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Handbag heroes. We all have them. You know the one I am talking about, the product you keep in your handbag and would be lost without. Some of us also buy them in batches and keep them in all our handbags, our car, and our desk. 
When the girls in Escentual asked me was I interested in trying the new Bioderma Sensibio H2O Micelle Solution Make Up Removing Wipes, I said yes, but I was very skeptical. I know Bioderma products have become a very well known, their reputation precedes them, but wipes are just something I have always been skeptical of. 
Wipes for me just don’t do it. They are never moist enough, there is never enough of the wipe and they always, ALWAYS, leave my very feeling rather delicate. And not in the way my current face products do. The majority of wipes I have used in the past have left my skin stinging. Especially in my under eye area.
These wipes did not do that. And the first thing that hit me about them was that they were a good size but also that there was so much moisture in them. I literally just needed one to clean my whole face and it lasted the whole time without drying out.
Why, you may ask,  does this make it a handbag hero? Well first off it was the ideal product to have while I was away at my cousin’s wedding. Crawling up to your room drunk at 5 or 6 in the morning does not normally mean you are in the mood to fully cleanse and wash your face. However these wipes did the job of removing most of my make up without leaving my face feeling sore and tender the morning after (my mum did drunkenly steal an use about half of the pack though).
I also find them great for throwing into my handbag when I am heading off out for whatever reason. You can’t always rely on the house you end up bunking in having the necessary tools to remove and cleanse the oul war paint off, so having a few wipes on hand just make it that bit easier. And they don’t particularly take up a lot of space either.
www.escentual.com is my go to site for premium beauty brands and are always the person I turn to when I want to try a new product, often having products to pre order before their general release. They will keep you in the loop with anything exciting about to be released.

What’s your handbag hero? 

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