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I actually had this post planned for ages but rather than typing a big long ranty post about it I decided to record a big long ranty video instead so check it out.
I promise I will provide more insight into how I am getting on in the world of online dating over the next few weeks.
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Hungry for Change

So I know January is a time when people make changes to their lives, or say they are going to, and that they never work out. While yeah I am kind of following the herd here and starting to make changes, it is the second wave of changes I have been making in my life.
Last year I went through a pretty nasty break up. Now ten months on and so much has changed. Everything that changed was inspired by both my break up and being made redundant from my job. When I was with my ex I put on loads of weight and I hated it. I have always been skinny, I did ballet for 13 years, it was what I was used to. Now I had loads of extra weight on me and I just couldn’t handle it. I wanted to lose weight, but being stuck in a relationship, one where I thought I was happy, meant I thought I was trying to lose the weight but I wasn’t. It was only when I left that relationship and found myself searching for new jobs down the line that I realised I had never been happy. I had just been comfortable. Comfortable in my relationship and my previous job. Now I was at a loss and seriously had to change things. I went on the hunt for a new job and finally found one I loved. Once I settled into a job I loved I found my lifestyle changed too. I was eating slightly healthier and I wasn’t snacking or comfort eating as much. I found that my life had a routine and it was a nice regular routine with a regular sleep pattern. I was getting up and out and doing things every day. Gone were the days where I would just mope about and do nothing. I also put more into my blog and got involved with writing for a website. I love my blog, I really have put my heart and soul into it. Now that work isn’t as hectic post Christmas I can start finding that balance between work and my blog and start upping how much effort and work I put into my blog. I have also slimmed down considerably which of course has made me happier and much more confident. However I know this was just based on how many hours I was working and how little time I had to eat. So I really have to start looking at something more permanent.
For the past while I have been pretty ill. This came to a climax over the New Year and out of the past 7 days I have spent 5 of them in bed suffering. I never get bad doses like this and no matter how hard I tried to fight it I just couldn’t shift it. Even now I am absolutely dying with it. I realised that my lifestyle might have something to do with that. I especially realised that when I woke up today after twenty hours of sleep. I was talking to my manager and Lisa in work and my manager recommended we both watch Hungry for Change. She watched it and it changed her life. She lost two stone in three months just from changing her lifestyle and cutting out all the processed stuff. I have just finished watching Hungry for Change and while I don’t think I had much of an epiphany I am definitely looking to ways I can change my lifestyle and get myself in gear. By this summer I want to have a fabulous body and fabulous skin as well as a fabulous state of mind all from changing my lifestyle. I want these to be changes that I will keep up, rather than some crash course thing.
So what kind of changes will I be making. Well i will definitely be cutting out processed foods. If it grows in the garden I will eat it. If not… I probably won’t eat it. I am also going to take Lisa’s approach of having about 6 small meals a day. Two of these meals will be juices or smoothies and one will consist of my dinner and another of my breakfast. The two in between will be snacking on healthy snacks like pieces of fruit and veg or nuts. Now I don’t like bits. I never have but that is something I am just going to have to suck up and get over if I am going to take this seriously. About a month ago I got myself a salad from the salad bar in Superquinn and put three or four different salads in it. I also got two portions of fruit. Those salads had things I would normally never eat in them. Including seeds and you know what… it didn’t kill me. I happened to really like them. I am sure I’d like these things if I just got over all my preconceived notions of not liking them.
I am also going to start eating natural yoghurt and fruit or granola for my breakfast. Again things I wouldn’t normally eat and would consider gross but I need to get over that if I want to achieve the lifestyle I want so much. There are ways to make all these things taste nicer you just have to want to do it and want to eat them and then it will all come together. Dinners are going to be healthy chicken dishes with loads of vegetables. Gone is red meat and the heapings of carbohydrates. And in is more fruit and lashings of water.
The changes I am making aren’t ground breaking or revolutionary. They won’t even change my day much. They are just small simple changes that are gonna really vamp up my life. I don’t weigh myself. I don’t know how much I weigh at the moment. I don’t know how many calories I should or do eat a day. All I know is where I am and where I want to be and I will keep working until I am there without the need for numbers.
I am also going to start being more positive and seeing the better side to everything. I was doing a pretty good job of it until I was struck down sick. But I am getting back up. I am also going to start walking more. Walking is a great place to think and just pound the pavement listening to music. In return you are de-stressed, have gotten fresh air and have gotten some crucial exercise.
Do I have goals at the end of this? Of course I do. My goal is that by the time I travel to London in April I will feel better in myself and be in a much better frame of mind to go shopping. Something I do struggle with at the moment. By summer, probably around my birthday, I aim to be happy, have everyone see me as happy and hopefully be lying on a beach with a nice man and have loads of good, kind people in my life. And by 2015? I plan to be happy in a job I love, be moving out into my own place and have a semi popular blog that inspires people and helps anyone who finds themselves in a rut and strive to be their best.

If you are thinking of changing some stuff in your life or striving to eat healthier watch Hungry for Change. There are two types of people talking in it. People who made changes and people who are experts in their fields. It might not cause you to make drastic changes but it may provide you with some inspiration and serve as a kick start for you to make some much needed changes.

What changes are you hoping to make this year? 

Let me know in the comments.
Lynn Jo xox 

A Beautiful Heart.

We stock a jewelry brand in work called Enibas. It is one of our Irish jewelry ranges and I have so much love for it. On my first day my manager told me the story of the brand. It was set up by a lady called Sabine. Enibas is Sabine backwards don’t you know. Sabine loves everything Irish, the culture and the land. She met her husband here whilst hiking through Ireland and now she is here to stay.
I can’t quite pin point why I love the brand so much but it seems to be a mixture of different things. One being what the brand stands for. I majored in Irish Studies so I have a deep love for Irish culture and all that comes with it. These beautiful pieces stand for so much and represent so much of Ireland that I would be proud to wear it. I also love their simple design. These are beautiful pieces that are simple and have no airs and flairs to them. Just what you want in a jewelry piece, especially one you might wear from day to day. 
I have wanted a bracelet from Enibas since I started in the Kilkenny Shop. But the other day I saw a set of rings in the cabinet and I just had to have them. 
Look how fabulous they are. They are so simple and delicate yet so beautiful. They are made of silver, gold and diamond and retail on the Enibas website at €193.
If you are looking to treat yourself or get a present for someone else I would recommend you check out or have a look at the range in the Kilkenny Shop. You can also find them on twitter and facebookThey are beautiful Irish jewelry pieces that have a lovely message behind them. I have met Sabine herself when she has been in our store and she really is the nicest person. If you were looking to commission a piece she would love to hear from you.
Lynn Jo x
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