Blog Awards Ireland Launch Party

Am I a socialite now? 

So last night I went to the launch of Blog Awards Ireland 2014 last night and I came very close to not going. In the days I got very socially anxious about going to such a big event. I knew my boyfriend wasn’t too keen on going either so I tried desperately to find a friend (a bloggy friend) to go with me, but unfortunately we don’t all work nine to five. 

To try pump myself up for the event, and so I wouldn’t have a major panic attack, I went out and bought a nice new outfit, that was somewhat out of my comfort zone, and got all dolled up.

When I got there it was very busy and I did start freaking out a little. The event description had said there would be ‘fun and games’ which I think played on my mind. I really did not want to be called up in front of everyone. If I know I have to get up in front of a crowd and perform or speak, it’s no bother to me, but it’s the unexpected ones and the thoughts that it might happen that cause me to freak out. 

Thankfully I did not get called up. The large crowd did make me a bit uneasy as I kept getting bumped and had to move out of everyone’s way. It thinned out though so it’s okay. 

I did really enjoy myself though and so did Danny, I think. We were downstairs in Pacinos which is such a nice venue. There were lovely complimentary cocktails provided. Madeline over at Tea Lady Tales played bartender for the night and did a brilliant job. 

The food for the night was courtesy of Glenisk. I had eaten before the event so I wasn’t too hungry but I did manage to grab some of their Coronation Chicken Cups which were DELISH. So much so I demanded the recipe. You can get this recipe as well as all the other treats they served here.

All in all it was a fabulous night, thank you so much to Amanda and Lorna for putting it all together. Whilst I only chatted to two other people it was two more than I’d normally be comfortable talking to so I am pretty happy about it. It was definitely a step in the right direction. 

Have a look at some photos of the night taken by the wonderful Damien over at Cearbhuil Studios, I hope you don’t mind me nicking some of these. 

If any of you give those recipes a try make sure you send me some snaps on Twitter.


Some nice organiser ladies / Photo Cred: Cearbhuil Studios

The lovely girls who kept us fed / Photo Cred: Cearbhuil Studios

Glenisk are amazing sponsors / Photo Cred: Cearbhuil Studios

Myself and the handsome Danny / Photo Cred: Cearbhuil Studios

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  1. Social anxiety is a much bigger problem than people think, as I'd say most people don't discuss it – nice photos too

  2. You're right there Kevin. I feel too many people shy away from the topic!

    Thank you.

  3. I was at the blog launch as well, and felt a bit awkward too! We should have talked to each other! 🙂

  4. We definitely should have. If only we had known in advance. Things may have been slightly more enjoyable 😀 x

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