Giving It Your Best

There is one thing that I have learned in my twenty two years and I think it has been fundamental to the overwhelming success I have had in everything I do.

This amazing magical solution? Putting your full effort into something the first time you do it. I know you may have heard this a million times over but it really does pay dividends in the end.

When you put the full effort into something in the first place or from the start you end up with a better result and often end up saving yourself time. 
I’ll give you an example.

In work I am part of a date clean up team, in charge of ensuring data on our system is compatible with data on another system which we are migrating over to. Part of our tasks, for this migration, at the moment, revolve around back scanning shelves of old files and documents. Easy peasy you might say, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. These are files that are stored in our file room. This is a room in the basement of another building across the street from our main office. (SIDE NOTE: This is no longer our office as we have moved to a new city centre campus that is MUCH bigger). A few years ago that file room flooded and well, we have all seen wet paper. So mine and the lads jobs are to divide these files up and scan them to their relevant policies. Of course they are stapled and tattered as well.

The scanner normally scans 1,000 pages in approximately thirteen minutes. My first batch of about 500 pages took me almost an hour. Whoever had prepared that bundle didn’t neaten it up and left some staples in the pages which caused problems with the scanner. The chap whose day to day job involves A LOT of scanning then took five to ten minutes to show me how he would prepare a bundle of scanning and the difference it makes is amazing. I have had very few issues, bar a few inevitable ones, the main problem I am having now is that the scanner is not scanning fast enough for me.

I know this isn’t really a great example but it just highlights the difference it makes and the time you can save just by giving something your best shot the first time around!

Have a great week folks!

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