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For the past few weeks I have been arranging a series of guest posts from bloggers who are doing different things over the summer. The first of these posts was to go up this evening but unfortunately I am having slight technical difficulties with accessing that post so instead I am going to talk to you all about how I am attempting to say yes to more. 
One of the biggest Yes moments I have had in the past year was of course attempting to change my diet and exercise more. While I strayed from this a lot I always ended up back on the train and saying yes to more. One of these things was learning how to run in order to complete a 5k. I won’t actually be taking part in the 5k as my poor puppy is being spayed that weekend but I am still learning how to run.
I have also said yes to zip lining and ballet. Zip lining is an easy one to explain… My friend wants to do something different for her birthday. I am scared, expect an update. Ballet was harder to say yes to. I did ballet from the age of 3 for about 13 years. I was skinny then and en pointe. I was really good. Now I have put on weight and have slipped back into bad dance habits. Was it hard? Yes. Was it worth it? Yes. I had a great time and I think it will be something I take up permanently.
Finally I said yes to another new role in work. I have moved to a new team where I will be a point of contact. This will require me to build relationships with partners but also to be extremely knowledgeable of what we do. I really can’t wait to see where this takes me. Who would have thought I would find such a rewarding career without it being what I always thought was my ‘dream job’.
What are you guys saying yes to?
I will have the first Summer post up as soon as possible.

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