Engagement Rings For Dummies: What To Consider

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You might be fortunate enough to be about to get married. You might simply be planning ahead and thinking of the future. Whatever your reason, it’s never too early to start considering the engagement ring of your dreams. Many men and women have strong ideas and preferences for their weddings from an early age. Long before they have met their partners! But when selecting your engagement ring, the last thing you want to feel is pressured or rushed. Weddings can often be stressful as well as exciting. There is a seemingly endless amount of detail to be organised. Venues, dates, catering, invites and more all has to be dealt with on the day. So whether your wedding day is imminent or not for some time in the future, a little forward planning never goes amiss.

Family Heirlooms

Before setting your heart on a specific style or brand of wedding ring, it is important to check with your partner. Your families may already have had an engagement ring in mind for you that belonged to them or had a special significance. You are perfectly entitled to select your own ring from scratch if you so choose. But many couples would still like to be aware of any family traditions or heirlooms in advance. You may already have a strong image of your engagement ring in your mind. But if you’re hoping for a more collaborative result, don’t hesitate to invite family members along for the shopping trip. It should always ultimately be your decision. Your engagement ring will become your own heirloom of sorts and will be worn every day up to the wedding and beyond! Being forever inspired and delighted by it is very important.

Materials and Finishes

Your personal style should have an influence over your choice of engagement ring. It has to suit your skin tone, daily clothes, and wedding dress all in one! While gold is a traditional wedding ring colour, engagement rings tend to be more varied. Verragio engagement rings are available in stunning platinum or white gold, for example. Other brands may have yellow gold, sterling silver and more. Consider whether you would want your engagement ring to be similar to or different from your wedding ring. Would you wear them both together? Or would your engagement ring simply become a treasured item in your jewellery box once you have your wedding ring? It is worth thinking about a style and finish that you feel will go timelessly with your style. Contemporary, striking finishes can be eye-catching. But it is important to consider whether they truly suit your personal style.

Big Or Small

Contrary to popular belief, it is not simply your budget that determines the size of your engagement ring stone. A number of other considerations should also be taken into account. The size of the band itself as well as your own hand should be taken into account. A smaller stone can be elegant and stop the hand from looking “swamped”. A larger stone may be more opulent and eye-catching to you though. It can be entirely a matter of personal taste. You should also consider the cut of the stone. Seek a professional jewelers advice on whether the stone should be cut large and broad or small and intricate to best bring out its beauty. There are no hard and fast rules except to create something that you truly fall in love with.

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  1. Before setting your heart on a specific style or brand of wedding ring, it is important to check with your partner. pear shaped diamond engagement ring

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