Office Life

So I am now two and a bit weeks into my new job and adjusting to office life has been both easy and difficult at the same time. 
There are only three main things that I have been finding hard when it comes to adjusting to my new job. They aren’t even huge problems. When I look at it realistically they are little, titchy things that I won’t even remember ever being a problem in a few weeks time. 
The first thing that is  a problem is…. actually problem is definitely the wrong word to use. They are just adjustments, not problems at all. The first thing I’ve had to adjust to is getting back to eating healthy. When I worked in my last job I really got onto the healthy eating bandwagon. I was having smoothies, snacking on seeds and nuts, cutting out all the bad things and eating smaller meals more frequently. In my new office we have a lovely huge, subsidised restaurant. The meals there are fabulous and cost little to nothing. Only problem is I am eating them every day. While they are rather healthy and there are healthy options. I am eating them, without having had breakfast before, and some of the meals have loads of pasta. Then when I get home I am nearly having a second dinner because I am peckish. Today though I had a salad when I got home and I am restricting myself to that. This morning I had a nutri grain soft serve bar with a bottle of orange juice. A good day all round. Did I mention the restaurant also does a full Irish. I will definitely be keeping a closer eye on what I am eating. Tomorrow I am bring some salad to snack on between brekkie and lunch. That way when it comes to lunch I won’t be as hungry and can get something smaller to eat. Some soup or a wrap perhaps. 
The second thing I am having to get used to is working in such a big company. I am so used to working in small stores and concessions and knowing every one there really well. It’s been such a culture shock to move to a large multinational company where there are so many more staff to get to know. I work in a separate, smaller office within the company at the moment and my team has 10 people. Within our building alone there is only about 150 people. This is with a whole floor of the building being empty due to the majority of the staff moving over to the head office in the city centre. Those of us who remain in the smaller office will all be moving to the head office in the summer time. There are in and around 2,000 staff working for the company in that building. If I am struggling to remember names and that now then imagine how I will be when I have 1,900 more people to get to know. 
At the moment because we are still in training there is a limited amount of work we can do. Mark and I started work together over two weeks ago and last week four more lads started. They are currently being trained and we are waiting to be assigned work. Between that and there being problems with the network in the company it has been hard to get work to us. But at the same time I think I prefer any quiet periods in this job. We have a company intranet site which has a learning support system full of training documents and education material so we are able to educate ourselves while we wait. The next few days and next week will be fun as Mark and I have been put doing some work that takes a long time to do. That and we are taking over someone else’s job whilst they are on holidays. 
There are other things that I have to get used to but they are nice things.
Not being on my feet all day is absolutely fab. I am of course worried about the fact I am sitting around every day, being in retail is better for keeping on your feet, but in order to counter that I just need to get into a habit for going for walks during my lunch and after work. Easy peasy. Not everyone working in sedentary jobs puts on weight, so I should be well able to conquer it. Do you work in an office job? How do you stay trim?
Flexi-time is something new to me in this job also but it is fab. The only problem on it is keeping an eye on hours and making sure you keep on top of them. Other than that it’s only perks from here on in.
I feel so blessed to be fresh out of university and be on the career ladder. What did you do when you graduated university?

Also, how should I decorate my office cubicle? 

I was thinking I might get this adorable slate chalkboard from Izzy’s Attic and write some nice, positive messages on it. 
Photo: Izzy’s Attic
You can check out Izzy’s Attic here. Izzy’s Attic is an online store run by the lovely Izzy Judd. The site is full of lovely, unique, vintage finds. A favourite feature of mine on the site is that every month Izzy selects a number of products and donates 50% of the proceeds from these products to Eyes Alight. Eyes Alight is a foundation inspired by Izzy’s brother Rupert who suffered a brain injury as a result of a car accident a number of years ago. The aim of Eyes Alight is to give gifts to people like Rupert whether it be a day trip or a piano or laptop and I really think it is such a lovely idea. 
I have yet to make a purchase from Izzy’s Attic but payday is soon and I really can’t wait to get something to make my desk a bit more homely.

Have a lovely week everyone.

Lynn Jo xox 

A Change of Pace

A lot has been happening in my life lately and I thought it was time to update you all. 
First let me say that a lot of what I say in this post will be very vague, not because I intend to keep my life shrouded in secrecy, but because some of it is a sensitive nature and to be honest it’s not really anyone’s business and knowing (or not knowing) specific details will have no impact on anyone’s life. 
Second. A lot of what is going on is quite big to me. Whilst it may seem small and unimportant in the grand scheme of things or in comparison to your life, it is huge to me and is going to have a huge impact on my life, so I would regard it as important.
I have taken a new career path in life. It is an adult job with a career path which means I can progress within the company. While I will not be working in retail anymore my work will still be customer based but working in a customer service environment. Without saying too much the company has recently been acquired by another, making it a huge multinational company. While the company is still attempting to carry out it’s normal day to day functions, a lot of what they are doing is based around the migrations of various different arms of companies together under this larger companies name. That is where I come in. For the time being I am based in a separate office to the main office and am working on a project involving, what the company has called, Data Migration Cleansing. This basically just means moving data from one system to another and making sure it is correct in order to make the transition as smooth as possible. 
This job presents HUGE opportunities for me. It is a job with regular hours and a salary. Gone are the variable hours that retail often gave to me. I now know where I stand and can budget and plan accordingly. I also know how long my contract lasts for. This means that I can budget and allow for holidays and trips away and either learning to drive or moving out. Unfortunately I cannot do both but by the looks of things I will be looking into moving into a place in the city centre as that is where I will be based in a few months. I lived away from home about two years ago and moving home killed me. Nothing compares to having your own place and independence and I can’t wait to have that again.
I guess that is the message I would like you all to take from today’s blog post. Embrace new experiences and embrace change. Too long did I shy away and let experiences pass me by. I don’t regret it now but I do sometimes wonder if I would have been happier had I done things differently. I have decided to stop wondering and start doing and a lot of that involves embracing new things and putting myself out of my comfort zone.
I’d love to know any changes you guys have made and any times you have stepped outside of your comfort zone. How did stepping outside your comfort zone make you feel? Was it a positive or negative experience.
I also want to let you in on a little snack I just had and LOVED.
These bad boys.
I was just picking at a pack as I wrote my post and they are so tasty and filling. Handy to have as a little snack and as they are Tesco own brand stock they are super affordable. I need to find more snacks like this to have at my desk.
Have a good week.
Lynn Jo xox

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