Summer Is Coming! How I’m Going To Look After My Face In The Sun

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The weather is finally getting warmer, and I can start making plans for this summer’s garden parties. The great thing about the sun coming out is you have more daylight hours to get things done and you feel more energised to do them. The bad thing about the sun coming out is looking after my skin can be harder work than in the winter. I may have prevented all the lip chapping that usually happens in the winter, but I know the summer can cause just as much damage. 
Sunscreen is just one small part of protecting the skin from the effects of the heat and the sun. Drinking plenty of water is key to staying hydrated all year round. This year, I’m going to add some extra moisturiser to my bedtime routine to get my skin soft and supple, ready to bear the sun. My face is the area I’m most worried about. I don’t want red cheeks or nose from sun exposure!
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Starting from the top, my forehead is prone to being a little dry, so regular exfoliating takes those dead cells off. If I sweat, my makeup can clog into my eyebrows. Using a little chapstick (and I mean little), just above them prevents any colour leaking into them. Sunglasses are a must to stop frown lines in this area from squinting at the light. A lighter moisturiser around the T-zone also helps keep my skin more evenly hydrated.
Sunscreen in your eyes is incredibly painful. Make sure you have a high SPF eye shadow to avoid needing to get sunscreen anywhere near them. Some mascaras include sun protection too. Waterproof is the way to go in the summer if you’re by the pool. The bridge of my nose rarely burns in the sun, but I’ve seen some girls with painful peeling there. You can use zinc sticks or try a higher SPF in your base makeup.
With the delights of summer fast approaching, I want my smile to look fabulous. I have a great recipe for homemade lip scrub to keep sore lips at bay. Light pink glosses are great for the summer months too. The glossier, the better for me! But keep in mind you will regularly be applying SPF chapstick to avoid your lips suffering in the sun. A sticky gloss will be a problem here.
White teeth in summer are key to a perfect sunny smile. Internet pages like can offer lots of tips on how to whiten your teeth. If you are looking at consuming lots of frozen lollies to keep you cool, pop to your dentist. Ask her to check your teeth are in tip top shape, and ready to tackle those cold treats.
The sun is great for making our skin look gorgeous, with lovely, natural tans. The trouble is you can never be too careful. Every burn can be very harmful to your health, and prolonged, unprotected exposure to the sun can even cause cancer. Invest in a good hat, top up the sun cream, and keep cool to make the most of this summer.  

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Scarlet Fever

Hi guys!!
I know I said I was hoping to get into a new posting schedule and then didn’t because guess what, I was sick, as usual. But this time I was legitimately sick as opposed to just feeling under the weather. I had to go to the doctors TWICE and was on antibiotics and the such. Told you, legit sick!
One thing is for sure. I wouldn’t wish scarlet fever on anyone. It was not a fun experience. It started at the weekend with a scratchy throat, I get a lot of sore throats so I didn’t think too much of it and I had been out that weekend to celebrate being made permanent in work so I just assumed that was what it was from… I went to work on the Monday and I took flu tablets and ate Strepsils all day. The Tuesday I had a tutorial for my QFA exam and that was HORRID. I couldn’t focus, my throat was on fire, I was in a sweat and I couldn’t keep my own head up! This was even while I was taking two types of tablet, I couldn’t stomach anything either. I literally went home and went to bed. When I say home I went to Danny’s because no one was in my house and he was off work so he could look after me. Needless to say I was no fun to be around. Danny got annoyed because I slept the whole time, this was basically how the rest of the illness went, and then when it came to going home I couldn’t even stand. Getting home was such an ordeal. The next day I woke up at five am and I knew there would be no working for me. I rang work sick and then promptly arranged an emergency doctors appointment. Normally I would have just hoped to feel better but seeing as this was days after being made permanent I didn’t want to risk anything so I went to the doctors to clear all bases. This was fine bar being so weak and thinking I was going to die in the doctors. He said I had a throat infection, told me to take a week off work and prescribed me some antibiotics. The antibiotics were horrible to take though, you have to take them on an empty stomach either an hour before eating or two hours after eating. You never realise how much of a luxury being able to eat is until you have to eat at very specific times. 

On the second night of taking my medication I stayed in Danny’s house because he was off the next day and could look after me again. That night was probably the worst night Danny and I spent together. Danny couldn’t sleep because of the noise I was making as I was asleep (I couldn’t breathe properly) and I was burning to the touch so it wasn’t nice to lie beside me. It got so bad that when he was still awake at 5am he went to sleep on the sofa. The next morning I woke up and I looked sunburnt. Scarlet fever had arrived. It was straight back to the doctors where he confirmed my fears and doubled my penicillin dose. This started working right away and within days I was better and back to work. Thank god, I was so sick I couldn’t even watch Netflix. Do you know how horrible that is? It’s really horrible. I was just on a cycle of sleep and take drugs. 
When I went back to work I was still on the antibiotics and I am not sure how wise that was. I would get sleepy after every dose of tablets and I just felt tired and not too with it all the time. But it was so nice to be able to get up and go to work each day. A huge side effect of my antibiotic was that it rendered my pill ineffective. That’s not too big a deal until it came to getting my period and it was the worse it has ever been. That was one of the things the doctor said to me, that if I took my prescription for 11 days it would still be in my system 11 days later, which it is. I’m feeling better every day but my tummy still feels in a bad way from the drugs etc.
I wish I could have written you all a post where I tell you how I dealt with being so sick but the truth is I didn’t deal with it. I just let it take it’s course and put up with it.
Have a great Sunday!
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