Top Secret Tips: How I Keep My Skin Looking Fresh And Clear

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Every lady out there wants clear looking skin. Believe me, I know that it can be a struggle. After all, it seems that some people have skin that is always clear, yet the rest of us tend to get blemishes. As you know, I just can’t get enough when it comes to beauty. I love new products and tips. With that in mind, I thought I would share some top secret (shh!) information with you. Here is how I keep my skin looking fresh all the time!

1. Avoid tanning (if you can)

Tanning might make you look like a Goddess for a few weeks, but after that the sun damage will set in and impact your skin. If you have just spent a summer in the sun, you need to repair your skin. You should ensure that your start an aftercare plan sooner rather than later. You might not even see the signs of damage, but constant sunbathing will take its toll on your skin. It is that simple. Avoid tanning as much as you can.


2. Drink lots of water

You need to hydrate your skin, which means that you need to drink lots and lots of water. Remember, the more water you drink, the healthier you will feel. As we all know, there are loads of health benefits to drinking water, yet few of us bother. When you hydrate yourself, your skin will begin to glow. Avoid sweet drinks as they can cause blemishes. Instead, when you’re thirsty, head to the tap and have a refreshing glass of water.

3. Find an excellent night cream

Do you use a night cream at the moment? When you are young, you should start using a cream before you go to bed. This trick will help you avoid wrinkles as you age. Of course, if you have already begun to develop wrinkles, there are other options. The cream won’t work once the lines appear, and so you might want to try botox. That way, you can keep your skin looking youthful no matter what. Before you get to that stage, though, you should use the cream on a regular basis. It might just solve the problem!

4. Steam, ice, steam

Do you suffer from blackheads and spots? Well, you’re not alone. You may have thought that these things would go away when you became a young adult, but that’s not always the case! In fact, many young women struggle with this issue. One thing that works is the steam, ice, steam option. If you have a steam and ice room at your gym, use them. If not, you can do this trick at home. First, you need to steam your pores as this will open them up. You can put a towel over a bowl of hot water. Next, rub ice on your face. I’m serious – this will work. Finally, you need to steam your face again. This method of contracting and opening your pores will cleanse them of dirt.

So there you have it – my secrets to fresh skin. If you start following these tips, you should see that there is a difference. Don’t forget to come back again soon when I’ll be sharing some more hot tips!

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