So anytime I have a new blog post idea I create a new post, write the title then save it as a draft. That is what I did with all my posts on London and all my posts of late. I work through them in the order I save them and I post one every day. As I did a Bones post for the premier episode I thought to do another for the second episode.
However I only now got around to writing up the post now so sorry for that. I will keep writing my thoughts on the new season of Bones but I promise I will write the posts immediately after I watch the episode in future!
We good? Good!
I’ll keep it short and sweet anyway because I have burdened you all with such long posts this week!
Bones is my favourite TV show. I’d watch it no matter what. But I am not loving the formatting lately. They have become more focused on the characters than the crimes and the crimes have been getting sloppy and rushed through. Also the Pelant thing should be finished by now. Give it up already. 
Anyway this episode was nothing amazing. Cam is being doing for identity fraud. All her accounts have been frozen and she may be arrested. Someone is stealing all her money and they have no idea who. She won’t let anyone help her but in the end she does. I think we all know who is stealing her money to be fair. 
Oh there was a dead body too. A bobcat was found eating it. Bones and Booth went undercover. They solved the murder. It was the unlikely suspects. They showed no remorse. Actually that was one of my favourite Bones moments so far. The fact the old, completely in love, couple committed the crime and showed no remorse. It was brilliant and somewhat comical. 
Sorry this post was so shit. Also if the season continues to suck I probably won’t bother doing these posts…
I’m gonna be posting a London haul post tomorrow evening though so keep an eye out.
I also have a very interesting meeting about a huge project tomorrow so I look forward to telling you all about that!  
Until then,
Lynn Jo xox

I’m Moving to London! | Life Update

Just a pointless piece of information for ya’ll… I’m typing this with wet nails… multitasking WHUT WHUT!
As you are all well aware I went to London last weekend to see McFly. If you weren’t aware… I went to London last weekend to see McFly, check out my blog posts on the topic!
Why London you may ask? Well that was the only place they were playing but had they been on tour I still would have chosen to see them at whatever London venue they chose to play.
London is a city I hold dear to me. I spent some time there as a child but since I became of an age where I was responsible enough to travel alone I have visited London a lot more.
I don’t know why I love London so much… I’m sure if it had been a different city I had visited so much that that might be the one I was obsessed with but alas that didn’t happen. I think there is a certain charm about London that Dublin has just lost. And is losing the last dregs of even faster than you could say Dublin. Dublin is just full of cretins. It’s liked the world scraped the end of the ‘scum of the earth’ barrel clean and deposited it on Dublin’s streets. 
I should probably point out the reason for this post:

Yep. I’m going. Now I know I have said this before but this time it’s for real. I had always wanted to move right after I finished my degree, I should already be there, but of course at the start of the year I had a boyfriend and he didn’t wanna move so I put it off. Then when I dumped his sorry ass I had no savings to follow my dreams and to be honest I wasn’t 100% sure what I wanted to do in life so I don’t think, at that stage in my life, I could have moved and have my heart be fully in it! 
But when we went to London and stepped off the plane, I don’t even think we’d gotten off the plane actually, I told my mum I WAS moving to London.
I’ll tell you why though… Being in love with the city is obviously one of the main reasons. But I just really love who I am when I am there. I am happier and much more carefree. All my social anxieties vanish and I always smile. I could go into it so much more but that really is the long and short of it. I feel like a weight lifts off my shoulders when I am there. I have no problem going to bed early and getting up early, heck I don’t even comfort eat there. 
So I decided I am moving in six months time, enough time to get a Christmas job and save up some money. Although my friend Hazel lives there and knows some of her friends will be subletting rooms during the summer so that could end up being a bit later in the year but by next summer I will be there. I’m really hoping for February though. Literally the only thing standing in my way is money. I have no savings, well I do but my loan is secured against them, but essentially I have no savings and I need a few thousand euro behind me.  Luckily though I have one great friend already living there and another about to move so I will have some help.

I think that is pretty much all I wanted to say on the matter.
And my nails seem to be dry so I am going to go do life stuffs.

SIDE NOTE: I have a huge meeting about a very exciting venture I might be embarking on sometime next week so watch this space!
All my love,
Lynn Jo xox

The Flight | London Trip Post No. 3

I am coming down with a head cold and am very groggy and finding it hard not to go off on a tangent so bear with me.
ALSO: This post won’t be as long as the past few London posts. 

OKAY, so I’m not going to talk about the actual flying part of the trip. We all know what happens in the airport and on planes. You get a taxi there, go through security, tell the nice man you have nothing you shouldn’t, hope you don’t beep, spend some money, queue for a while, fly, not buy anything on board because it’s too pricey, land, thank a deity that you landed, leave airport. (I reckon that was pretty accurate). No I’m actually going to talk about something I experienced on the flight home.
In case you are not aware, I recently graduated with my bachelors degree. One of my majors was geography. Those of you who live in Ireland and the UK know last weekend was randomly really nice weather wise. 
Normally when I fly anywhere there are too many clouds to see much down below the plane. Coming home from London was actually really nice because there was like NO cloud cover and I could see EVERYTHING!
And to be honest it was AMAZING.
As a geography student I have obviously seen photos of mountains and seen aerial views of them and what not. Heck I even stood in a river in the mountains of Ireland for the best part of two days. But this was the first time I got to fly over them and experience what they looked like first hand. And bejaysis was it nice. It was also kind of humbling in a way. Like we work so hard to develop and make different technologies but the earth just made this… it did some stuff and there were mountains. And they took millions of years to make and probably don’t look anything like they did a few million years ago, and they will look so different in another few million years. It is just amazing. And even though I was above them looking down on them… I am just a tiny speck on the earth compared to those giants. 
And then I flew over this island. I don’t actually know what island it was. Hang on… Okay so I am presuming that the plane didn’t fly direct from London to Dublin in a straight line and that that may have been the Isle of Man.  Either way you could see there were only three built up areas on the island. Obviously though I had no idea what those built up areas consisted of. But looking down I wondered, do they have a tesco on that small island? Do people leave the island every day for work? Same when we were up in the air at the start of the flight. I could see for miles and could distinctly see three towns amongst the countryside, cities even… if I was standing in the city I would think it was huge… But looking down it is only a speck on the horizon… there is so much more around it. 
Yeah that’s just it kind of. I know this makes no sense, I knew what I wanted to say just had no idea how. But I hope you get an idea. I’ve included a few pictures as well which I took with my phone on the flight.
Tomorrow I have a huge life update post for you. The life plan has changed again. But this time it is the one I am sticking with. 
I hadn’t planned on posting it so soon but it’s very hard not to talk about it on my blog and I don’t like keeping secrets.
All my Love.
Lynn Jo xox

The Concert | London Trip Post No. 2


Okay so this is the London post I have been most excited about writing as it was the whole reason for my trip.
For those of you that somehow don’t know, McFly have been together for 10 years. September marks the ten years since their first public performance.
[Fun Fact: Their first show was supporting Busted in the Point Theatre in Dublin]
August marked ten years since they moved into their band house. To celebrate their anniversary they played 4 sold out shows at the Royal Albert Hall in London to fans who had travelled from all over the world to see them. For those that couldn’t make it, they live streamed on of the shows for a small fee. There was some backlash over the fee but I will save my rant against those who complained for another blog post. I travelled to London and got to see the show they streamed as they were filming it.

In case you haven’t figured it out already, McFly are my favourite band.

Okay so as I had been out and about in London during the daytime before the gig and having to deal with Dougie (maybe) driving past me (still think I was seeing things). My mum and I headed back to the hotel to get ready for the show. Time was getting on so we didn’t bother with dinner, just got a Subway and Starbucks to tide us over. I bustled about getting ready and looking my best because yeno… just in case. I mean C’MON I was gonna be in the same room as Dougie Frickin’ Poynter… There would be no half measures tonight. We went to leave the hotel and I asked my mum what time it was, she said it was 7:35pm which was grand because it gave us just under an hour to take a cab to somewhere that was 15 minutes drive away. I looked at my phone then though and thank god I did because it was actually coming up to 8pm. The concert would be starting at 8:30. By that I mean the band would be on stage, the doors had already been open since 7:30. We legged it out of the hotel and into a taxi, thankfully the taxi man was a gent and got us there pronto. I think he even broke a few laws on the way (thanks my black cab hero). There was no way I was missing the start of this gig. We got there anyway and I spent like £70 on merch, including two tshirts. I don’t even like merch tshirts… that’s how much I was in McFly mode.

Now before I start talking about the concert I need ya’ll to know that I only remember a few specific moments. I didn’t take many photos and I just let the gig pass me by in a blur… for once I let myself enjoy the show rather than try to record every second of it. For that reason I am just going to talk about my favourite moments of the show rather than trying to detail the whole thing. If you want to see the whole thing it is available in HD on demand on until the 29th of September. 

You know that feeling when the lights go down and the screams get louder. I got chills when that happened, fuck I am getting chills now. My mum got the fright of her bloody life and lost all hearing capabilities but I just got chills. We had really good seats on the balcony and could see everything. It was a small venue though holding only 5,000 people or so. McFly had little videos playing before the show of people wishing them happy birthday which was cute. These video montages continued throughout the show from fans, Chris Moyles who played Star Girl boy McFly on his radio show every Friday, or McFlyday as you would know it if you were a fan, and even one from Busted (sans Charlie).
The band opened the show with loads of old songs which made me so happy. Having had 5 albums and been around 10 years the lads had a lot of material so it was great to hear songs that haven’t been heard since a few albums ago. I have liked the band since I had just turned 11 so it was great to hear these songs I have been hearing since I was a tot played live. I didn’t see McFly on their first two or three tours so some of these songs I had never heard live bar on live CD’s so this was so nice to me. 
One crucially amazing part of the show, for me but for most fans I am sure, especially the older ones, was when Busted (minus Charlie) came out on stage to perform some songs with the boys. Now if you don’t know Busted are kind of the reason that McFly exist. If you want to know more detail read the McFly autobiography but basically Tom got into Busted but was then kicked out but the management held onto him for something else. Danny had auditioned for V but the management thought he would work better with Tom so they teamed them up. Throw in a Dougie and a Harry and viola. McFly are still great friends with James and Matt from Busted, often writing songs with James and Matt supporting Dougie as he too had gone through rehab. Busted broke up before I ever got to see them live to it was a privilege to get to hear some Busted songs live as well as have Busted play on a McFly song. Believe me seeing those 5 lads jump in the air as a chorus dropped in was UNREAL. I say 5 guys… Harry was drumming so obviously couldn’t really jump. 
The concert was laid out like any other McFly show. Two hours of full energy performances of each song as if they were the last of the show. They even played a new song from album 6, ‘Love is on the Radio’, which is out on November 3rd and was brilliant. Really catchy, and I cannot wait to hear the studio version and of course the new album.
If you have never seen the Royal Albert Hall then you should know it has a HUGE organ. If you have never heard Transylvania, which is one of Dougie’s songs, then there is a huge organ bit. Yeah Dougie ran off the stage and played the organ, yes it was amazing.

The highlight of the show for me though was none of the above. There was slightly less talking than normal and less theatrics/pyrotechnics as the stage was really simple. What Tom did next made everything perfect though. Tom Fletcher, one of the most talented musicians in the world, wrote the McFly Musical. The musical highlighted some of McFly’s history and why being in McFly is so awesome. Just watch the video and see for yourself!

How pretty was the RAH?
There is not much else to say about the gig to be honest. It flew by in a blur and I never stopped singing. My mum was also amazed by how well behaved McFly fans are so pat on the back guys. I just want to finish up by saying I love the way the band closed the show. They didn’t close with Five Colours in Her Hair or any of their other ‘better known’ songs. They closed with The Heart Never Lies, something I have never seen them do before. In fact I think they have closed with Five Colours in Her Hair nearly every time I have seen them… But I could be wrong. The Heart Never Lies though is an amazing song though, the lyrics really say something. But one of the lyrics in the song is “another year over, but we’re still together, it’s not always easy, but we’re still together” lyrics which instantly changed to “McFly’s here forever” once the song started being performed live, something which I think is a nice little message to finish the show on.

It was about here I started crying. Particularly as there were some pretty emotional speeches before the song. The boys bowed together arm in arm at the end as well. Something I have never seen them do before and which just got me.

I want to thank them for an amazing night of my life and for making me the person I am today. I grew up with that band. I’ve been a McFly fan almost longer than I have not been a McFly fan. They were not much older than me when they started out and we grew up together. They were there for me for exams, my nana dying and all the other hard times in between them. i have met them, been at Q&A’s with them, been on the phone to Dougie and cried when I was too drunk to say hi to him in Dublin city one night. I would not be who I am if McFly had not been the one constant in my life and I hope they know how wonderful an impact they have had on some people’s lives.
They deserved those shows, not for the critics or the fans, but for themselves. They have developed into such amazing people and have overcome, and conquered and achieved, a lot. I hope that no matter what happens with fans or the future that they stay together and keep making music for themselves and no one else, because it is who they are, and I hope they never change.
Here’s to ten more years lads.
Love always,
Lynn Jo 

(Galaxy Defender for life)

The City (Day 2) | London Trip Post No. 1(b)

Okay folks, back to telling you about London. Today we are talking about my second day in the city, which was Saturday the 21st of September aka CONCERT DAY and my mammy’s birthday(Happy Birthday Mammy). I’m not really going to talk about the last day of my trip because that literally just involved going to the airport and hanging about there which isn’t too exciting to be fair. I’m also not going to talk about the concert itself as that is tomorrow’s blog post and it’s going to be a long one 😛
When we were checking in with the delectable Matthew (seriously, call me) the night before, we decided to book breakfast for Saturday morning, just to give it a bash and to save us having to find somewhere to eat. That and breakfast is served until either 11:00 or 11:30 in that particular Premier Inn so it meant we didn’t have to get up at the crack of dawn just to eat and could get up in our own time. Needless to say we woke up fairly early having been to bed so early. Like I mean Jean had time to shower and I had time to put a full face of make up on and still get to breakfast for like 9:00 or 9:30, I’m not too sure what time, all I know is we left the hotel just after 10:00 ish and were on our way for the day. I’m not going to lie, the breakfast wasn’t the best and definitely not worth the £8 or £9 it cost. We got our sausages and everything and sat at the table, but by the time we got coffee and juice the food was cold. Add to that the fact toast takes ages to make and the amazing hash browns we were promised were all gone and I was very disappointed. We saw them put out more hash browns but after the wait they just weren’t worth it. I literally just had 6 glasses of orange juice for breakfast and that was it. Looking back now I don’t know why I didn’t get a croissant or some cereal or something but to be honest I think I had just been put off food at that stage. When asked how our breakfast was, in typical Irish fashion, we said fine. Why we did that I will never know. The Premier Inn have their beds and pillows perfected, even having different firmness of pillows, but they still need to work on their breakfasts if I am being quite honest.
Harry Potter goodies in Harrods
Day two was to be a shopping/visiting places day as opposed to a touristy day, we did all that on the Friday. To start off we went to Harrods, now Harrods is my favourite store in the world. I LOVE it. I could spend forever there. My mum however had never been, it’s a bit away from our hotel and last time we were in London we didn’t venture too far from the hotel bar to go to Legoland, so I got to bring her there. She didn’t really like it to be honest,  I think everything was just too expensive and that got her a bit down. I loved it though. I was in heaven, could barely afford anything but I still managed to spend alot, to the point I got a Harrods reward card!! (I will show you everything I got in a haul post very shortly.)
I did get to meet One Direction again while we were there though 😛
Bumped into them completely by accident whilst I tried to find Paperchase, we are literally best friends now. I even left them a note on their wall, it did say McFly is better though! The guy selling the One Direction perfume was also beautiful and asked me all these questions about who my favourite member of One Direction was and that and I was kind of like, ‘I don’t really like them THAT much mate.
I look like an arse in every photo from  London
Our next stop on our journey was to the Victoria and Albert museum which I have wanted to visit for years, ever since my Godparents got me a bracelet and earring set from there. It all stems from working in fashion, I have always wanted to see their fashion exhibit. They had a really cool exhibit on called ‘From Club to Catwalk’ which I wanted to go see but my energy was waning at this stage so I didn’t go. The exhibition is on until early next year though so I should still make it there to see it. I didn’t really get to enjoy the V&A so it is definitely on my list of things to do next time I am in London!
We came out of the Exhibition Road entrance of the V&A then so my mum and I took a quick trip into the Science Museum for a quick coffee and so I could show her where my little brother will be going on his science trip to London with his school. As it was a Saturday the museum was jammers so it wasn’t as fun as when I went with the lads two years ago. There was a hot guy working there too. Seriously the amount of talent in London is unreal. 
I knew the Royal Albert Hall was at the end of Exhibition road so I forced my mum to go check it out before the gig later on that night. Yes a part of me was hoping to meet McFly while I was there, no I didn’t meet them but I am fairly certain Tom and Dougie drove past me, I’d recognize that fluffy hair anywhere, I may be wrong and am convinced I was hallucinating but to be honest I am going to continue to live in that fantasy 😛
Me looking like an arse at the Royal Albert Hall. I am meant to look excited in this photo….
Mammy wanted to go to Hamleys on Regent Street then so we took a cab to Oxford Street to have a wander and try pick up some nice bits. I didn’t actually get anything I had wanted to get, I just wasn’t in a shopping mood. I went into La Senza to get some bras.. I’ve been lost without them since they pulled their stores out of Ireland, didn’t fancy anything there and as we were leaving I got the best suprise ever. HAZEL!! My friend Hazel who moved to London for college was there, she worked their. Well Jean and I stood there for ages chatting to her, and Hazel helped reassure my mum about something, but that is for a different post 😉
I am thinking Saturday was a bad day for trying to shop, especially when I was with my mum. I am so much better alone when I shop, even though it was busy, that wouldn’t bother me. Having to wait for other people kills me though (sorry mam).
We visited a few different stores, got what Jean was looking for then tried to get a cab back to the hotel, trying to get a cab from Regent Street at 5:30 in the evening on a Saturday is not easy, and it involves alot of me nearly getting run over by various vehicles. We got one in the end and he was the nicest driver ever which made a difference 😀 
We grabbed some Subway and Starbucks and then got ready for the concert…
And that my loves is where I have to stop. I will save that all for the concert post which is coming at you tomorrow!
I’m off to apply for some jobs. 
Love you all! 
Lynn Jo xox 
Raging I didn’t buy this -.-

The City (Day 1) | London Trip Post No. 1

London has been and will always be my favourite city. 
I have always been in love with that place and I change when I am there. I was only off the plane ten minutes and everything I felt when I was at home in Ireland was gone. There was no anxiety, no freaking out in social situations, no tiredness and no dullness. Everything was brighter and more brilliant and I was just me. I always believe that the person I am in London is the person I am meant to be in live. This has lead me to make the decision to move to London. I will do a more detailed blog post on this over the next few days but just know that it will be happening. 
Until that post comes about informing you of all this information let me first tell you all the amazing things I got up to in London City on my trip there last weekend. 
For those of you who don’t know, I travelled to London last weekend to go see one of McFly’s 4 sold out 10th anniversary shows. This is post one of a trilogy of posts about my trip. This post is going to focus solely on what I got up to around the city while I was there. The other posts will deal with the travelling and McFly aspects of the trip! 
[EDIT: This post got too long so I have broken the first of the trilogy of posts into two sections, I guess it isn’t really a trilogy anymore 😛 The second part will be posted tomorrow!!]
I went to London with my mum and because we were only staying two nights we had to pack a fair amount of activities into our two and a bit days in the city. Naturally the first thing we did was headed to the hotel. We stayed in the Premier Inn at London County Hall. We got a train from Stansted to Liverpool Street, then a cab to the hotel. Normally we’d get the tube but my mum watched a programme on the tube, freaked herself out and refused to get on them thus complicating everything. If you were to stay at this hotel you can get the tube to Waterloo Station which is literally only over the road. The hotel is so central, it’s under the London Eye for feck sake like. It is a bit pricey due to it’s location. It was a little over £300 for the two nights, not including breakfast, but you do get top quality rooms and service for that money. 
When we went to check it it was a bit early as you can’t check in until 12pm and the hotel was pretty jammers so there were no rooms ready early. This wasn’t a bother to us though as we decided to go to the Starbucks across the road and and make plans for our first stop on our trip: MADAME TUSSAUDS!!
Me (not looking to splendid) and apparently Emma Watson
Now Madame Tussauds is a fairly good bit from the hotel and my mum had decided that as well as not getting the tube we weren’t allowed to walk anywhere so instead of walking to Madame Tussauds we had the bright idea of getting a tour bus! We forked £26 each out on 24 hour tour tickets and proceeded to take the tour bus to Madame Tussauds. Now this was actually a pretty good idea as we have never done a tour bus around London and it meant we got to see a lot of stuff we wouldn’t see just walking to Madame Tussaud’s and back. We got to see all the houses owned by the Grosvenor family, some very fancy and expensive hotels, went through Mayfair and saw the usual stuff like the Palace and Marble Arch. 
We had been originally going to pre book tickets to Madame Tussauds because that’s what my mum wanted to do for her birthday, but we got a buy one get one free voucher from a cereal box so we had to queue up an hour to get into the place. It was worth it though, tickets set me back a cool £30 instead of the £60 it would have been.
Now going through Madame Tussauds was great. They stagger entry so there are never too many people in the one place at one time. However I was disappointed with some of the waxworks, well my mum was. I thought some of them were just hilarious. Then there were the ones who looked decent, but when I got my photo taken and checked it later, they just sucked (example Emma Watson, wanted to make all the lads jelly but sure it doesn’t even look like her in the photo). Then there were the photos I was really looking forward to having but mammy fucked up the taking of the photo (Leonardo Di Caprio). All that mattered, being honest, was that I got my photo taken with One Direction. Thankfully there was a professional photographer so she snapped me. My mum then paid £15 for me to get that photo on a magnet, photo frame and keyring. Yeah I was chuffed at that. Typically though the hottest staff member in the place worked the One Direction stall and probably thought I was pathetic, fairly certain I was older than him too…

There wasn’t much else to do in Madame Tussauds. My mum and I didn’t go to the Scream part of the exhibition because of her dodgy ticker. All that was left was to do the Spirit of London part of the exhibition (we didn’t go into the Marvel part either… Jean again). The Spirit of London was a taxi cab ride thing, like It’s a Small World in Disneyland Paris. it brings you through the history of London. It was fun I guess… actually I am lying. It was weird and freaked me out. Someone was seriously high when they came up with that concept.
There wasn’t too much left for us to do then to be honest. It was nearing 5 at that stage and we had dinner reservations in Planet Hollywood for 8pm so we hopped on a tour bus and headed back to the hotel to check in and head off to gorge ourselves. When we got to the hotel the guy who checked us in was BEAUTIFUL. His name was Matthew and I could just see his tattoo poking out of his sleeve and that accent. MY LORD. He had the exact same sense of humour as me and I just wanted to bring him home with me. Matthew if you are reading this, get in touch. WOAH MAMA. 
When we were checked in I had a quick shower and got dolled up to go for dinner. Planet Hollywood as usual didn’t disappoint. Our table was ready when we got there and our server, I think her name was Julia, was so pleasant and helpful. My mum and I got Buffalo Wings to start. I only got them because a server walked past with them for someone else and they smelt of Frank’s Hot Sauce which I am a divil for. then I had La Lasagna while Jean had the Steak Pie. I love the way PH do their Lasagne as they give you three HUGE penne tubes with the meat inside and then the tubes are breaded like mozzarella sticks and my god it is heaven. We got the Chocolate Brownie Super Sundae to share, it comes in a HUGE martini glass and is divine. I had two cocktails while we were there; the Planet Cooler, and the Mango Bay. I’m on a bit of a mango buzz lately which is why I gave the Mango Bay a go but I would recommend the Planet Cooler to everyone. It was divine!!
Chocolate Brownie Super Sundae
Planet Cooler

We finished up the night in the hotel bar with a few drinks. I had a Jack and Coke which cost me £3.49 and Jean had a Guinness, though English Guinness just isn’t the same as the home grown stuff so she wasn’t too keen. We were falling asleep in our drinks anyway so it was definitely time for bed!
It literally took us minutes to fall asleep and thank god because we had a big day ahead of us… CONCERT DAY!!
Stay tuned for day number two of the trip which I will post tomorrow with the post on the concert to follow on Friday. The post about the flight will be online on Saturday and I will do a haul post on Sunday.
I have included some photos from day one of my trip throughout the posts. I hope you enjoyed it. I would definitely recommend a trip to London to see a show and do some shopping if you haven’t yet. It is one of the nicest cities in the world and you can’t have a bad time there. We flew into Stansted with Ryanair and took the Stansted Express to Liverpool Street train station. We stayed in the London County Hall branch of the Premier Inn. Our tour around the city was with the Big Bus Tour Company which we picked up on Westminster Bridge. I have included links for all these places and services as well as Madame Tussauds and Planet Hollywood below in case you want to check any of them out. If you want some recommendations for your trip to London please don’t hesitate to ask. I love sharing my favourite city with people.

See you all tomorrow.

Lynn Jo xox
Generic Thames shot.
Me mate Ben.

The City | The Concert | The Flight

Hey guys!
So I spent today mulling over my trip to London and how I was going to fit it all into a blog post. 
I have decided to break it into three separate posts focusing on three aspects of my trip”
-The City
      -The Concert
   -The Flight
I will be writing and uploading the first of these posts; The City, in the next while.
I hope you enjoy it! 
Lynn Jo xox

10 Years of McFly | Top 10 Videos

I don’t know how I am even awake. 
I have to be up at 4:45 am (5 hours away) to get a plane to go see these boys. But I made a promise. Sorry there were no explanations on this top 10 and the last, I know I am tired and all but they were genuinely really hard to write about.
Enjoy my top 10 McFly videos, they are all music videos. May look into doing a general videos next week sometime. Let me know if that is something you would like to see 😀
Lynn Jo x
#10 – 5 Colours in Her Hair
#9 – Lies
#8 – I Wanna Hold You
#7 – Room on the Third Floor
#6 – Star Girl
#5 – The Ballad of Paul K
#4 – Transylvania
#3 – Love is Easy
#2 – The Heart Never Lies
#1- That’s the Truth

10 Years of McFly | My Top 10 Photos of McFly

Hello loves,
Sorry That I have to give you a double whammy of posts, it’s been a crazy busy week and I haven’t been sleeping great so last night I found myself unable to formulate thoughts let alone words. I am kinda still the same now tonight but a promise is a promise, 2 McFly posts for ya’ll. I may try to post another tomorrow in the airport. If I don’t do the queued posts for the weekend then I will do them in the airport. They will be done on my phone though so excuse any crappy formatting! 
I hope you all liked the post I did earlier today. Are make up reviews something you would like to see more of? Let me know in the comments or by email!
So today marks the start of McFly’s 4 day residence in the Royal Albert Hall and to celebrate I am going to share my ten favourite photos of the boys with you. These are my ten favourites of the band as a group and not of the boys individually. If a top ten of each boy is something you would be interested in then let me know 😀

Also to those of you who may be going to any of the RAH gigs, have a ball!! I look forward to maybe even meeting some of you while I’m there.

Have a great weekend.

All my love,
Lynn Jo xox
#10 – Just My Luck
#9 – Above the Noise
#8 – McFly in Attitude
#7 – McFly in Attitude 
(again, can ya blame me)
#6 – Baby McFly
#5 – Tom’s Wedding
#4 – Fabulous Mag
(it’s not a video)
#3 – Calendar Shoot
#2 – Unsaid Things: Our Story
#1 – Love is Easy