Spoil Your Mum With These Fab Treat Ideas

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Our mothers are the most important person in our lives. They sacrifice so much for us and seem to be endlessly generous. After spending a large chunk of their lives caring for you, it’s time to let yours know just how special she is. And also, how thankful you are that she has always been there for you. So why not take some time to spoil her! Not sure how to treat your mum? Here are some fab ideas.


Chocolates are a traditional gift. After all, who wouldn’t love receiving a box of their favourite chocolates? They are a fantastic treat to both give and receive. You can buy many different types of chocolates, so you will certainly be able to find something to fit your budget. You could even try baking with it to create some thoughtful homemade sweet treats! Don’t worry if your mum is vegan or even a diabetic. There are now lots of ranges of speciality chocolates to suit different kinds of dietary requirements.

A Spa Break

Take your mum with you to your favourite spa. Another great option for those on a budget, if you are watching your pennies, you can usually just buy a ticket for a couple of hours. But if you want to go big and push the boat out, think about taking your mum for a long weekend at a spa hotel. This will give both of you the chance to indulge in relaxing massages and lots of beauty treatments. Many spas also feature swimming pools, saunas, and steam rooms. There’s be plenty of ways you and your mum can forget the stresses of everyday life! If you still need persuading how great a spa break is, don’t forget that sitting in a sauna can do your health wonders: mensfitness.com/training/sweat-it-out.

Small Presents

If you are trying to watch your bank balance, you can always buy your mum a simple gift or present. No matter how small a present may be, your mum will be delighted being presented with one to open. There are loads of different things you could give her. Jewellery always goes down well. You could also choose something super cute, like a cuddly teddy bear! Does your mum love kooky stuff? Check out the funky gifts for sale at Cuckooland.com. You don’t have to wait till Christmas or her birthday. I bet you have a whole load of different reasons to buy your mother a gift right now!

Delicious Food

How about taking your mum out to her favourite restaurant? This will give you the chance to have a good old catch up over some delicious food and drink! Treat your mum and get the check yourself. If you can’t afford an evening of wining and dining just now, you can keep things cheap and cook dinner for your mother. Find out what her favourite meal is and serve that. You can set up your dining room so it looks like a fancy restaurant. If you have kids, rope them in and ask them to play at being waiters!


Mums love flowers! They will help her brighten up her home and fill it with a fresh aroma. Now that it is spring and almost summer, it is the perfect time for buying bunches of daffodils and snowdrops. Another option, rather than buying fresh flowers, is to buy bulbs and seeds. Then your mum can plant them herself in the garden or pots for inside. To be extra helpful, consider helping your mum out with her gardening work. This will give her a break from oil the toil and weeding! If she still wants to help out, it gives you both a great opportunity to bond and catch up.

Weekend Away

If your mum needs an extra special treat, think about paying for her to go away for the weekend. She’d be delighted whether you send her off somewhere home or abroad. There are many coach companies that do tours across the UK. European city breaks are now very cheap, and you won’t have to spend too much to send your mum on a cosmopolitan weekend in a European capital. If she’d love a romantic getaway, buy her Eurostar tickets to Paris. For a fantastic break in a historic city, Berlin and Prague are fabulous options.

So show your mum just how much you love her by indulging her in one of these awesome treats! It’s one of the best ways to instantly put a smile on her face!

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Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice | Review

Image: Batman News

Well it is finally here. Three years after the release of Man of Steel we have the next installment in the DC Universe. This time, not only do we get to see more of Superman, but we also get our first look at a new Batman. An older Batman. We have had so many versions of Batman in his earlier years, when Bruce Wayne really lives up to his playboy persona. We also have the young Bruce Wayne brilliantly portrayed in Gotham. But now it is so refreshing to have something different. A new take on the character where we finally see him having undergone some of the further hardships avid Batman readers will know Batman experiences throughout his life.
Warner Bros gave me the amazing opportunity to attend a press screening before the movie was released to the general public, and have the opportunity to review it for you lovely folk.
I would love to post a really in depth, blow by blow account of the movie, but I’d rather keep it spoiler free. Instead I am going to discuss my thoughts on how the movie sets up the wider DCU and also some of the performances from the newer characters in the movie. I will also try and answer the question everyone has been asking me of “Do I think it’s worth it?”(the hype). As much as I can without being a complete fan girl. I will also look at special effects etc. Something I am really looking forward to seeing if they have been improved, because I had serious issues with the flying effect in Man of Steel. I have never read The Dark Knight Returns so I can’t comment on the comparison between the graphic novel and this movie. But if you quickly glance over the Wikipedia page for the novel you can easily draw comparisons between the plot and the content from the Dawn of Justice trailers. 
Okay without further ado; here is what I thought of the movie: (beware, now I have seen it it does contain mild spoilers)
The movie is genuinely amazing. I expected to be let down and for it all to be the content of the trailer, but no, it was something else. However I will say that it did all seem very familiar, which  may have been as a result of the trailer but perhaps as a result of my  familiarity with the characters from various shows, films etc. That and the fact the movie was like a session playing Injustice: Gods Among Us.

Okay so let me start with my pet peeve of Superman’s flying effects. I feel like they have definitely been improved on, especially when Superman takes off initially. I was SO impressed with the effects used on Wonder Woman in battle, and the music accompanying her. I loved the sound track in general, but when Diana hit the scene the music took on a different style and it was really suited to the big boss battle, as I like to call it.

From the get go the movie is really intense. They get the Batman, quintessential, origin story out of the way fairly sharpish (we must remember that they have to do it, this is a new Batman). I think the way it was done this time around was really well handled and eased into the story so easily,  with both the death of the Waynes and the bats in the well incident being handled really beautifully. At the start the continuity was a bit weird to follow, but basically we find ourselves watching the Man of Steel finale and off the plot of this movie goes.

I was disappointed with two things in the movie. There wasn’t a WHOLE lot of Bat action. Yeah it was there but not as much as other reincarnations. It was very much based around Bruce Wayne. We know Batman has a few more outings down the line, so I am sure we will get our dose of him soon enough. I do get the impression though that Bruce isn’t going out as Batman as often as he may have, and I am sure that can be picked up in the movie. I find that this ties in with the whole ‘older Batman’ angle and naturally will change following the movie. The other disappointment I had was with the lack of answers. Certain questions are raised from the footage in the trailers and they remain unanswered in this film. I am sure they will be answered in time… why else would they set it up. I just wonder which DCU movie will answer the question. My bets are on Suicide Squad.

I do have some other notes on a page but I don’t think they are for a review. They are just questions I want to discuss. If you too want to discuss do let me know.

With regard the acting, it was so good. Some of these characters I would have limited interaction with when I read my comics but you can just tell the actors have them sussed. I think Ben does a wonderful job as Bruce Wayne, with minimal stereotypical Bruce Wayne interaction. We see very little of the Billionaire playboy, but you can see him shift from weary, older man, to that, and back so easily. I would love to see more Bat interaction. But I have so much faith in Affleck to capture this role. I really think people need to bear in mind he is playing a Batman much older than Christian Bale’s Batman, so can comparison’s really be drawn. Jesse Eisenberg and Gal Gadot really gelled naturally to their characters and have their personalities nailed. I know a lot of people questioned Gal’s suitability for the role, but toward the end you can really see her suitability for the part. Jesse as Lex, the descent into mad villian is so gently portrayed until it hits you suddenly. But then it all makes sense.

I don’t think this movie was ever meant to be a Batman, or a Superman, movie. I think the sole purpose of this movie was to open up the whole DCU and it does it perfectly. We all know the three founding member’s of the Justice League, who are the three stars of this film. We do also get really nice quick sneak peeks at three other members of the league. Which leads so perfectly to the end of the movie, and that is how the follow ons are set up. The solo Wonder Woman is obviously set up from this too. One movie that wasn’t really set up was Suicide Squad. There were two moments that could have been set ups, but essentially you would not anticipate that that was the next movie in the series. You would expect it to be Wonder Woman, so perhaps the Squad is a side piece and not crucial to the plot or timeline of the DCU.

The ending made the movie for me. Although I was SO let down to see who Scoot McNairy and his green socks finally played.

I will leave it there, I don’t want to ruin the whole thing for everyone. If you do have the opportunity to, see the movie in IMAX 3D. The screening I went to was 2D, but the movie was filmed for IMAX and you can see the moments where 3D would look amazing. I look forward to seeing that when the movie is on general release. If you see the movie please give me your thoughts below.

From Director Zack Snyder comes Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice starring Oscar winner Ben Affleck as Batman/Bruce Wayne and Henry Cavill as Superman/Clark Kent in the characters’ first big screen pairing.
The film also stars Oscar nominees Amy Adams as Lois Lane, Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor, Diane Lane as Martha Kent and Laurence Fishburne as Perry White; Oscar winners Jeremy Irons as Alfred, and Holly Hunter as Senator Finch; and Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman/Diana Prince.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Cert 12A, will be released in Ireland in 3D, 2D and IMAX 3D on March 25th.
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Why I am taking my time

I actually wrote the title to this post on Valentine’s Day. I have struggled to find the words to say what I want to say without coming across the wrong way. I will probably still come across the wrong way. But I feel like now I have to say what I want to say. Especially after a guy sent me a message saying “Fine fuck off you ignorant bitch”. I had no other messages from this chap but I assume I had just deleted them because I had no interest in replying to this guy. I used to reply to guys I wasn’t interested in, to decline politely. But that got me so much abuse and harassment that I swiftly stopped.

It is people like that who confirm to me that my being picky and selective in choosing who I talk to online is the right thing for me. And that waiting to really like someone before I will meet them is definitely how I want to proceed moving on. Especially with seeing how quickly men change when you don’t instantly give into them. There are so many men online who seem to think they are entitled to have women reply. There are various reasons I wont reply to a man; I don’t fancy them, their profile doesn’t entice me, I don’t think we have much in common, bad spelling. But it is amazing how these thoughts never enter these guy’s heads and instead they just send you abuse berating you for not replying… after having already ignored 4 previous messages.

I am straying from the topic now. Basically I have decided what I want romantically. Now that I have decided it is easier for me to pick and choose people I could see something happening with. At the same time I am in no rush to go off with just any body. I am lonely. I do wish I had someone. But that does not mean I will run off with anyone. I know the aspects of past relationships that I did not like. And they are things I am looking to avoid this time around. There are certain aspects that I do want. For example in the past I have always been the one making plans or romantic gestures. This time I want to be with someone who does that without prompting. I no longer want to be the one holding up a relationship or fueling it’s fire.

Also for too long I chose guys who were mildly into me. From now on I am only willing to invest time in people who invest time in me. Who think I am worthwhile and are dying to be with me and show me off. Someone who shows their work friends a photo of me when we start chatting, the way I would show a photo to the girls in work. Someone who thinks the sun shines out of my arse basically. I have found that that is very hard to find. Even recently I went on a number of dates with someone in a short period of time then boom. Over, they didn’t get what they want and decided to just end things with a lame, made up excuse. I don’t want that. I want someone who is prepared to go at my speed, consider my likes, dislikes and interests, who will work on things and most importantly make me feel like I matter.

I may be asking a lot. But I am prepared to wait until I find it.

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Essential Items You Should Buy In Hawaii

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Living in Hawaii is a huge privilege, and we’ve had so much fun living here. It might not be the paradise that some people think it is, and it has its problems, like everywhere else in the world. But it’s still a beautiful place to be, and I’ll be sad to go when we have to leave in a few months. Hawaii has a great range of products that I think everyone should buy. And I hope to continue getting some from the islands sometimes after we’re gone. If you’re visiting, coming to live here for a while or want to get a gift for someone, here are some must-buys from the great state of Hawaii.



There are so many tasty things you can get here, and you can’t leave without trying some of them. If you want to take some foods away from you, there are lots of options. The fresh fruit here can be amazing, but it’s slightly complicated to export it. It has to specially treated against fruit flies. Luckily, you can take fruits like pineapple, lychees, starfruit and papaya off the islands. Hubby and I have tried some Hawaiian wines, but we can’t say there’s anything too amazing that we want to take with us. If you want a drink to take home, Kona coffee is well-known around the world. It’s expensive but worth it if you love coffee.


There’s a reason that leis are one of the things you think about when you think of Hawaii. There are some beautiful flowers here, and you can use them for lots of different purposes. You might think that it’s difficult to take Hawaiian flowers out of the state. But you can get some great services to have them sent to you. No need to try and get them on a plane! For example, With Our Aloha has a Blooming Hawaiian Orchids by the Month subscription. If you or someone you know loves flowers, what could be better than a stunning orchid delivered every month?


If you need something more robust than fruit or flowers, jewelry can be a memory that lasts forever. You can find beautiful Hawaiian Heirloom Jewelry. It is renowned for its quality handmade craftsmanship. The pieces feature a range of unique designs that can make timeless pieces. The designs are inspired by the flora of Hawaii, and people often have their names in English or Hawaiian put on them. If you want a custom-made piece of jewelry, though, you have to order it in advance. That might mean you can’t pick one up on vacation.


Music is another interesting thing to take away from Hawaii, and of course, you can buy it anywhere. However, if you want to find some interesting local music, you will often find more if you come to visit. You can get a great mix of genres but all with a Hawaiian flavor that’s sure to make you smile.

Going shopping in Hawaii is a must if you’re visiting or staying for a while. But even if you’re out of state, you should order a taste of Hawaii online.

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