. I also like to wear as many clothes as possible to bed. We are talking tracksuit bottoms, fluffy socks and jumpers. You can never have too many clothes on when you’re sick.
Junk Food
Now my favourite thing for when I was sick was to eat my nana’s coddle. But naturally my mum doesn’t have the same knack at making it so instead I choose to just eat crap. Crisps, jellies, ice cream and chocolate are all sleeping in the bed beside me while we watch 90210 together.
Lighting a Candle
I’m Irish, remember?
I’m giving myself a crash course in all of the above in the hopes I can go out tonight and not die. I am going out no matter how sick I am. But I am really hoping not to die.


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