Lynn Gets Fitter; Day One!

Hello my lovelies.

Most of you probably don’t know this but I have recently moved office from my nice little office beside the sea to this giant campus in town. While I will miss the sea and the random chats with the lad who sold me a zillion cans of Red Bull there are some definite perks to working in the city centre. The shops are an obvious one. But the fact it takes me half the time to get to work is a big one. The other is that I have now got access to a free pool. There is a gym too but I have decided I’m not going to spend money on a gym as I will never use it. I might attend some of the classes they offer though at the minute that is a lot further down the line.

When I was still in college I had a free gym and pool membership which I never used. This time round I have been optimistic and have set myself the goal of swimming for minimum of 30 minutes three times a week. Over the weekend I got some swimming gear and I was ready to go. 

I managed 5 minutes. Jesus it was harder than I thought. The pool is only a small one as well. All in all I did 8 laps, 4 front stroke and 4 back.

I was wrecked after and my legs were like jelly. What struck me though was that it was my legs and arms that got me and not my asthma, maybe it is just being out of action that is the problem. I’ll be going again on Thursday, maybe, and I will add a few more laps in. Stay tuned to see how I get on!
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