Revitalise Your Skin with My Sage Advice

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I hate days when I wake up and my skin feels horrible. Sometimes you just have times when your skin is not cooperating. Maybe it breaks out in spots or it feels dry or oily, or it just looks dull. When this happens, I just want to hide away and not step outside. But, unfortunately, you have to get on with life. And you can’t do it with a bag over your head. It’s not just about the way you look. When your skin is bad, it can make you feel tired or groggy, or even grumpy. You don’t have to put up with it when you feel like this, though. Check out some of my favourite ways of revitalising my skin.


A good exfoliation is one of the best ways to renew your skin. Dead skin cells can build up and make your skin look dull. Exfoliating will make the dead cells slough away to reveal the shiny new skin underneath. You don’t need any special treatments to exfoliate your skin. You can do both your face and body at home. Look for an exfoliating scrub to use on your face and one to use in the shower too. You might also decide you don’t like the shop-bought ones, especially if they have plastic balls in them. They can block up your drains and have an impact on the environment too. Another option is to make a scrub at home using something like sugar for exfoliation.


Get a Facial

If you would rather go and get pampered somewhere, I recommend going for a facial. There are lots of different types you can consider. For example, you could have a deep-cleansing facial or a facial peel. You can discover more about Dr. David Halpern and other dermatologists to see what sort of facials they offer. They should help to restore the balance of your skin so that it feels healthy. If you have any problems with dryness or blemishes, you should be able to deal with them with a good facial.

Make a Homemade Mask

As well as making a homemade scrub, you could also make a mask to treat your face. There are lots of healthy ingredients you can mix together to revitalise your skin. You might find that you have many of the ingredients you need in your kitchen cupboard. For example, if you have oily skin, you can mix lemon juice and brown sugar. You can put honey and water together to make a purifying mask too.

Have a Bath

Once you’ve taken care of your face, having a bath can help the rest of your body. Don’t take them too often, though, because they could dry out your skin. If you want to take a skin revitalising bath, look at some of the ingredients you used for your masks. Honey can soften your skin, while milk can be soothing.

You can revitalise your skin at home with some ingredients from your kitchen. But for something more luxurious, see a specialist.

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