My New Glasses

*The product in this post was supplied by Specspost*

So I have been meaning to write this post for ages. The reason I haven’t written it is because I wanted to get a good photo of me wearing the glasses, but I have never gotten around to it so I am writing the post anyway.

This will be a short post as there is not a lot I have to say when it comes to the process of ordering from Specspost. To be honest the part that took longest was me getting back to them with my prescription as I forgot to get it (notice a trend here). When I contacted Specspost to let them know I was interested in trying some of their products they were very apologetic to me. They had a lot of people interested and whilst they would love to send me items it could be a good few days before I got them due to their backlog. I was astounded when they turned up at my door a before the end of the week.

Then the fun began. I did a little fashion show with Danny trying on all my various pairs of glasses. However, as is normal when you shop online, not all of the pairs were to my liking. However there was one pair I just fell head over heels with. So I posted my 4 pairs of glasses back to the Team at Specspost and told them which pair I wanted and that I would get my prescription and be in touch. It took me about two weeks to get my prescription but when I did I got my glasses in less than a week.

That is probably my favourite feature of Specspost. That they do home trails where you let them know which pairs you would like to try, you pay a fully refundable deposit and then they send the glasses out to your house. You choose which pairs you want and send them back, within ten days you should have the glasses with your prescription in them back on your desk.

I also find Specspost great for getting a few spare pairs of glasses to have at home.

Here are the pair I chose, which I live in at work:

They are the “Pink Retro Cats Eye” model and can be found here.

What do you guys think of buying glasses online? I am thinking of getting my sunglasses for the year from the site. Opinions? Would you home trial the glasses or would you buy and hope for the best OR would you stick to going to a high street store? 

Until next time.
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  1. Love the style you chose. So retro!

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