Will I meet my soul mate online?

You know what. I love writing posts like this. The gossipy ones, where there might be a funny story or two to go with it. But this time around I just… I didn’t want to… because I have nothing to say. I should have written about my learning to drive or something but I didn’t. I do have things to say about online dating… but nothing that is of a gossipy nature.


Online dating has been very disappointing this time around. I won’t say it’s not entirely my fault, I am very awkward and bad at talking to men. That, paired with my lack of knowing what I want, means that I freak out or just ghost myself away. This is when I find someone I might potentially have an interest in. It’s rare that happens lately. I struggle to even find anyone I might have a potential interest in. Yes, I am being extremely picky, but don’t I deserve to be? I am not even sure if I want to be involved with someone, so why would I waste that on someone I am only half into?
The calibre of men is just so depressing though. The ones who attempt to have actual conversations are just not people I find myself attracted to. Then anyone I do find cute or handsome is just so droll and boring. Or of course not interested. I need to find that magic trick where I am really fun and charming and people want me. Maybe my online persona is not as charming as in reality. I do know for a fact though that real life Lynn Jo is so awkward it just won’t work that way either.
What has amazed me is how men feel it is okay to speak to women, as I have highlighted in screen grabs on my instagram. Way too often I find myself sitting there wondering how someone thinks that this is okay to say to a woman. And this is never comments made mid conversation. It is the opening message. Recently someone opened up with a comment that I didn’t look like I was very submissive. I actually turned around to that person to point out I had never mentioned being submissive anywhere on my profile so I wasn’t sure why he was even bringing it up.
Long story short. No dates as yet. Not even a hint of butterflies. Maybe I will fight it out a while longer.
Enjoy what’s left of your weekend!
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December in Berlin

Finally, after months of feeling like I didn’t have a second, I have some time to sit down and tell you some of my favourite things about my trip to Berlin in early December.

Berlin was a trip my lovely friend was planning on going on herself and the minute I broke up with my ex bf I decided I was going to be joining her. I am so happy I did.

One of my favourite parts of the trip was of course my hotel. Oh my GOD. I am still so in love with it. I genuinely wish my bedroom looked like that… a girl can dream. We stayed in the nHow which is a ‘Music and Lifestyle hotel’ on the banks of the River Spree in Stralauer Allee. Ugh my God I loved everything about it. The room as pink first of all! But also so bright and airy. It was really modern too. Nothing was too big or too small for them to help us with. Also a special mention on the lifts. Each one played a different genre of music. Very fun. Oh and did I mention the Spa? Yeah that happened.

We went to Fairytale Bar when we were there also. There is so much I want to say about this bar but I can’t say a lot without ruining the experience. Whilst slightly more expensive than most places these were definitely the best cocktails I have had in a long time. Sure the bar was not even open a year and they had won a mixology award. If you want a bit of magic and enjoy a good drink then this is the place for you. Be warned though, unless you know what you are looking for, you may not find it.

Finally I ADORED the winter markets. While a lot of them were the same, selling similar things, the atmosphere was just so infectious and really got you in the mood for the Christmas spirit. My favourite was the market in Charlottenburg Castle however. We went for a stroll around the castle grounds and in some antique stores in the area before returning to the market for some Bailey’s Hot Chocolate. 

I have included a little slideshow of photos for anyone who wants to have a nose. There are some more on instagram, @lynnjochaney. I will say though, if you plan on visiting Berlin, bring some good walking shoes.

Next time on this here blog I will be spilling all about my online dating experience thus far. See you then. Have a great weekend!
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