I Just Want to Buy it All Feat FOREVER 21

So it’s my birthday on Saturday and I bought a dress to wear out. There was a hole in the dress however and when I went to change it in store I bought a completely different outfit instead. I just couldn’t help myself, I wanted everything and I still do. I am literally PRAYING I get the job I am interviewing for later today just so I can go spend all my money there. The stuff is all so pretty and actually pretty affordable and I melt over it all every time I am in there.
The store in question? FOREVER 21!!
First lets take a look at my outfit for my birthday and then I will show some pieces I adored from the store, and hope I can find them online.
So even though I am turning the big 21 I am not doing much for my birthday. I am going to dinner with my family in our local GAA club, which is actually home to a very swanky restaurant, and then going to a gig and the club night that follows it. It may seem very simple or boring but it’s just the way I’d like things to be. Instead of getting really dressed up like I will be for graduation I decided to go for something semi casual that I will wear again. This is what I went for; 
I got the skirt in black and it is high waisted so there is very little space between the bottom of the top and the skirts waistband.

I needed a new black skater skirt anyway. But this outfit is perfect as it is light and airy, but I will be comfortable in it and enjoy my night out wearing it. I am going to team it with my metallic pink Doc Martens and some chunky gold jewelry.
Forever 21 have started doing loads of cute sweaters with Minnie and Mickey and other faces on them but one I saw in store and loved was a white sweater with a picture from Finding Nemo on it. Unfortunately I couldn’t find it on the website to show you all but I thought it was absolutely brilliant! It reminded me so much of a tumblr I saw ages ago, but typically couldn’t find to show you all, where they just had loads of images photoshopped onto sweaters. They were very cool.
€13.75 comes in black, grey, blue and red
I saw this dress and thought I must pick one or two up. I got a dress like this recently and have been wearing it for all my interviews with a scarf, tights, and brown brogues. They are so flattering and easy to wear. Of course black always looks smart and professional too.
This is when I started to just browse the site and look for bits to add to my wish list. I didn’t get very far before I found something I would like. It was the first thing I saw as I browsed.
This boyfriend style blouse is absolutely divine. It seems light and airy and because it is a Love 21 item it runs a half size larger than standard. I would buy this in a size or two bigger and just wear it all the time with leggings or my trusty disco pants. I prefer this style of over sized shirt to the ones that were in fashion years ago. Remember them? We all wore them with leggings and a HUGE brown belt around the tummy. It was not a cute look.
Now I love both these pieces. They are variations of items I have already but wear constantly. I have a braided jumper quite like the one on the left but I went a bit overboard so it is a small bit TOO oversized and isn’t the best colour, so investing in a new one may be a possibility. If i went for the cream colour I would but a light black blouse underneath so the collar could be seen and vice versa. I am a big fan of the dolman cardigan too. I bought one years ago and loved it so much I bought it in a second colour. The two I own are shorter though and of a much thicker and heavier material. This one is nice because it is long and not so heavy. I love dolman cardigans because they can literally be thrown over everything. My favourite thing to wear them over is a tank top and jeans but they could be very cute over a blouse. I think blouses are slowly coming to be my newest love.
I just realised that all the items I have pointed out here are kind of things I have already, not new things. But I definitely feel they are staples every wardrobe should have, especially if you are in college or university. I’m going to wrap it up here but to finish I have mashed together photos of the pieces I did love on the site and would love to buy for myself. All the items can be found on the Forever 21 website. If there are any other stores you would like me to look at and pick my favourite pieces from do let me know.
I love you all so much!
All photos taken from www.forever21.com, all prices correct at time of publication.
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