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Hey Guys!!
I have finally found time to sit down and write a new post for you all. This post is actually about the reason I’ve had no time to post… THE GYM.
For those of you who follow me on social media you know full well I have been going to the gym and eating differently in an attempt to lose weight.
I have never made any attempt to hide the fact that I want to lose weight and get slim, fit and healthy. I danced for 13 years, ballet and such, and used to be very, VERY thin. While a lot of people may think that I am still slim, in my head I am huge compared to what I was, there are curves and pudge where there used to be flat. This teamed with googling the ideal weight for my height and not being able to get clothes to fit properly has really led to me getting down. I found that I was between three and four stone overweight for my height. I don’t normally think in numbers but this is one that has definitely stuck with me.
I was chatting to my friend Paul one day about joining the gym and he told me he was about to join FLYEfit. FLYEfit is a low cost gym based in Dublin. It is €29 a month for membership to one of their gyms or €32 for access to all their gyms. As well as being 24 hour access gyms your membership is self service meaning you can amend it whenever you like.
I have been in the gym almost 8 weeks now and I must admit in the first few weeks I just did the programme that was given to me in my introductory session and half assed eating healthy. I didn’t see any results however, so I decided to take a plunge I was apprehensive about and talk to a personal trainer. 
I chose this beast.

Meet Niall. Niall is the man in charge of getting me all nice and toned. He’s a brave lad.
What drew me to Niall was his poster in the girls changing rooms. He does a 12 week to LBD training programme which of course appeals to any woman. However I’d seen him around the gym and he seemed friendly and not TOO intimidating.
Niall has been brilliant from the start. He got me to send him an email chatting about what I wanted to get out of this and immediately he set me on the right track. He fired me over a pack with shopping lists, meal plans and recipes and let me loose. While providing me with an introductory workout, I have also had two full on Personal Training sessions with Niall, this lad has me benchpressing, who’d have thought it. 
One thing I love about training with Niall is his enthusiasm for the whole thing, he is always in a top mood and ready to get into it and give it his all. He will always stop to talk to you and see how you are getting on and is always at the end of a text. One day I was feeling so unmotivated that I sent Niall an email telling him I was just feeling off. He sent me a nice email back perking me up and encouraging me to keep it up and not to let a bad day get me down. Later that night at the gym he got me to go to two classes he was running and after I was in the complete opposite mood. I was so pumped and happy and could hardly believe that two hours before I had been so down in the dumps. 
We have even added his boxing class to my weekly workout so that I can vent, and work out the oul upper body. Did I mention Niall sends me my workout every day? Nothing better than having someone actually put thought into what they get you to do day to day, rather than just sending you off with a piece of paper. No two work outs have ever been the same.
I’ve set myself the goal of December 6th, just in time for my work party but I don’t know if I will be 100% satisfied with my results by then. It can get quite hard to be optimistic when you don’t see results straight away. Although people who don’t see me too often have said they definitely notice a difference in me. If I don’t achieve my goal by December I will still keep training as this is something that is important to me and I will feel so much better for. 
Last week was the first time I lost weight since I started this plan and I was chuffed. It wasn’t a lot, but it was something. I also find it is now easier for me to say no to treats, especially crisps… chocolate is still a struggle.
You can check Niall out on Facebook and Instagram. Niall’s instagram is great for daily motivation and recipe ideas.
My next few posts will be some sponsored ones, with items sent to me courtesy of Escentual and Specspost. Keep an eye out for them. My next gym update will be in about 10 days time when I get my measurements taken again.
See you all then. Feel free to follow me on instagram for more regular updates.

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