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Well hello there. I hope you all had a nice weekend? I spent the last weekend of my holidays absolutely dying and am now back in work for my sins. Thank God I love my job. It wouldn’t be the same if I was returning to a job I didn’t like.
But yeah so the most exciting part of my two weeks off work had to be my birthday. I say my birthday but unfortunately I am now expected to share my birthday with my boyfriend as it is his birthday the day before.
As Danny was starting a new job we just took it nice and easy and chilled out. We went for dinner on the Saturday after taking it easy as that was the first day I was poorly. Then on MY birthday we went to my house for Sunday lunch. That was followed by bowling, air hockey and Guardians of the Galaxy. I finally got to see Groot and I am still as obsessed with him as I was before. I mean look at him!

Dinner on Danny’s birthday was so lovely. We got to go to my favourite restaurant and have my favourite foods. It’s in Dundrum Town Centre and is called Cortina’s. They do the best salsas I have ever had and their chips are so much nicer than your standard nacho.
We didn’t do a whole lot else for the rest of that day if I’m honest. I kind of ruined it all being sick. Before you all give out to me it wasn’t a silly cold or something, it was the blinding pain, bladder infection, cystitis type thing. UGH it doesn’t even bear remembering.
BTW Danny loved all his presents. As I got most of them (and gave him them) a few months ago he was very shocked to open something on his birthday. It would have been better if I’d not forgotten the one bit to make it work but I’m blaming the unhelpful shop assistant for that one.
To be honest. That’s all I have to say on my birthday. I was spoiled and got really nice presents but it was nice to have chilled out and not have so much planned that something could inevitably go wrong as is the case every other year.
Before I go I want to draw your attention to a post I shared on Facebook earlier, for a very worthy cause. 
I will see you all during the week with posts on studying for my QFA and dealing with Cystitis (it wasn’t fun).

****Hey Guys!

So one of the lads I work with is Trustee for an organisation which was set up to help a little girl who is fighting Neuroblastoma. Merryn was diagnosed as having Neuroblastoma in 2013. Neuroblastoma has a high rate of relapse with treatment options in Ireland being limited in the case of a relapse which is why her parents set up their appeal.

I adore Merryn, I think she is the cutest little fighter I have ever seen and if I even had half her strength and enthusiasm for life I’d be ten times the person I am now.

Which is why I am happy to share this auction with you all as I know you love good causes and the XFACTOR. Stephen (my work colleague) was hanging out with Louis Walsh when he was given a few things to auction off to raise funds for Merryn. The first of these to be auctioned off is tickets for the first live XFactor results show in London. These tickets cannot be bought and will give you the luxury of sitting in Louis’ allocated seats, watching the show. There is also a chance you may meet some of the stars of the show but unfortunately this cannot be guaranteed as it is of course live.

If you want to win this amazing prize click the link below and share this around. Also keep an eye out for further auctions!

http://www.ebay.ie/itm/Charity-Auction-VIP-Tickets-for-1st-X-Factor-Result-Show-Sunday-12th-October-/331314263145?ssPageName=ADME%3AL%3ALCA%3AIE%3A1123 ****

To read more about Merryn visit www.merrynlacy.com
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