Dealing with CYSTITIS

Cystitis is the kind of thing that can plague a woman for life. Most women will only suffer from it once, but then there are us truly blessed few who have the pleasure of suffering multiple bouts. 
It would appear I am one of those women.

If you are lucky enough to have no idea what cystitis feels like as it comes on, then cherish it, God knows if you knew the feeling you would do anything to not know it.
So this time around when I felt that familiar tingling, I knew what was coming for me. I was in the middle of two weeks annual leave from the office so I would not have to take any time off. But it was mine and Danny’s birthdays that coming weekend so I knew I had to be on fine form. Rather than fork out a whole load of money to see a doctor and get some antibiotics, I instead decided to hit the internet and sort it out the old fashioned way, perseverance… and a few home remedies.
If you have ever had cystitis you know full well peeing is the worst sensation in the world. It stings like hell and you end up feeling even more in need of a wee than you were before you went to the bathroom. Having read online that you need to flush the bacteria out of your body, I decided I needed to drink as much water as I could and keep going to the bathroom in order to flush out the bacteria. I did this and I must say this was probably the thing which made me feel better fastest. After a few hours, a few litres of water and more bathroom breaks than humanely possible I found it was easier to go to the bathroom, whilst I still constantly felt like I needed to go, it didn’t hurt too much so it didn’t scare me to try and go. This was great for me as the previous time I had cystitis I ended up locked in the bathroom for most of the day.
I find anytime I feel ill a hot shower always works it’s magic. In this instance I didn’t really shower so much as just stand under the water. I didn’t want to use anything perfumed as it would aggravate the situation so I just let the hot water run over me and it soothed my body and relaxed me.
If you feel the need to pee, get to the bathroom quick. Even if you only pass a little trickle it is better than holding it in. Every time you pee you are closer to getting rid of the bacteria and feeling right as rain. This can be inconvenient if you have to work but thankfully I have not had to work while I was suffering.
I had never drank this stuff before but the pharmacist recommended I drink it. I got a fruity, diluted version but she said it would work just as well if I did not want to have pure cranberry juice. I hate cranberry juice so definitely didn’t. I’m not sure what value barley water has in the cystitis battle but gosh it definitely helped and I found it very tasty.
Obvious reasons.
These sachets are crucial in getting rid of cystitis without visiting the doctor. They have cranberry extract in them and work all sorts of magic to make you right as rain. It is a two day course which you MUST finish. They taste horrid at the start but by the end you will love them, they are your best friend in this instance. I suffered for three days before I gave in and drank the sachets and then they relieved the symptoms REALLY fast. Needless to say I will always have them on stand by.
These are just some little tips to help you feel a bit better if you are struck down with Cystitis.
Is there anything else you would want tips on? Just let me know!!

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