Why A Summer Garden Party Could Be Just The Thing To Lift Your Spirits

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It’s been a long winter. The dark, gloomy days of the ‘off season’ are finally behind us. We can look forward to the summer at last. But isn’t winter such a miserable time of year sometimes? We need to celebrate the summer in style to lift our spirits and make the most of those few hours of sunshine. Why not host a summer garden party and invite your friends and family? Here’s why a garden party in the sunshine could be a great way to make you feel great:

It’s true that being safe in the sun can lift our spirits. Those extra hours of daylight work wonders to improve your mood and make you feel more energetic. It is also good for your health. The sun may be the only source of vitamin D you have access to at certain times of the year. We need this essential vitamin to regulate the calcium in our bones. The sun really can be good for us if we’re careful. So grab some sunscreen and your hat, and enjoy a beautiful sunny day.

Most of us need to tidy up the garden after a long winter. There is weeding to be done and clearing up all the leaves and debris. Then there is the dreaded mowing. All of these activities are actually rather good for us. They raise our heart rate and make us use lots of our muscle groups. All that exercise can be wonderful for releasing those feel-good hormones and making us fitter. Get out there and see what an hour of landscaping can do for you.

Having a party means you are surrounded by all the people you love the most. All this socialising is good for the brain, the body, and the soul. Talking and interacting with other people stimulates the brain far more than sitting in front of the TV. And it releases those wonderful happy-hormones because you are enjoying yourself. All those hugs hello and goodbye are also very good for the soul. So make the most of having extra people around for your party.

Good Food
No party is complete without some refreshments or party food. You can buy prepared dishes and snacks from most supermarkets to save you too much effort. Of course, if you love the idea of creating your own dishes for your friends to sample, a garden party is a great opportunity. You can choose from healthy options and indulgent treats. Online suppliers like Liquor Depot can deliver your wines and spirits to save you dragging them back from the store. Cocktails and Punches are lovely cool beverages to enjoy in the garden.

There may be a little extra work involved to prepare your garden for a party. Even on the day you may be busy serving drinks and food. But when the party begins, you and all your guests can enjoy a little fresh air, pretty surroundings and good company. What better way to lift your spirits after a grey and dull winter?

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Here’s What To Do If You Hate Your Nose!

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A lot of people have something they really hate about their face or body. And sometimes, this can be the size of your nose. Many people think that it’s too big, or that it’s too small.  Here’s what you need to know if you dislike your nose!

Try and distract from your nose

It can often make people feel very self-conscious if you do not like your nose. You feel like people are staring at you and especially straight at your nose. But they are likely not doing this. To make yourself feel more confident, you should try and concentrate on loving the other parts of your face. Perhaps you really like your lips or your eyebrows. You can also try and make the other parts of your face look fabulous. A lot of people do this by wearing makeup. You could wear a bright lipstick, or try and make your eyes stand out with mascara or eyeliner. Also, you can try and make your skin look clearer as we talked about previously. Try and feel more confident about the rest of your face, and then you will not worry so much about your nose!

Find roles models with unique noses

Sometimes when we are not happy with a part of our body, it can feel like we are the only person suffering from this. But there are many people out there who do not like their nose. And as discussed here, lots of celebrities have unique noses. They are hugely successful including Sofia Coppola and Oprah Winfrey. It should reassure you that you can still be a big star if you have a unique nose!

It changes over time

Noses tend to change shape as we get older so you may not actually have to deal with your nose the way it is currently. Therefore, try and not worry too much about the way it looks for now, and enjoy your life.

Have nose surgery

If it’s getting you down, you could consider getting your nose changed. A lot of women who hate their nose go for surgery to try and modify the shape of the feature. Some women choose rhinoplasty surgery which can reduce the size of the nose, narrow the nostrils or even change the angle of the nose. Make sure to go for a consultation first as you can explain to them what you are after, and they will be able to advise you if it’s possible.

You could learn to love it

It might feel like it’s hard to do but try and think about your nose in a different way. Try and feel neutral about how it looks, rather than hating it. As discussed here, you should look at your nose how people who love you do. After all, your partner or your parents will love every part of you, so ask them to see what they think of your nose!

Try and acknowledge everyone is different, and your nose is part of who you are.

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Getting Beach Body Ready In Time For Summer

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The sun is shining once again, and it finally seems possible to believe that summer is on the horizon. That means that it’s almost time to pack away your winter coats and dig out your dresses! Holiday season will soon be upon us, and with it brings hotter days… and maybe even a vacation or two?
Now is a great time to start readying your body for the summer months. Once you put on your favourite bikini, you’ll want to hit the pool or the beach with full confidence. Here is a handful of ways to get yourself beach ready and bursting with pride in your body.

Hire a personal trainer
Now, you could just hit the gym. If you have previous experience in getting fit or are great at motivating yourself, this might be enough. However, if this is not the case, a personal trainer might be a better bet. This is because together you can make a plan to have you happy with your body in a set amount of time. If you’ve already booked your flights, or know exactly when you can take off work, you can sit down together first and arrange a schedule. Plus, his or her knowledge can mean that you can focus on the parts of your body you most want to work on. So, if you want to firm up your stomach and tone up your legs, the trainer can direct you straight towards the best exercises. You may find that getting fit with a personal trainer is significantly faster, easier and more effective than going it alone.

Consider breast augmentation
There are lots of myths and non-facts out there about female breast augmentation surgery. Be wise, and do the research for yourself. You’ll discover the realities, not the scaremongering. Breast augmentation can do incredible things for a woman’s confidence. If you have always been self-conscious of the size of your breasts, it might be something you want to consider. And when could be a better time than in advance of the season you’re likely to have them more on display than usual!


Semi permanent makeup
Do you love to wear makeup while on the beach or by the pool, but hate how it gets smeared and rubbed off? Then semi-permanent makeup could be the thing for you! Thanks to ever-developing methods and technology, there are now all sorts of different treatments. Semi-permanent eyebrows are becoming ever-more popular, and for good reason. While they are tattoos, they are meant to be very natural looking. Once your course of treatment is done, the idea is that they look like natural, groomed eyebrows.

Or, for something that requires a little less commitment, how about eyelash extension. You’ll have to sit still for a couple of hours. However, the results can last up to a month! This makes them great for a two-week holiday on the beach. You can leave them bare, or top them up with a waterproof mascara. Be warned though; they’re pretty addictive!

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Engagement Rings For Dummies: What To Consider

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You might be fortunate enough to be about to get married. You might simply be planning ahead and thinking of the future. Whatever your reason, it’s never too early to start considering the engagement ring of your dreams. Many men and women have strong ideas and preferences for their weddings from an early age. Long before they have met their partners! But when selecting your engagement ring, the last thing you want to feel is pressured or rushed. Weddings can often be stressful as well as exciting. There is a seemingly endless amount of detail to be organised. Venues, dates, catering, invites and more all has to be dealt with on the day. So whether your wedding day is imminent or not for some time in the future, a little forward planning never goes amiss.

Family Heirlooms

Before setting your heart on a specific style or brand of wedding ring, it is important to check with your partner. Your families may already have had an engagement ring in mind for you that belonged to them or had a special significance. You are perfectly entitled to select your own ring from scratch if you so choose. But many couples would still like to be aware of any family traditions or heirlooms in advance. You may already have a strong image of your engagement ring in your mind. But if you’re hoping for a more collaborative result, don’t hesitate to invite family members along for the shopping trip. It should always ultimately be your decision. Your engagement ring will become your own heirloom of sorts and will be worn every day up to the wedding and beyond! Being forever inspired and delighted by it is very important.

Materials and Finishes

Your personal style should have an influence over your choice of engagement ring. It has to suit your skin tone, daily clothes, and wedding dress all in one! While gold is a traditional wedding ring colour, engagement rings tend to be more varied. Verragio engagement rings are available in stunning platinum or white gold, for example. Other brands may have yellow gold, sterling silver and more. Consider whether you would want your engagement ring to be similar to or different from your wedding ring. Would you wear them both together? Or would your engagement ring simply become a treasured item in your jewellery box once you have your wedding ring? It is worth thinking about a style and finish that you feel will go timelessly with your style. Contemporary, striking finishes can be eye-catching. But it is important to consider whether they truly suit your personal style.

Big Or Small

Contrary to popular belief, it is not simply your budget that determines the size of your engagement ring stone. A number of other considerations should also be taken into account. The size of the band itself as well as your own hand should be taken into account. A smaller stone can be elegant and stop the hand from looking “swamped”. A larger stone may be more opulent and eye-catching to you though. It can be entirely a matter of personal taste. You should also consider the cut of the stone. Seek a professional jewelers advice on whether the stone should be cut large and broad or small and intricate to best bring out its beauty. There are no hard and fast rules except to create something that you truly fall in love with.

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Revitalise Your Skin with My Sage Advice

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I hate days when I wake up and my skin feels horrible. Sometimes you just have times when your skin is not cooperating. Maybe it breaks out in spots or it feels dry or oily, or it just looks dull. When this happens, I just want to hide away and not step outside. But, unfortunately, you have to get on with life. And you can’t do it with a bag over your head. It’s not just about the way you look. When your skin is bad, it can make you feel tired or groggy, or even grumpy. You don’t have to put up with it when you feel like this, though. Check out some of my favourite ways of revitalising my skin.


A good exfoliation is one of the best ways to renew your skin. Dead skin cells can build up and make your skin look dull. Exfoliating will make the dead cells slough away to reveal the shiny new skin underneath. You don’t need any special treatments to exfoliate your skin. You can do both your face and body at home. Look for an exfoliating scrub to use on your face and one to use in the shower too. You might also decide you don’t like the shop-bought ones, especially if they have plastic balls in them. They can block up your drains and have an impact on the environment too. Another option is to make a scrub at home using something like sugar for exfoliation.


Get a Facial

If you would rather go and get pampered somewhere, I recommend going for a facial. There are lots of different types you can consider. For example, you could have a deep-cleansing facial or a facial peel. You can discover more about Dr. David Halpern and other dermatologists to see what sort of facials they offer. They should help to restore the balance of your skin so that it feels healthy. If you have any problems with dryness or blemishes, you should be able to deal with them with a good facial.

Make a Homemade Mask

As well as making a homemade scrub, you could also make a mask to treat your face. There are lots of healthy ingredients you can mix together to revitalise your skin. You might find that you have many of the ingredients you need in your kitchen cupboard. For example, if you have oily skin, you can mix lemon juice and brown sugar. You can put honey and water together to make a purifying mask too.

Have a Bath

Once you’ve taken care of your face, having a bath can help the rest of your body. Don’t take them too often, though, because they could dry out your skin. If you want to take a skin revitalising bath, look at some of the ingredients you used for your masks. Honey can soften your skin, while milk can be soothing.

You can revitalise your skin at home with some ingredients from your kitchen. But for something more luxurious, see a specialist.

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Done With Online Dating?

You read it here first. I really think I am over the whole thing of online dating.
The more time I spend on this sites and thinking about the whole thing, the less I want to do it. Yet I can’t tear myself away for fear I miss out. I am just so over forcing conversations and engaging with people who you are dragging a conversation from and let’s be fair, wouldn’t even talk to on a normal day. I don’t know what it is that pushes me so hard to try find someone. There are moments when I am perfectly happy by myself, enjoying my own company. And then come the times when it hits me that I am a very much alone and would like someone. But what is it that brings on these moments which make me want for more and desperate to find it. Because I am pretty happy to like people organically. To meet someone and get to know them and then suddenly, one day, realising you have a massive crush on them. I am okay with this. And it has happened to me very recently. I think this was what inspired my most recent bout of feeling alone. Knowing that something won’t happen there. But this time I still couldn’t bear to be on Tinder or POF. Because the conversation just doesn’t do it. The dimness and lack of intellect (or basic grammar) just don’t get me going. I am not excited to get to know any of these people and I would much rather be playing games on my phone that interact with them.

I am not saying I will delete this apps. You can be sure I will definitely be still using them. But almost half heartedly now. Just in case.
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