The Power of Selling

So before I got my current job in a fancy insurance company I worked in retail. As one of my colleagues once said, “You could sell sand to an Arab”. You would presume this means that I am wise to the ways of sales assistants when I go shopping. But I really am not. 
I wish this could be a post where I tell you how to make sure the sales assistants don’t make you spend money you don’t have. But I really am not the person to be asking about that.

Let me tell you how I got on when I went to the shops after work last Thursday.

My eyebrows have been in dire condition and I have had to reschedule three appointments for Benefit’s Brow Bar in Arnott’s for a number of reasons (only one was a hangover, promise).
Last week when filling in my now forest like eyebrows I decided enough was enough and I booked my appointment. After work I strolled on up there, I was a bit early so the nice sales man cleansed my face, in that five minutes he sold me an eye cream.

The eyebrow wizard (they really are wizards, have you seen my power brow) then tinted my eyebrows. But while the tint was sitting she said “Shall we do the lip for you today?” Now I always do my lip myself and knew it was due to be done so even though I was a bit offended I told her to go ahead. 15 minutes later and my brows and upper lip were fabulous.

If you have ever gotten your eyebrows done in Benefit you know they do a make upper afterwards. This takes about ten or fifteen minutes. In this time the sales man from  before sold me two more products I didn’t really need but I convinced myself I did.

I then went to pay and found what should have been €25 was actually €133, just thanks to them bigging up a few bits.
I left hanging my head in shame and went to pick up things I had planned to treat myself to from Urban Decay. 

GUYS, I suck. How do you say no?! Do you think it might be because I used to have to do that that I feel somewhat bad for them.

I really have a spending problem… 

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Hair Restyling Session

Lynn! What happened to the post you promised us on your trip to the English countryside? Well you guys, I suck ass. Even though I have loads of things to write about, I cannot motivate myself to sit down and write. I’m working really hard on getting over that. That trip to England post will come in a fortnight when I get back from another trip there. But I have written this lovely post to tide you over. Don’t hate me!
Most of you have probably seen my Instagram, and know that I have had most of my hair dyed blonde for a while now. This has been great and so nice for summer but the downside is that I bleached my hair and to be frank, it looks shit. To combat this I have been taking super good care of it and treating it lots and lots.
A few weeks ago I was looking at old pictures of my hair and decided I wanted to go back dark. I rang my Mum and she told me I needed to get it cut first. It was then that I thought, “Why not get it cut AND dyed in the hairdressers?”.
I went to Style Club on North Earl Street and had a consultation with Amy. (Who also styles my Mum and brother’s hair, my boyfriend gets his done there too).  She told me I would need a pre colour to try even out the blonde and then an all over colour. We did a skin test and booked me in for two days time.
When I went in for my appointment I was well looked after. My hair was pre coloured, then coloured and finished off with a POP Colour treatment. Amy then cut and styled my hair. The cut was kept pretty much the same, just the dead ends taken off. The colour I went for was Cognac Brown. It is a lovely vibrant, rich, auburn type shade. It looks super shiny and healthy as well as vibrant and really suits me. It looks like a much more natural colour than any I have had previously.
Because I had my hair blonder originally I am worried about how this colour fades. Because of this I have arranged to pop into the girls in a few weeks and maybe get a POP Colour to top up my colour.
The girls in the salon were so lovely and have allowed me a chance to pass this on to you. They gave me some vouchers for FREE POP Colour treatments to hand out in work, but, because I love you all so much I have kept a few back to give out to you all over the next few days.  If you want to be in with a chance to get your hands on a voucher find me on any of my social sites and get in touch using the hashtag #POPColour. There are some T&C’s which I have listed at the end of this post.
Here are some before and now pictures. 

This is the only photo I have where you can really see how damaged my hair was.

This is a photo I took just after my hair was done. I have since washed and style it myself.

You can visit the salon here. Keep an eye on their Instagram too as they took some before and after photos to pop up there. I bought a shampoo and conditioner from them to prolong my colour. I will let you know how I get on. 
Until then, 
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Voucher is valid in Style Club North Earl Street ONLY.
Voucher only covers cost of POP Colour treatment. Styling/blowdrying is extra.
Voucher only valid until August 30th.

June: Tried & Tested

Hey Guys!
I know, I know. It’s been a while. But believe me when I say I have been struggling going from not working and working three to four days a week to working  a roper adult job. It’s been a few months now and I think I have finally gotten into a routine and am getting back into my favourite past times: READING AND BLOGGING.
I have also gotten back into my healthy living so I am very happy with that. It is amazing how much better you can feel if you cut the shit out of your daily routine. Don’t worry though. I’m not cutting myself off completely. As I write this I am snacking away on some Watermelon Chunks… They are v. yummy. 

Today is the first installment of a new monthly feature I hope to run, called Tried and Tested. Whilst I am not very adventurous I do love to try new things, so this is my monthly feature to let you know how I get on. My June feature is quite short, but you can expect a much longer one in a few weeks for July.

This month I have been trying out a Nourish Starter Kit for combination skin which was sent to my by The Liv House. I have been using these products for about two, almost three weeks now and I have to say the difference in my skin has been amazing. I think I have finally found products suited to my terrible skin. The ingredients are organic, in fact the bottles list a percentage of how organic the creams are and they are all past 80% some being 97% which is always good to hear. They are also full of vitamins and antioxidants which have been both regulating and oxygenating my skin. My skin has been glowing since I started using the products and make up has looked flawless on my skin, meaning I am getting the best value out of my make up. I stopped using the Kit to test out a new moisturiser, which is great don’t get me wrong, but I will be straight back to my Nourish Kit ASAP. I need that healthy glowy skin again. It was so good that whilst I was in Manchester (more about that in this weekend’s post) I was able to go out with virtually no make up on. Just some concealer for my spots, mascara and eyebrow gel. It was a delight to say the least, especially on those hot days.

I have also been trying to eat breakfast more. Whether it was a bowl of cereal or a yoghurt. This, teamed with some nuts or a cereal bar, has kept me going until lunch time and has given me so much energy. I also have made it a habit so I’ll be keeping this up no doubt.

SWIMMING, I tried getting back into swimming. While I have been a bit bad with it over the past two weeks due to being away. I went back yesterday and went at least twice every other week. I don’t know if it has done me much good but it makes me feel like I’ve made an effort so that is good enough for me.

That’s all I have for you folks.

I’ll post again on Saturday to tell you about my trip to the english countryside. 

Until then,
I’m off to eat my Watermelon Chunks and watch True Blood and Pretty Little Liars. 

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