Pay Day Haul

Hi Guys
I got paid during the week and in typical Lynn Jo fashion spent way too much money on things I don’t really think I needed.

I thought I would share my purchases with you. I only have intentions to post reviews of two of these so if you want to see anymore please do let me know!

As you can see I got some essentials, deodorant and dry shampoo but I also got a brush as the brush I was using was definitely more suited to my longer length hair than the shorter length I am rocking now.
I also got a 3 step system from Clinique to try as I wasn’t quite happy with my skin care anymore. I always use products for spot prone skin but the consultant said I should be using something more for oily skin which I am now trying. I will post a review on this in a number of weeks. I got a free gift of eye make up remover and mascara when I bought these.
I was starting to run out of concealer so I bought a Natural Collection green tinted concealer to try cancel out any redness in my skin and also a Revlon concealer in fair to conceal under my eyes and also to give a highlight effect.
I bought a Soap and Glory bronzer and highlighter in place of not being able to get a contour palette here. I am enjoying these as they give a very natural contour effect which is more suited to work. I also got a powder brush to apply my highlighter.
The final product I got was Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Browas I have been dying to try it out. I got a brush to us with it also. This is a product I have been lusting after for a long time and I will post on it during the week.
Have a great week guys!

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Jynx’s First Dukebox | Pet Posts

Hey guys!!

So for the past few weeks Jynx has been waiting excitedly for her first Dukebox from Ruby and Duke. 

We did a little unboxing video which you can see below:

The items we received in the box were:

Gor Hugs Bunch 

A round, pink pig that Jynx is currently clinging to.

Lily’s Kitchen Shiny Coat Biscuits

Biscuits which promote a shiny coat. Jynx is wary of them but Bella, our other dog, is loving them!!

Misfits Wonky Chomp

A liver treat which Jynx likes to play with but seems to be starting to eat. She always plays with her treats first so nothing new there. As you can see from the video Bella DEVOURED hers. My hands smell of liver now!

Gor Flex Treat Ring

A tough, flexible chew toy. Put treats in and your four legged friend has to play with it to get them out. I am surprised Jynx didn’t have more interest in this. She used to have something similar she was obsessed with but it could be the treats in this instance. Let’s not forget that Jynx just got spayed and is still out of sorts too.


Who doesn’t need poop bags. Seriously. Selling point for these is being able to slip them on the lead.


Please note that while I do have a voucher for your own Dukebox below, my subscription is not a gift from the company and has been paid for by me. 

If you do sign up to received a  Dukebox please share all your photos with me. I would love to see them. Sign up for your Dukebox at 

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Summer in New York | Guest Post

Hi guys,

As mentioned a few posts ago I am going to be posting essays from a number of bloggers who were willing to share their plans for summer with me.
Today’s post comes from Liza Tait-Bailey (how amazing is that name?!).
Liza is a gorgeous student who set her blog up after she moved to Paris as an opportunity to document her travels. She has travelled to Morocco and studied in Abu Dhabi but today she is telling us all about her summer LIVING in New York. Does anyone else have major travel envy? My favourite feature of Liza’s blog is her bucket list. Maybe I might post mine on my blog, although I’d have to come up with a bucket list first.
If you want to read more of Liza’s tales of her travels you can check her out here.

There is a special kind of overheating that one experiences in July in midtown Manhattan at the end of the working day, when all around you New Yorkers are hurrying to the subway or bars to mark the sense of freedom that I have come to associate with 6pm. It’s something I had never considered before this summer, and every time I experience it I get a strange sense of amusement that I am here, witnessing this daily parade of sweaty, well-dressed adults.
As a rising Junior at New York University Abu Dhabi (that’s a special little NYU campus in the United Arab Emirates for those who haven’t heard of it), I am spending the summer interning with a social enterprise in New York. Global Goods Partners aims to empower female artisans in poor communities by providing a marketplace for their products. They pay a fair wage, and as a non-profit ensure that as much money goes back into the community as possible to provide necessities such as education and health care. And my job? Well I’m a marketing intern, focusing particularly on the social media side.
Interning has been inspiring and exhausting in equal measures. As a student, albeit one who is usually busy with about four projects at once, I usually have far more control over my time and the 9-5 came as a real shock to the system. That, coupled with my hour commute twice a day, means that I feel a frustration that I can only associate with being in an office in Manhattan all day. Being in New York this summer is amazing, being inside a building on W 30th street where the only window faces a wall, not so much.
It’s not all despair and dissatisfaction though! In true intern fashion I have learning a lot in so many areas: from non-profit lingo to the best practises for Pinterest, and met some really interesting people along the way. And outside the office? Well I’ve been making the most of being a temporary New-Yorker, in true tourist fashion.
Attending the Pride March on Fifth Avenue just days after the marriage equality act passed was a day I will never forget, as the sense of joy and love in the city was all consuming. Other highlights include seeing Wicked on Broadway, and of course enjoying all the museums that line Central Park (yes I did sit on the steps of the Met, because who doesn’t want to feel like Blair Waldorf?). Weekly bottomless brunches and walks along the highline, my all time favourite spot in NYC, have made me fall in love with this lifestyle, a shame since there’s only a few weeks left. Luckily future plans include taking a trip up to Niagara Falls and a cheeky visit to Costa Rica on the way home – my first jaunt into Central America – so I’m not too sad at the prospect of leaving. You’ll have to keep your eyes on my blog to see read about those adventures!

By the way guys I am delighted to announce I was nominated for The Blog Awards Ireland 2015 so a BIG thank you to anyone who nominated me and also don’t forget you can get 20% off a Dukebox subscription over at using my code LYNN20. Jynx’s first Dukebox should have shipped today so I can’t wait to share her opening it with you all. 

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Say Yes to More | Technical Difficulties

Hi all,


For the past few weeks I have been arranging a series of guest posts from bloggers who are doing different things over the summer. The first of these posts was to go up this evening but unfortunately I am having slight technical difficulties with accessing that post so instead I am going to talk to you all about how I am attempting to say yes to more. 
One of the biggest Yes moments I have had in the past year was of course attempting to change my diet and exercise more. While I strayed from this a lot I always ended up back on the train and saying yes to more. One of these things was learning how to run in order to complete a 5k. I won’t actually be taking part in the 5k as my poor puppy is being spayed that weekend but I am still learning how to run.
I have also said yes to zip lining and ballet. Zip lining is an easy one to explain… My friend wants to do something different for her birthday. I am scared, expect an update. Ballet was harder to say yes to. I did ballet from the age of 3 for about 13 years. I was skinny then and en pointe. I was really good. Now I have put on weight and have slipped back into bad dance habits. Was it hard? Yes. Was it worth it? Yes. I had a great time and I think it will be something I take up permanently.
Finally I said yes to another new role in work. I have moved to a new team where I will be a point of contact. This will require me to build relationships with partners but also to be extremely knowledgeable of what we do. I really can’t wait to see where this takes me. Who would have thought I would find such a rewarding career without it being what I always thought was my ‘dream job’.
What are you guys saying yes to?
I will have the first Summer post up as soon as possible.

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