A Beautiful Heart.

We stock a jewelry brand in work called Enibas. It is one of our Irish jewelry ranges and I have so much love for it. On my first day my manager told me the story of the brand. It was set up by a lady called Sabine. Enibas is Sabine backwards don’t you know. Sabine loves everything Irish, the culture and the land. She met her husband here whilst hiking through Ireland and now she is here to stay.
I can’t quite pin point why I love the brand so much but it seems to be a mixture of different things. One being what the brand stands for. I majored in Irish Studies so I have a deep love for Irish culture and all that comes with it. These beautiful pieces stand for so much and represent so much of Ireland that I would be proud to wear it. I also love their simple design. These are beautiful pieces that are simple and have no airs and flairs to them. Just what you want in a jewelry piece, especially one you might wear from day to day. 
I have wanted a bracelet from Enibas since I started in the Kilkenny Shop. But the other day I saw a set of rings in the cabinet and I just had to have them. 
Look how fabulous they are. They are so simple and delicate yet so beautiful. They are made of silver, gold and diamond and retail on the Enibas website at €193.
If you are looking to treat yourself or get a present for someone else I would recommend you check out www.enibas.com or have a look at the range in the Kilkenny Shop. You can also find them on twitter and facebookThey are beautiful Irish jewelry pieces that have a lovely message behind them. I have met Sabine herself when she has been in our store and she really is the nicest person. If you were looking to commission a piece she would love to hear from you.
Lynn Jo x
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