Easter Beauty Box Swap

Hey Guys!
I’ve been enjoying my treats for over a week now and I felt it was finally time to share the goodies the lovely Helena got me with you all. You can find Helena over here by the way.
Helena was so good and absolutely spoiled me. I don’t feel what I got her even comes close to the quality of what she got me. One of the joys of Sterling -vs- Euro I guess.
There is nothing I like more than getting parcels and packages in boxes, full of stuffing. Someone must have told Helena because that is exactly what she sent me. She also included a lovely note highlighting why she got me everything she did. I absolutely loved this as I so often wonder why people get me the things they get me.
Amidst all the stuffing and cute fluffy little Easter chickies I found five fabulous surprises (and let us not forget my two edible surprises also).

Helena and I had a little chat before the exchange so we could each get an idea of the others tastes before going shopping for each other. 
Helena really listened to what I told her regarding beauty products I liked or had been having a wee nose at lately in order to test them out. 
First of all she got me some nude lippies as I have been dying to try them out and find one to suit me. She sent me some darker nude colours which I was very happy with as I don’t think the peachier nude shades suit me very much.
Helena got me two lipsticks and one lipgloss. 

The lipgloss, Collection’s Cream Puff in Cotton Candy, has become quite a permanent feature in my make up bag. I have been using it in either of three ways:
– on it’s own
– over lip liner
– over either of the two lipsticks

As for the other two lipsticks, I have had mixed reactions to them both.
The first lipstick was Smitten from Accessorize. I really liked the packaging for this lipstick. However the stick did break which leads me to believe the formula isn’t the strongest, although we do have to remember that this came in a package from England so this may have had some effect on it.
The second lipstick was from the Little Mix collection for Collection and is Jade’s Lipstick. I’ll admit I haven’t used this lipstick all too much but I do love the red-brown shade and the formula is very non sticky which I like.
Helena also included two pastel coloured nail polishes for me as I have been trying to get into wearing pastel shades for summer. 

The first shade Helena sent me was from Revlon and was the shade minted. Mint green seems to be my colour for summer so I was chuffed to get a mint green nail polish to match everything else I have, well mainly my sunglasses.  Helena said she loved the formula and I must say I have to agree, although I did find the formula a bit thin so I have been using three coats as opposed to the recommended two. However paired with my Sally Hansen top coat/strengthener it has some serious staying power.

The second nail polish Helena gifted me was a Sally Hansen Sugar Coat textured polish in Sweetie. I had never used a textured polish before so I was a bit skeptical and now I have used one I find that I still am. I loved the bright yellow shade of the polish, it was perfect for Easter. But now I find that any make up, for example eyeshadow, had gotten caught in the crooks of the texture while I was asleep or out and about and no amount of washing would clean it. You may suggest that I wear a darker colour of polish but I feel the texturised effect would be waster on a darker colour and not as noticable. 
Helena also threw in some super cute choccies which I still have saved as I took so long to take the photos for this post.

Thank you so much Helena for spoiling me I hope you enjoyed your treats.
Although it is a few days late I will be uploading my Bloggers Do It Better post tomorrow before I head to London for the weekend to see McBusted. I’m sorry it has taken so long but it has been a busy time. 
I uploaded a new YouTube video today which some of you may like. You can check it out below.

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La Roche Posay Rosaliac CC Creme | Review

It’s been a well known fact that lately I have been having a lot of trouble with my skin. Between spots and my complexion it’s the one thing I have yet to find a viable solution for. I spend a fortune on skincare and foundations and still have yet to settle for one I like. To be honest I’m sure ya’ll are sick of me talking about it. 
The lovely people over at Escentual got in touch with me recently to try out and review a product on their behalf. Quite a few companies have been in contact with me lately and not amounted to much so I was quite afraid this could turn out to be the same. I have to say the lovely Emma was a pleasure to deal with. Everything was arranged in such a quick efficient manner and I had the product within days. 
I just realised I haven’t mentioned what product they hooked me up with (bar in the title) but I was really damn excited to try it out. I use La Roche Posay products when I can, they are the only products that really improve my skin, or have any effect on it to be honest. I have tried pretty much everything but never a CC creme. They have such high promises, cover and correct is a pretty big promise, and one I fear that can’t be kept. This particular CC creme is from the Rosaliac range of La Roche Posay products though. 

For those of you who don’t know Rosaliac is La Roche Posay’s range of products which combat redness in your skin. Because my skin is so sensitive my cheeks are nearly always ROARING red. Especially after I cleanse my face. This has become a bit of a problem for me because I have yet to find a foundation that combats the redness without being utterly caked on to my face. I like being able to see my freckles but no make up that lets that happen camouflages the redness of my skin. The Rosaliac CC creme comes in a universal shade and whilst that may seem a bit daunting or like an empty promise it seems to be just that. I put the product on my skin and it looked SO good. It gave me the coverage I needed to hide any redness but it was so light and natural that you could still see my freckles and it looked like I had very little make up on. This isn’t a look I thought I would go for but I have been wearing it to work and such and it has been so nice. That and my face has felt make up free and the air could get at it which was even better. 

Throughout the course of trying this product I had a few events/nights out on so I did want more coverage than the CC creme  offered me. On these occasions I used the creme as a base for my make up. Although they say the creme should replace your skincare/foundation I found that it worked just as well as a base. It really is an ideal dual product. Especially as you use so little when applying it. You would get AGES out of the bottle. And the best bit, because it is La Roche Posay it doesn’t affect my sensitive skin at all. PERFECT!!

I want to say a big thank you to Emma over at Escentual for sorting me out with this product. As great as it was to get involved and review something for a company, it was so nice to get to review (and keep) a product that works for my skin and actually helps me on my quest to find the perfect foundation.
Escentual is a one stop shop for all your beauty needs, you can check them out HERE!

Wearing the CC creme with some powder on top.

My next post is going to be up tomorrow and is on my Easter Beauty Box that I got from the lovely Helena 😀 

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Bloggers do Spring Better | #Bloggersdoitbetter

Hey Petals!
I hope you all had a nice weekend.
For those who don’t know I am taking part in a blogging challenge called #Bloggersdoitbetter. Basically we are set different topics and we write about them…

The topic today is ‘Bloggers do Spring Better’, so I have decided to share my personal smoothie recipe with you all. 

First of all I fill my blender up to the max frozen ingredients line with a variety of frozen summer fruits, I use the Smoothie2Go blender by the way. I use a mixture of fruits that consists of strawberries, raspberries and a forest fruits mix. 
I then pour in some orange juice to fill in the gaps between the berries. 
On top of this I add a chopped banana. 
2 tablespoons of flavoured natural yoghurt, I go for peach and passionfruit flavour.
I then throw in a half tablespoon to a tablespoon of honey as well as a tablespoon of greek yoghurt. 
I then whizz it all up until it is reasonably smooth.
When I am happy with the smoothness I throw in some mango iced tea to add a little bit of flavour and thin out the mixture.

Then I serve, sit back and enjoy1
The best part of my smoothie is that it’s so cheap to make. I buy all my ingredients from Lidl, whilst frozen fruits aren’t the cheapest, Lidl’s orange juice, giant tubs of yoghurt and cartons of mango juice are so affordable. I normally spend in and around €10 on my ingredients and they last me for a good number of smoothies, for both my mum and I. 

I also tend to just throw the ingredients in without having to worry about measurements and they turn out pretty nice everytime.

I hope you enjoyed the first #BloggersDoItBetter challenge topic. Don’t forget to check the hashtag out on Twitter to see the posts from all the other amazing girls taking part.

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