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Hey internet friends.
If you watch my YouTube videos you will know that I recently bought some new lush pieces.
If not here is the video:
(I really need to change that thumbnail)
Well I have finished using up the three items I bought and the results are in.
Soot Ball
Yeah I mean it was cute to look at. Add some googly eyes and they could have called them soot sprites! This one was nice when it was dissolving in the bath and the black gave way to a nice orange. It didn’t give out much scent though and was the colour of tan water when it was all dissolved. It also took me ages to wash the residue off my tub so all in all not good.
Secret Santa

This one was a lot more pricey than your usual bath ballistic (€7.50) but it was slightly bigger and worth it. It dissolved into a nice pink/orange colour and smelt so nice. The fragrance lasted the whole bath too. That and it looks like a little Santa’s grotto. I would definitely buy this again as a treat every now and again. I thoroughly enjoyed my bath though and spent the night snapchatting people while pretending to be a mermaid.
See below photo 😛

Candy Mountain

Now this is a bubble bar that is pink and shimmery and smells super sweet, kinda like candyfloss or bubblegum. It also reminded me a bit of the Comforter bubble bar which is the main reason I got it. Instead of just breaking little bits off I just chucked the whole thing in and broke it up just before I got into the bath. I loved that you could smell it but not too strong. It turned the bath pink too and created some bubbles, though I find bubble bars never give you the bubbles a bubble bath do. I don’t know how likely it is that I would buy it again though because bar colouring the water it didn’t do much. Although my skin was super soft when I got out of the bath.
Have we all seen this? Are we super excited? 
I got to see McBusted play in September and it was AMAZING! 
I posted a video of it on my Facebook which you can see here.
How do you all feel about the pop supergroup? Let me know in the comments. Also what are your favourite Lush products? I’d love to give them a try!
Until next time,
All my love,
Lynn Jo xox
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