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Hey guys!!

So for the past few weeks Jynx has been waiting excitedly for her first Dukebox from Ruby and Duke. 

We did a little unboxing video which you can see below:

The items we received in the box were:

Gor Hugs Bunch 

A round, pink pig that Jynx is currently clinging to.

Lily’s Kitchen Shiny Coat Biscuits

Biscuits which promote a shiny coat. Jynx is wary of them but Bella, our other dog, is loving them!!

Misfits Wonky Chomp

A liver treat which Jynx likes to play with but seems to be starting to eat. She always plays with her treats first so nothing new there. As you can see from the video Bella DEVOURED hers. My hands smell of liver now!

Gor Flex Treat Ring

A tough, flexible chew toy. Put treats in and your four legged friend has to play with it to get them out. I am surprised Jynx didn’t have more interest in this. She used to have something similar she was obsessed with but it could be the treats in this instance. Let’s not forget that Jynx just got spayed and is still out of sorts too.


Who doesn’t need poop bags. Seriously. Selling point for these is being able to slip them on the lead.


Please note that while I do have a voucher for your own Dukebox below, my subscription is not a gift from the company and has been paid for by me. 

If you do sign up to received a  Dukebox please share all your photos with me. I would love to see them. Sign up for your Dukebox at www.rubyandduke.com. 

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