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Hi guys, 
I have decided to share a recipe I adore with you all. It’s a go to of mine when I am not too sure what to make. I also use it as a base recipe and make slight changes to it in order to have different flavours. It’s so easy to do, takes only a few minutes to prepare and you can leave it in the oven and get on with any other jobs you may have to do. I found the original recipe here a number of years ago but I have paraphrased the recipe to suit how I would normally make it.
Note: I have used Sweet Potato with this recipe before and they take about the same time to cook as regular potato and I may even taste slightly nicer in the dish.


Chicken fillets 
Green Beans
Red Onion
6 Tablespoons Olive Oil
Herbs and Seasonings

Baking dish
Chopping board
Slotted spoon
1.     Preheat the oven to 180°c to 200°c.
2.     Using some kitchen paper wipe a drop of oil around the baking dish.
3.     In a bowl combine the oil, juice of a lemon (or more depending on how you want it to taste) the garlic and any other herbs and seasonings you might require. If I am adding a different flavour I would do it at this step combining it with the oil and omitting the lemon juice if necessary.
4.     Slice another lemon and line the bottom of the baking dish with the slices.
5.     Prepare your green beans and place them in the bowl with the oil and flavourings. Swirl them about so they are coated in the mixture. Take them out with the slotted spoon in order to allow for any excess of the mixture to drain off. Lay the beans in a single layer on top of the lemon slices.
6.     Repeat step 5 with any other vegetables you want in your dish( excluding the red onion). I normally stick to just potatoes and carrots. I have tried brocolli and cauliflower but they cooked significantly faster than the rest of the vegetables and became quite burnt. Putting them in later was too much hassle for me so I didn’t really use them again. I normally just stick to potatoes and carrots, either peeled or unpeeled and roughly chopped. Use these to line the outside of the dish.
7.     Coat the chicken fillets in the mixture and lay them in the middle of the dish.
8.     Pour any left over mixture over everything.
9.     Chop a red onion into 4 and place in each corner of the dish for flavour. Sometimes if I have a spare lemon I will cut some slices of lemon and onion and sprinkle them over the chicken fillets for added flavour.
10. Cook. I have found that about 40 minutes cooks the chicken fillet to perfect, mouth watering tastiness. This is with a decent sized chicken fillet, but times may vary. Sometimes the vegetables take longer than the chicken so I take the chicken out and leave the vegetables  a bit longer although this can be rectified by chopping the vegetables smaller.

If you make this I would love to see your photos.
I have mainly made two variants of this dish but both were superb. One was with franks hot sauce. I mixed this with the oil and followed the rest of the recipe. It was lovely and tangy. More recently I had a half packet of Ol Del Paso Garlic and Paprika taco seasoning which I chucked into the lemon and oil mixture and this added loads of flavour.
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Have a great week!

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