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Hey guys,

So today we are going to talk a fairly taboo subject. I know you don’t want to but unfortunately it’s time we had a chat.

First I want to talk about the reason this topic has come up. Recently I was contacted by MyLadyBug. MyLadyBug is a subscription service which caters to your needs at the worst part of the month. Yeah we all know it’s the worst. Basically when you sign up for your subscription you choose what products you want to receive ie tampons or pads. You also get to choose what absorbency you want, so you can get some for the light days and some for heavy days. That’s not all you get though, you even get some chocolate and nice herbal teas to help you through the worst of it all. Best part of it all? It comes in an envelope with no discernible markings on it that fits through the letterbox. No one even needs to know what your getting. At the (almost) ripe old age of 23 I find that I still get very anxious when it comes to buying these kinds of things so it’s nice to have them appear at the house right when I need them (and with the bit of variety I need in the packs).

These are the very discreetly packaged pads

I have to say I have always had a pretty hard time dealing with my period. From the start it was never going to be good. Once at a doctor’s appointment my mum revealed to me that when I was a very young child I exhibited the symptoms of having a period, it was legit thought I was getting my period that young. Like I said… it was never gonna be an easy ride. I remember once I hit about 13/14 I was on edge about it. There nerves were killing me. More for the mortification of looking like a murder scene in public (yes that is how my mind worked).  When I was first shipped off to the Gaeltacht I went with a GIANT pack of pads in hand. Needless to say it did not happen while I was there. I can’t actually remember my first period. I am taking that as a good sign. It wasn’t embarrassing. I do vaguely remember just feeling a bit like “oh here we go, no more getting away with not having a period”. Because when I was young I was dying not to get one. I mean, who wants to have that, but to the socially anxious it is a bloody nightmare. As it turns out I didn’t have to deal with it yet, because it was at least a year until period number two and after that they were very sporadic. I would definitely say I was 16 if not a bit older before I started seeing them more regularly than every few months… an almost regular rhythm some might say. 

It was around this time I got crippling migraines. I was in 5th year so about 16. They were so bad that I would often miss school or have to be sent home sick. It took a very long time to figure out what was actually wrong with me. I was in college, I want to say second year of college, when the doctor told me I had “stage 4 neurotic migraines”. I don’t know if that is even a thing, basically I had an Estrogen intolerance which caused the migraines. Do you know how flipping inconvenient that is as a girl? I mean never mind that it’s like the female hormone but I was on the pill to sort my skin out which was full of Estrogen. Things had to change and I was put on a Progesterone only pill. For the first time in a long time I had no migraines, I also had no period though. It was one of the side effects of this new pill I was on and just happened to affect me. That didn’t really bother me bar the fact I was in a relationship at the time and getting a period every month is a nice little reassurance. I also had horrific mood swings although I’m beginning to think that might just be me and no effect of the pill.

When I broke up with that boyfriend I actually came off the pill. I got no migraines thank God. It took a long time for my period to come back though, it was 6 months if not more. I knew I wasn’t pregnant, but I kept the fact from everyone because I didn’t want anyone to think I was. When they came back my periods were horrifically painful and so heavy. It was almost unbearable. I did choose to deal with them though, rather than dealing with going back on the pill after my previous experiences.

I only went back on the pill when I got a new boyfriend, for obvious reasons. This new pill is actually a godsend. I get regular periods and they are just medium heaviness, standard pain, nothing as horrific as before. Just your usual cramps. Although when I had scarlet fever the antibiotic basically deactivated my pill and that one period was the worst ever. Needless to say I will be staying on this pill for the time being.

I will say to anyone young sweating it about their period. Don’t worry about it. It will all even itself out eventually and they get much easier to deal with. Just make sure you are never caught out. Always be prepared. Have some sort of protection in every handbag. I always used to keep some in the inside pocket of my school coat because the teachers never let us bring our bags to the loo. I still get so anxious when I am on my period but it helps knowing I have my emergency kit in my bag for any accidents (pants, wipes, pads). 

If you want to avail of your own subscription box from MyLadyBug you can use the link above and the code LYNNBLOG for 15% off. It’s perfect if the thought of buying pads or tampons makes you want to curl up and die. Hey if there is enough interest in me talking about periods I may do a YouTube video on it. If you have any questions please post them below and I will be more than happy to help.

Also thank you all so much for nominating my for The Blog Awards Ireland. I am delighted to have made the longlist. 

See you Wednesday for a post on my first Comic Con experience.

Have a great weekend,

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