Busy, busy

I have been working in my new job for two months now and I still haven’t gotten used to the routine of it all. The getting up early and everything is no problem it’s just the evenings. I am not using them the way I should. Really need to start making a better effort to use them for something because I really am finding myself falling behind on the blog and my YouTube but I have decided that from tomorrow that is all stopping and I am getting back into being a productive peach.

I have been really busy though this week. My lack of being online and posting wasn’t due to me sitting at home, on my arse, doing nothing. I was actually out and about at events socialising and shtuff. 
Thursday evening was the first of my nights out. I headed out to the her.ie party they were having to celebrate their success, which is much deserved. I spent the night hanging out with fellow blogger and YouTuber Hannah, the lads from Shifts and a few other friends. I must say the her.ie girls know how to throw a party, they provided food and drinks and gave away some killer prizes and goodie bags. The perks of the night though had to be the photobooth and mini cupcakes, I NEED the recipe for that icing. Thanks so much to her.ie for inviting me and showing us all such a fab night. I can’t see where they take the site in the future. For those of you that don’t know, and how could you not, her.ie is ‘The website for Irish women” and is a great place to get your celeb goss and beauty fix. They always keep their twitter and app updated so you are never out of touch. Don’t worry though guys, they also have joe.ie for the men.

Then on Saturday my delectably accented friend Danny and I went to see the Raglans perform. The lovely folks over at MCD hooked me up with some guestlist spots and CD’s and I must say it was fab to see the lads take center stage at their album launch show. I love how modest they all were right down to them admitting that it was the first time they had ever left the stage during a set then come back to belt out the last few tunes. It was also lovely to see all their parents there at the front of stage giving it socks. I always find that Raglans gigs have a real homely, friendly feel to them and last night was no different. I haven’t seen the lads play in a while and the difference in their stage presence and how they present themselves has improved tenfold since I last saw them live. Good job boys. 

I wrapped up my weekend by going to see my favourite arrangement of organs, aka my best friend Ciara who was home from Belfast for a night. The only downside to the weekend was that I missed the Kate’s Party album launch because it was at the same time as Raglans but I will definitely be catching their next show.

That’s about all I got up to. Going to be staying in for the next few weeks if I’m being honest. London is only a few weeks away and I want to keep all my money and energy for it. I can’t wait.
I have a couple of reviews coming up on the blog over the next week or two. Don’t forget you can enter to win a copy of Raglans album here. The competition ends a week from today.

Here are a few pictures from the weekend for you. Have a lovely Mummy’s day folks. 
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Next of Kin | Raglans | Heroes in Hiding

Hey Guys!
I will admit I have been super crappy at posting and keeping up with all my projects lately. I’ve been so ill and when I overcome one thing another two things pop up. For example as soon as I started getting over my chest infection I ended up in bed in agony having drank too much water and putting my shoulder out. I suck so much I know. Hopefully the next few days will see me firmly back on my feet and able to make up for my lack of productivity over the weekend. 
I was originally going to post two posts today but due to not being able to do much with my shoulder and only writing this one at 6pm I have pushed the second post until tomorrow. It is a rather motivating post though so I think it will be good for a Monday. I will try have it up as early as possible tomorrow morning for those of you who need a wee kickstart to your day.
Today’s post is going to be a musical one because I haven’t posted about music in a while and the Irish music scene is blowing up with loads of the lads I know getting shit done. 


A friend of mine was playing a gig with his band last night. The gig was for some college project thing and someone had asked them to play. It was a fairly small gig with a few heavy local bands. Now I don’t really like heavy or hardcore music, my favourite band is McFly like, but I do love going to gigs and listening to live music and of course supporting all our homegrown talent so I tottered along anyway. I had already been warned that I was going to hate the bands playing so tbh I wasn’t expecting a lot from the gig. No offence to the Next of Kin lads but I knowing it was only their second or so gig, I had very low hopes for it. 
BOY was I WRONG! Those lads killed it. You would have no idea that the band was only in it’s infant stages. To kick off they opened with the ever brilliant Sabotage and from the minute those first few bars of music reverberated through the club I was hooked and it was evident everyone else was from the bopping along. The lads owned that stage from the word go and their energy didn’t let up until the last bars of their original song [Mercy] faded out. The lads belted out 6 songs with all their power and only two were covers. Normally when I go to see bands and they are only new I rarely like their originals, many bands seem to struggle to master writing their own stuff but these guys didn’t falter at all. Their own songs were definitely as good as if not better than the Cancer Bats songs they covered. The four boys are about to go into the studio to record their debut ep and take it from me. The minute they walk out the door with that CD in their hands they will not stop. Enjoy your rest while you can boys because you’re on the way to the top. The lads openly admit to loving Irish hardcore band Wounds and talk about how much they would love to open for them, well I think Wounds should definitely watch their back because these lads could definitely steal the hardcore crown from them! The venue was small but I never saw that floor as packed as when the boys took to the stage.
Did I mention their average age is 19, I know, that’s what I said.


A long time ago an ex boyfriend introduced me to a band his friend was in. That band was Raglans. Since then there has been numerous gigs, a line up change, a Late Late Show performance and now we see them having released their debut album, Raglans, which is sitting pretty at number 3. Next week is their album launch in The Academy. I always thought these lads would go places and they are definitely proving me right. You can get the album here, Digging Holes and Down have and always been my favourite tracks by the lads but the other 9 tracks are definite belters. The lads certainly know how to make some feel good music. I really think you should all have a chance to hear this amazing band and to do so I am giving away a copy of the album. Just check out the widget at the end of this post and if I haven’t convinced you to check them out yet then check out Digging Holes.


A good friend of mine has been the drummer in Heroes in Hiding as long as I’ve known him which is a fairly long time at this stage. It’s been a while, three years to be exact, but the boys have released a brand new tune called Hush and it’s gotten me very excited. Along with Raglans they are definitely your soundtrack for all your summer road trips. You can get their EP for free here. I present to you, Hush.
See you all tomorrow and don’t forget to check the giveaway widget out below! 
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The Importance of a Good Bra

Hey guys! 
Recently I really learned the value of getting measured for a new bra and wearing the right size bra.
I haven’t gotten measured for a bra in at least 2 years, if not more! I wanted to get measured when I was in London last year but when it came down to it I just wasn’t bothered with how busy all the shops were. I did go into La Senza with the aim of getting measured and stocking up on bras (I’ve been lost now they have pulled out of Ireland) but my friend worked there so naturally I ended up just talking to her for ages and sure then it was too late and I had to head to my concert.
Anyway, a few weeks ago I bit the bullet and went to be measured. I had spent too long struggling with bad fits, constantly falling out of my bra, pulling up straps, and wearing crop tops under see through tops to protect my modesty when something inevitably did pop out. Janet Jackson’s bra mare had nothing on me.  I really wanted to be able to go to work and be comfortable and not have to constantly fix my straps and worry about spilling out of my bra and my much loved low cut tops. I wanted to be able to wear low cut tops confidently. I think I have a pretty nice chest, so why not show that off.

When I got measured last in Ann Summers they said I was a 32DD. That was two years ago. More recently I went to Chance to get measured and they openly told me they measure different to most other labels. It was then I chose to get measured in Marks and Spencer and get a more general fitting and stock up on day to day bras rather than the fancier stuff.  In M&S I measured in at 36D.

Now I thought this was a huge jump, even though two years had passed. I had put on loads of weight as those who read my blog will know, but I had also lost quite a lot of weight. In seems to me though that as I lose the weight my boobs just are not getting smaller at all, they are HUGE in comparison to me. But I am a curvy lady so maybe it is to be expected.

One thing I will say is I was chuffed to get sorted and I feel so much more comfortable and confident. 

I really do want to commend the staff from the Marks and Spencer store in Jervis Shopping Centre for their amazing fitting service. There was a girl behind me about to get measured for the first time and bless her heart, she looked petrified. I wouldn’t blame her for it though. I remember before I got fitted for the first time I was freaking out. I would have done anything to have gotten out of it. I think my main problem, however, was that I didn’t realise I would get to keep my shirt on.  
Whilst I was getting fitted I could hear the sales lady helping the girl and she was so nice and patient and chatty with her and took the time to explain everything. I saw the girl afterwards and she just seemed so happy and relaxed, and maybe even a little bit more grown up.

If you have little sisters, cousins, kids, or are even going to get measured for the first time yourself. I would definitely check them out. You will be going back again and again. They are also my go to place for nipple covers and support undies. They definitely know what they are doing in that store when it comes to ladies delicates.

80-85% of women wear the wrong bra size and if anyone is evidence of that I am. When the lady measured me and asked what size I was wearing she was shocked by how far off I was. Most places these days do free bra fittings with no obligation to buy and it only takes a few minutes. It’s worth taking time from your day and once it’s done it’s done for the next while.
Enjoy the rest of your week guys! 
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The Liebster Award


Those of you who follow my blog and twitter should be aware now that I am taking part in #TheBloggersSnailMail and I have been paired with the lovely Hannah from HannahBubble. Hannah nominated me for a Liebster Award and I am thrilled to accept it. The Liebster Award is an online award, kind of like a chain mail, you get nominated for it then have to nominate other people for it. It’s another of those things that show the community spirit amongst the blogging community and I am chuffed to be part of it so a big thank you to Hannah for nominating me!

There are three rules associated with the award:
1. Share 11 facts about yourself
2. Answer 11 questions set by the person who nominated you
3. Nominate 11 other bloggers with less than 200 followers for the award
1. Elephants are my favourite animals
2. I have one tattoo and have an appointment booked to get my second when I am in London. I am getting it done in the studio which the guy who did Matt from McBusted’s tattoo owns. (I’m getting an elephant)
3. My bedroom is 2 rooms knocked into one, so it is really big, but it is also a very awkward shape so I can’t do much with the space. I still don’t know if it is a good or bad thing.
4. Right now I am wondering why my Macbook is playing the movie I am watching at such a low volume.
5. My favourite place in the world is London, Especially the area around London County Hall. I usually stay in the Premier Inn there when I visit.
6. My favourite colour is pink. I spent years determined that I wasn’t going to be like every other girl and like pink, but in the end I had to give in to the real me and stop denying the existence of the pink obsessed girl inside of me.
7. When I was five or so we went on a family holiday to Disneyland Paris and all the pictures are of my brother meeting the characters. I spent the holiday terrified if any of them came near me, bursting into tears when they did, and it is all because Minnie Mouse stole my hat at breakfast one morning. Dressed up characters still kind of freak me out to this day. 
8. I was going to apply for a NASA sponsored Doctorate but I didn’t have the balls to apply. Maybe next time, but I doubt it.
9. Valentine’s is my favourite day of the year because it forces people to be all romantic and thoughtful. Obviously I’d prefer spontaneous romance on random other days throughout the year. But it’s nice to see some love in the air. 
10. I enjoy graphic novels, A LOT, and would love to read a whole lot more than I have already.
11. I have the worst luck in love.
1. If you could add one hour to your day ,what would you do with it?
I would dedicate that time to working on my blog and other projects. But I’d like a rule where I could only have the extra hour if I dedicated it to productive things, wouldn’t want it to go to waste now would we?
2. What are the top three things on your wishlist at the minute?
– Cambridge Satchel Company Satchel
– Instax mini film for my camera
– New screen for my Kindle
3. What was the last book you read?
-Paper Towns by John Green. I am currently reading his book An Abundance of Katherines
4. What do you enjoy about blogging?
– I enjoy writing and letting it all out. I also love the fact that I am letting other people know that they aren’t alone in whatever they may be going through. Apart from what having my own blog brings to me I love the community that blogging has allowed me to be a part of.
5. What is your favourite thing to do on your days off?
– Now I work a Monday to Friday job it is nice having every weekend off. On my days off I like to go for long walks to the beach as well as walking my dog. I also like to get some groceries, read and play Pokémon & Animal Crossing.
6. If you could interview anyone who would it be?
-It would have to be Dougie Poynter. I’d love to ask him about what got him through rehab, what was the light in his darkest moments. I’d also love to talk to him about how important it was to have a close group of friends through that time as well as a close knit community around him. 
7. What are you a geek about?
– Pokémon, elephants and McFly. They are pretty much all I talk about. Though I am easing off on the whole McFly talk somewhat… #adulthood
8. What do you do for a living?
-I work in an insurance company on their data cleanse team.
9. What would you like to do for a living?
– I would love to work as a primary school teacher.
10. What are your favourite types of blog posts to read?
– I love posts based on past experiences and those posts that are kind of gossipy. You know the ones about our love lives and embarrassing secrets or experiences. 
11. Sweet or Salty?
– If this was sweet and savoury I would have to say both. But in this case I am going to say sweet. I have a big, BIG, sweet tooth. The only salty things I would eat would normally be popcorn or nachos.
1. What are the top three things on your wishlist?
 (I really liked this question)
2. Why did you start blogging?
3. Who or what inspires you?
4. How do you motivate yourself?
5. Power of invisibility or the power of flight? Why?
6. If you could have any pet crossbreed ever, what would it be?
7. Tell us a dorky secret.
8. If you could have had anyone for your first kiss, who would it have been?
9. What is your favourite book?
10. Which would be the Easter egg you are most hoping to get? Or which Easter egg would you love to get in an ideal world?
11. Share a top tip with us.
Gemma Louise

Enjoy your awards guys and happy nominating.

Have a great Sunday everyone. See you on Wednesday for the post where I blabber on about bras and give an update on projects I am involved in.

Lynn Jo x

Spring has Sprung

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Hey guys.
First and foremost I want to apologize for being a bit shitty when it came to posting over the past (almost) month. My new job has taken a lot of getting used to and I have been quite tired. But look it’s sorta a new month. A new week at least and I am getting my butt back in gear. Don’t worry though. I’ve still been writing, just back in a new journal, don’t hate me. I’ll upload all my posts over the next few weeks.

I am involved in two very nice projects at the moment and I thought I would take a moment to fill you in on them.
The FIRST is The Bloggers Snail Mail set up by the lovely Gemma James who you can check out if you give her name a click. Gemma set up the exchange after getting involved with the Snail Mail Collective for it’s last ever exchange. Loving the idea she brought it home and made it her own. This is the first of the quarterly exchanges.
I got paired up with Hannah over at http://hannahbubble.wordpress.com/ and that is all I am going to say on the matter until my official post on the exchange in about  5 weeks time (mailing date is 4 weeks from now)
The SECOND exchange I am being involved in is an Easter Beauty Box swap organised by the delightful Chloe over at http://realityleaveslotstoimagination.blogspot.ie/. This is a swap aimed at bloggers with a smaller budget. There were three price groups, £5,£10 & £15. I have chosen to live wild and sign up on the £15 end of the scale. I will have more on that when the exchange happens 😀

Posts on them will more than likely come in the form of videos as well as written posts.

That’s all from me for today I’m afraid. I was going to go for a walk to the beach or to get some smoothie ingredients and enjoy the sun but I just realised the Irish Beauty Show is on this weekend so I think I may need a sudden change of plans. [UPDATE: The Irish Beauty Show is definitely more of a wholesale/professional show, definitely giving it a miss. Shopping and maybe a walk it is so.]
Chat soon!
Lynn Jo x
PS. I am going to have some blogger buttons up on my blog during the week so keep an eye out for them. x