Real Techniques Expert Face Brush | Review

When I was in London I had one thing on my mind. I wanted to buy a Real Techniques brush. I’d heard everyone raving about them and they had actually been recommended to me. Bar my egg shaped blendy thingy, which I lost AGES ago, I had yet to find a brush that applied my foundation in a way I really liked. Flat foundation brushes just left stroke marks and the stippling brush I was using just wasn’t for me. 
I didn’t actually find the brush in London, they were all sold out, but I did get one in the Boots beside work. I have been converted and I definitely think I will be expanding my collection. First of all the brushes are such good quality. Just looking at them you can tell they will last. They don’t seem as breakable as some of the wooden handled brushes. They are also really comfortable to hold, I’ve noticed now I take a lot more time doing my base since I got the brush because I don’t mind holding it and putting decent effort into it now. The brush is so soft but sturdy at the same time, even on my first use no bristles came out and I can see it lasting even after repeated use.
As for using the brush it really is a godsend. I know stippling brushes were always said to make you look like you were airbrushed or something but this brush really does. It makes my make up look quite natural. I like that I can properly buff my foundation into my skin rather than just laying it on top of my skin. It just gives it a better finish.
Verdict: Very satisfied.
I will have another post for you all on Friday but I haven’t quite decided what I want it to be yet as yet but stay tuned.
I went out last night with my best friends for Hallowe’en and Ciara did all our faces up. How awesome do we look? I think I make a brilliant cat don’t you? I don’t condone irresponsible alcohol use but I am very hungover now and need junk food. Bring me some please.
Finally, if you haven’t already seen it, check out Tom from McFly’s latest YouTube upload. How cute is that?
Congrats you guys!
Any suggestions for new YouTube videos?

All My Love,

Lynn Jo xox 

McFly & Only Rivals New Singles | New Music

If you read my blog and don’t realise I love McFly then something is seriously wrong with you. No Offence. I’m not the obsessed fan I was when I was 14 but I did travel to London to see them and I do go on about them a bit. But they are really good at what they do and I don’t think they get the recognition they deserve.
Their new album, which remains unnamed unless they are calling it album 6, is out at the end of November.
They have a single out before then called ‘Love is on the Radio’. This is the EP Version of the single and contains two versions of the title track and a recording of the ‘McFly Musical’ which Tom performed at their tenth anniversary shows. This EP is out on 24th November according to iTunes (it had been said it was out November 2nd by the lads so not sure about that) and costs $2.99, it’s not showing me a euro price.
Today I saw a Facebook update announcing a single that is being released in line with the EP. Again it features ‘Love is on the Radio’ but this one is called the ‘Silent Aggression Mix’. It features the song sung by Dougie and will cost you $1.29.
‘Love is on the Radio’ has quite a country feel, there is a good bit of mouth organ in there. But it still sounds like McFly. They appear to have gone back to their roots and this song is a lot more reminiscent in it’s sound, and lyrics, of their first few albums. Catchy and upbeat it has been getting a lot of radio play and could definitely be the lads next big hit.

The ‘Silent Aggression Mix’ featuring Dougie Poynter’s dulcet tones is a slightly more pop punk sounding, upbeat single. I have always loved McFly, they’ve been my favourite band for ten years but every other band I like is more at the pop punk  and rock end of the scale. Heck my favourite club night in Dublin is Lockdown which is Dublin’s pop punk night. So as you may guess this version of the track is much more to my tastes. It’s also slightly faster and more upbeat than the original, something I love. However I’m glad this was not the official single version because it wouldn’t quite sound like McFly then.

Here is their lyric video for the new single and the links to pre both the EP and single:
Only Rivals, an Irish band previously known as Homestar Runner, have released their new single and it is on sale TODAY.
Borders is the first single from the band since they reformed and is exactly the type of song we have come to expect and love from the boys. They have been firm favourites on the Irish gig scene and I know I’m not the only one who can’t wait to see where they go now. The only way is up for these lads. They are definitely my favourite home grown band at the moment and are some of the sexiest feckers Irish mammies have produced. Get a load of the drummer, PHWOAR.
The single is only 99cent to buy so why not support some Irish music instead of whatever you’d spend that 99cent on. Bar of chocolate maybe? In this instance they are so much better for you than that Wispa.
Check out their video and I’ve provided you all with a link to download the tune:
My next post will be online on Wednesday and I will be telling you how I got on with my first Real Techniques brush.
All my love,
Lynn Jo xox 

Following your dreams | Sunday Post.

I started my new job this week and it’s been hard getting back into the swing of things. I’ve been living such a chilled out life the past two months that getting back into a routine knocked me for six. I’ve been struggling to find inspiration and the energy to write. I love blogging and I love that I’ve posted almost everyday for the past while. But putting your whole life out there on the internet can be hard. Especially when you just don’t want to write.
Today though I got inspired… well five minutes ago. 
I have been friends with one guy on Facebook since August 2nd 2010. I was turning 18, he would have only been about 15. During that time I have grown up a lot and I have watched him grow up even more so.
We never talked, but these are things I saw happen in his statuses and updates. 
He has gone so far and suddenly has this amazing career brewing in front of him. He knew what he want and he got there and didn’t waste time studying for what he was already good at. He has an amazing future ahead of him and it sickens me a bit. He is only 18 and has already done so much more than I have. All I have done is get a degree.
But no more. I am going to start doing things and living my dream and achieving my goals.
Moving to London is the first step in all that and hopefully it will be all uphill from there. I can leave all the shit behind in Ireland and be done with it.

Even though this lad is three years younger than me I have always been too in awe of him and nervous to let him know how much he inspires me. Today I sucked it up and told him. It went much better than I ever imagined it could.

I guess what I am saying is suck it up and follow your dreams, take risks. Say what you want to say, it may not go down well but you said it. It’s better than playing games, be straight out and upfront. It’s refreshing.

All my love,
Lynn Jo xox

Kayleigh from Oh Hey Kayspray | Guest Post

My Favourite Autumn Outfit. 

Oh hey! My name is Kayleigh but feel free to refer to me as Kayspray. My blog, Oh Hey Kayspray is a light-hearted lifestyle blog with a bit of fashion, beauty and music thrown in for good measure. I am a university student currently surviving by the southern coast of England so expect many a bargain post, scribbles about random student antics and a night out outfit or two.
The lovely Lynn and I are going a bit of a ‘come blog with me’ effort without giving scores in a taxi or getting free food. I just want to say thanks to Lynn for replying to my tweet and introducing me to her wonderful blog! So, what to write about?  After a bit of thought, I decided to go with something I often think and talk about – the weather. Don’t worry, I’m not going to bore you with this week’s forecast. I was going more along the lines of a fashion post…
It’s autumn and that means comfort mixed with style through layers. I can’t get enough of the cosy knits, fluffy socks & woolly hats, not to mention the deep reds, creams and many shades of grey! I do a ‘Fashionable Week’ twice a year that involves 5 days of OOTD posts so I don’t do them very often. However today I want to share with you my favourite autumn outfit.

Jacket: Rocha John Rocha / Jumper: New Look / Necklace: Charity Shop / Jeggings: Primark / Bag: Accessorize / Ankle Boots: Miss Selfridge

If I could wear this outfit to Uni every day, I really would – imagine the looks my course mates would give me! I was drawn to this jumper when browsing around New Look the other week.  For £15 ( not including student discount), I couldn’t say no. I’m a really tactile shopper and have to like the feel of the material if the product has any chance of advancing to the dressing room stage of my shopping venture. I’ve been struggling to find comfy jumpers that don’t leave me feeling a bit ichy and uncomfortable so was so relieved to find this one.  Talking of bargains, the leggings were £7 from Primark and are in almost every possible colour. Go get some – not only are they cheap they last ages. I’ve have jeans from there that are almost 5 years old!
Just before coming back to Uni in September, Nan treated me to these lovely ankle boots. We went to almost every possible high-street shop looking for the perfect boot (I’m super fussy). Miss Selfridge has such a small collection compared to places like New Look and Topshop so we almost didn’t bother looking. So pleased we did and I think they only came to about £40 with student discount. On a different pre-uni shopping trip, I bought the accessorize bag because once again I’d been looking for the perfect bag to fit my uni stuff in and look a bit smart. I use it every day because the colour goes with everything. I think it cost me just under £40 which I think is great for the quality and style of it.
Thank you once again to Lynn for having me over here! Please come over to my blog and check out her post for me and leave some lovely comments.  x

I’m guest posting today!

Check out my guest post over on the lovely Kayleigh’s blog!
Check it out here!
Tomorrow Kayleigh is taking over my blog and sharing her favourite autumn outfit with you all so pop back from noon onwards if you want to see it 😀

For now though I am off to bed to get up early and do another day in work.

Don’t worry though, I love my new job!

Lynn Jo xox

GIVEAWAY WINNER | I’m a published author now!

I first off want to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who entered the giveaway but alas there can only be one winner and that was:
Sam entered by liking the Facebook group and as far as I am aware is getting the Lumpy Space Princess jumper.
I used the Rafflelcopter widget to choose the winner and this was what I got thrown at me.
Congratulations Sam!! 🙂
(I’m hoping to have another giveaway soon so keep an eye out).

Second bit of news… I AM A PUBLISHED AUTHOR. I have started contributing on a site called Pulp Interest and my first article is currently on their front page, see:

(it’s the one about spin-off TV shows)
Finally I just want to apologize if my posting is a bit erratic over the next few days. I started my new job today and I am EXHAUSTED. It’ll be a bit hard whilst I settle in but I should get into a routine and get back to normal. I’ll give ya’ll the lowdown next week.

If anyone has any posts they would like to see from me please let me know.

There will also be a new YouTube video on Friday.
Chat soon 😀
Lynn Jo xox

My Frank’s Hot Sauce Addiction | Recipe

OKAY. So I owe ya’ll a recipe. So I thought I would do a nice combined post. It kinda has some recipes in it so it counts.
Internet, meet Frank’s.
Frank’s meet the internet. 
Frank’s Hot Sauce and I have a very passionate relationship. This one time back in the day I made me a Frank’s Hot Sauce bake thing and I was HOOKED.
I found ya’ll a recipe that has measurements for the butter and sauce but I normally wing it.
PRE HEAT an oven to between 180 and 200 degrees celsius.
MELT 3 TBSP of butter in a pan.
ADD IN 4 TBSP of Frank’s Hat Sauce.
MIX TOGETHER and throw in some paprika, salt and pepper.
LINE a roasting tin/baking dish thing with some chopped potatoes, sliced carrots, chicken fillets and some red onion for flavour. 
POUR the sauce over everything in the dish.
BAKE for about an hour. (You may need to removed the chicken and give the veg another few minutes, mainly the potatoes.)
But seriously I really have a problem. I go through so much of this stuff. There’s a shop somewhere that sells it by the gallon and I mean I want that stuff. I dip crisps into it (straight from the bottle), and lately I have started making it as a sauce/dip for sandwhiches and veg. 
Pour some mayo into a bowl and add some Frank’s Hot Sauce to flavour.
If you want the sauce thicker add more mayo because the Frank’s Hot Sauce ‘waters it down’ so to speak, making it more runny. 
For sandwhiches I tend to have it slightly more runny as I like more flavour with the chicken or ham. When I have it as a dip I make it thicker with more mayo. You could throw some paprika or cajun spice into the mayo either as well or instead to make some tangy dips for carrot sticks.
Yesterday I went too far though. I added Frank’s Hot Sauce to the water I was boiling my pasta in. It wasn’t a bad thing though. It was the nicest thing I ever tasted, especially when I held back some of the water for my sauce.

Everyone should try this sauce, but be warned… you could end up like me freaking out in case they don’t sell Frank’s in London.
My bottle is almost out by the way if anyone wants to send me more 😛

Lynn Jo xox

PS. Literally only hours left for the giveaway so get your entries in.
Maybe I should give away some Frank’s Hot Sauce next time.

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News Time | Update

Hey Guys.
Sorry for my lack of posting over the weekend. I had a few things on and time just got the better of me. I will upload a recipe during this week though to make up for missing out on that. 
Just a few bits of news as to what is happening in my life.
I start a NEW JOB this week and will be working there until the week after Christmas. It’s a full time job in the Kilkenny Store in Swords. For those who don’t know the Kilkenny Store is an store which promotes Irish brands and designs. A lot of it would be gift type stuff but all from Irish designers or based around Irish lore so I can’t wait. It will hopefully give me a chance to put my Irish Studies degree to work a bit. It’s a full time job so hopefully it will make a huge dent in saving for London. I am really hoping to move there mid January but if money isn’t the best I will hang back for a week or two to try save up just a little more towards setting myself up.
I have been chosen for the RIMMEL STAY MATTE CHALLENGE. For this Rimmel send you out some of their new Stay Matte Foundation which you try out for a week and report back to them. I will document the week both on my blog and on my YouTube Channel although rather than do 7 different posts I might mush it all into 1 post at the end of the week.
Thirdly I am currently in talks to become a CONTRIBUTOR FOR AN INTEREST WEBSITE. The website is new and upcoming and has articles on a number of different topics so if that all goes ahead I will be very happy to be part of it. 
That’s pretty much it from me. 
I uploaded a new YouTube Video today so here that is:

I have another video edited and ready to go. I will upload that on Friday.
I am going to write all my posts for the week tomorrow and schedule them so I can stay on top of them all with the new job.
My giveaway ends in just over 24 hours so now is your last chance to get your entry in!!
I will be in contact with the winner at some point over the weekend 😀
The widget is below if you want to enter.
Talk soon!

Lynn Jo xox

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The Blogger Interview | Tag

Hey Guys!
So as some of you know there are great support groups out there for bloggers. One of these is a little Facebook community called FBL: Fashion. Beauty & Lifestyle bloggers. I absolutely love this group as we are a nice little community who help each other out.
One of the girls on there, a lovely lady called Gemma, [[she runs]], had an idea to start interviewing bloggers for her blog. Naturally loads of people were interested and she thought she could make it into a tag and so #TheBloggerInterview was born. She also created that cute little button up there too.
I filled out my answers to her questions and sent them to her so I will link you all once that goes up online.
I have however included the questions from the tag and am tagging two bloggers to participate in the tag and post it on their blogs.
The one thing Gemma asked was that the tag be linked back to her, the button used and the hashtag be used!
The two bloggers I want to tag are Jade over at and Hannah over at These are two of my favourite blogs and so different to each other. They are also two people I am very lucky to know in real life too so yeah. I tag these lovely ladies to participate!

I will be posting another post later today with my new YouTube video and some news and stuff so keep an eye out for that. Until then here are #TheBloggerInterview questions.

Lynn Jo xox

Hi! How are you? Welcome to Touch Of Belle! Let’s talk a little bit about your blog! Could you tell us a bit about yourself?

How old are you?

How and Why did you start your blog?

What’s your favourite thing about blogging?

What is your favourite post to write?

How long have you been blogging for?

If you could describe your style in one word, what would it be?

Where or who do you look to for style inspiration?
What are your must have products?
What do you enjoy most about blogging?
Finally, do you have any advice or helpful tips you could give to new bloggers just starting out?

Cheap Hallowe’en Costume | Ideas

I am at a point where I don’t like any of my drafted posts so instead I am rolling with this one.
Also, just forked €89 out a new MacBook charger which is not fun. But I have my MacBook back so I am happy about that. 

Okay so with moving to London I have had to become pretty tight when it comes to money. Normally I would happily fork €60 quid out on a Hallowe’en costume whether I can afford it or not. This year however I have decided I need to cut back and spend responsibly especially when it comes to things like costumes. I probably won’t go out for Hallowe’en, I normally never do. But just in case I have decided I am going to make my own costumer using a giant bed sheet and a few details.
I have yet to decide but I am either going to be a muse (mythological or Hercules, have yet to choose) or else Megara from Hercules. Costumes that are really easy to make with some fabric and a sewing machine.

I am now going to give you some costume ideas that can probably be made from things at home or on the cheap.

One year I was JASMINE from Aladdin, for this I wore parachute style pants I owned already, put a simple top with them and some jewellry on my head.

One year my friend dressed up as THE RIDDLER for this he went to Penny’s and bought a plain white tshirt and pair of jeans. Bought a package of green dye, dyed them and drew question marks on with Sharpie.

You could always do WEDNESDAY ADDAMS. Just get a black dress, tights and shoes, whack a blouse with a collar on under the dress, pop your hair in two plaits and wear your palest makeup. Sorted.

Still have your debs dress? Throw on a tiara and say you are a PRINCESS.

Throw a sheet over your head with two eye holes. Voila! You are now a GHOST.

The two euro shop do BUNNY ears and tail sets.. I am sure they also exist in CAT format.

There you go.

I just realised this post was pretty low quality. I will make up for it don’t worry.

Here’s that Youtube video I did if you want to nose at me 😛

And don’t forget to enter the giveaway for an Adventure Time themed Christmas jumper.
Here’s the widget:

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And also, McFly uploaded a lyric video for their new single today so check it out and preorder the single!
See you all tomorrow. There should be another YouTube video up at some point tomorrow and I will be recording a new video tomorrow too so that is exciting.
All my love,
Lynn Jo xox