The City (Day 2) | London Trip Post No. 1(b)

Okay folks, back to telling you about London. Today we are talking about my second day in the city, which was Saturday the 21st of September aka CONCERT DAY and my mammy’s birthday(Happy Birthday Mammy). I’m not really going to talk about the last day of my trip because that literally just involved going to the airport and hanging about there which isn’t too exciting to be fair. I’m also not going to talk about the concert itself as that is tomorrow’s blog post and it’s going to be a long one 😛
When we were checking in with the delectable Matthew (seriously, call me) the night before, we decided to book breakfast for Saturday morning, just to give it a bash and to save us having to find somewhere to eat. That and breakfast is served until either 11:00 or 11:30 in that particular Premier Inn so it meant we didn’t have to get up at the crack of dawn just to eat and could get up in our own time. Needless to say we woke up fairly early having been to bed so early. Like I mean Jean had time to shower and I had time to put a full face of make up on and still get to breakfast for like 9:00 or 9:30, I’m not too sure what time, all I know is we left the hotel just after 10:00 ish and were on our way for the day. I’m not going to lie, the breakfast wasn’t the best and definitely not worth the £8 or £9 it cost. We got our sausages and everything and sat at the table, but by the time we got coffee and juice the food was cold. Add to that the fact toast takes ages to make and the amazing hash browns we were promised were all gone and I was very disappointed. We saw them put out more hash browns but after the wait they just weren’t worth it. I literally just had 6 glasses of orange juice for breakfast and that was it. Looking back now I don’t know why I didn’t get a croissant or some cereal or something but to be honest I think I had just been put off food at that stage. When asked how our breakfast was, in typical Irish fashion, we said fine. Why we did that I will never know. The Premier Inn have their beds and pillows perfected, even having different firmness of pillows, but they still need to work on their breakfasts if I am being quite honest.
Harry Potter goodies in Harrods
Day two was to be a shopping/visiting places day as opposed to a touristy day, we did all that on the Friday. To start off we went to Harrods, now Harrods is my favourite store in the world. I LOVE it. I could spend forever there. My mum however had never been, it’s a bit away from our hotel and last time we were in London we didn’t venture too far from the hotel bar to go to Legoland, so I got to bring her there. She didn’t really like it to be honest,  I think everything was just too expensive and that got her a bit down. I loved it though. I was in heaven, could barely afford anything but I still managed to spend alot, to the point I got a Harrods reward card!! (I will show you everything I got in a haul post very shortly.)
I did get to meet One Direction again while we were there though 😛
Bumped into them completely by accident whilst I tried to find Paperchase, we are literally best friends now. I even left them a note on their wall, it did say McFly is better though! The guy selling the One Direction perfume was also beautiful and asked me all these questions about who my favourite member of One Direction was and that and I was kind of like, ‘I don’t really like them THAT much mate.
I look like an arse in every photo from  London
Our next stop on our journey was to the Victoria and Albert museum which I have wanted to visit for years, ever since my Godparents got me a bracelet and earring set from there. It all stems from working in fashion, I have always wanted to see their fashion exhibit. They had a really cool exhibit on called ‘From Club to Catwalk’ which I wanted to go see but my energy was waning at this stage so I didn’t go. The exhibition is on until early next year though so I should still make it there to see it. I didn’t really get to enjoy the V&A so it is definitely on my list of things to do next time I am in London!
We came out of the Exhibition Road entrance of the V&A then so my mum and I took a quick trip into the Science Museum for a quick coffee and so I could show her where my little brother will be going on his science trip to London with his school. As it was a Saturday the museum was jammers so it wasn’t as fun as when I went with the lads two years ago. There was a hot guy working there too. Seriously the amount of talent in London is unreal. 
I knew the Royal Albert Hall was at the end of Exhibition road so I forced my mum to go check it out before the gig later on that night. Yes a part of me was hoping to meet McFly while I was there, no I didn’t meet them but I am fairly certain Tom and Dougie drove past me, I’d recognize that fluffy hair anywhere, I may be wrong and am convinced I was hallucinating but to be honest I am going to continue to live in that fantasy 😛
Me looking like an arse at the Royal Albert Hall. I am meant to look excited in this photo….
Mammy wanted to go to Hamleys on Regent Street then so we took a cab to Oxford Street to have a wander and try pick up some nice bits. I didn’t actually get anything I had wanted to get, I just wasn’t in a shopping mood. I went into La Senza to get some bras.. I’ve been lost without them since they pulled their stores out of Ireland, didn’t fancy anything there and as we were leaving I got the best suprise ever. HAZEL!! My friend Hazel who moved to London for college was there, she worked their. Well Jean and I stood there for ages chatting to her, and Hazel helped reassure my mum about something, but that is for a different post 😉
I am thinking Saturday was a bad day for trying to shop, especially when I was with my mum. I am so much better alone when I shop, even though it was busy, that wouldn’t bother me. Having to wait for other people kills me though (sorry mam).
We visited a few different stores, got what Jean was looking for then tried to get a cab back to the hotel, trying to get a cab from Regent Street at 5:30 in the evening on a Saturday is not easy, and it involves alot of me nearly getting run over by various vehicles. We got one in the end and he was the nicest driver ever which made a difference 😀 
We grabbed some Subway and Starbucks and then got ready for the concert…
And that my loves is where I have to stop. I will save that all for the concert post which is coming at you tomorrow!
I’m off to apply for some jobs. 
Love you all! 
Lynn Jo xox 
Raging I didn’t buy this -.-
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