Having A Panic About Your Wedding? Relax! What To Do To Get You Back On Track

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Wedding planning can be an overwhelming process. On the one hand, you can think you’re in control, and then the budget escapes you and the costs begin to rise. Or you start to forget about the little details and things add up. Which is why people can start panicking about their wedding. Of course, you want it to be the perfect day. Not just for yourself, but your partner and your guests. However, the pressure can mount up, and you can feel ready to explode. Does that sound like you right now? Well, relax. Here’s a quick guide on how you can get back on track with your wedding preparations.


The little details

Sometimes changing your focus can be just enough to get you back on track. Which is why it’s worth looking at some of the little details. This could be anything from wedding stationery to something like table decorations or favours. Changing your focus to some of the smaller more refunded details of your day will allow you to clear your mind. Once things are back o track, you will be in a better state to handle those bigger decisions.

Go for a dress fitting

We all know how amazing it is to put on that dress. So if you are feeling a little lost in your planner book in for a try on or fitting. You will be reminded of all the good feelings. It could prompt you to focus your attention on to some of the finer details. Like your veil, your hair and makeup options. These things can often be left to the last minute, so you could get ahead of yourself by being more organised.


Buy some wedding magazines

Perhaps all you need is a little inspiration to get you back on track. A great way to do this is head to the shops and treat yourself to some wedding magazines. These can offer some great ideas for your day and could solve some of the problems you are facing.

Consult your wedding book planner

A lot of the time during your wedding planning journey you can feel a little overwhelmed with how much you have to organise. Whether it is a small or big wedding, there seems to be a never ending to do list. Which is why it can be so easy to lose your focus. So consulting your wedding planner book will allow you to gain some perspective. Tackling the urgent matters first and dealing with other things when needed.

Chat about your day with your partner

Maybe you are struggling to feel excited about your day. It can seem like a lot of hard work. But having a simple chat with your partner could bring some of that excitement back. Think of it as just chatting about your day. No decision making, just talking. It will feel quite refreshing just simply to talk about the wedding day and what you are both looking forward to. Allowing you to gain a little perspective.

I hope these tips help you get back on track.

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Make Your Bride’s Day With These Thoughtful Ideas

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Your wedding day is one of the most significant events that will ever happen to you. It’s the day where you marry the love of your life and promise to be together always. It’s also a chance to spend the day celebrating your new marital status with your closest family and friends. This makes it a very special occasion indeed. So why not make it even more spectacular by planning something extra for your bride on your wedding day. It’s likely that she’s spent months if not years planning this day, making sure every details is absolutely perfect. Planning a thoughtful surprise, whether big or small, shows your appreciation for her hard work while also let’s her know how you feel. It’s likely to be something that she treasures for the rest of her life and it will make her big day special from start to finish. So to give you some much-needed inspiration, here are some romantic, fun and personal ideas you could use.

Personalised Playlist

When your bride starts getting ready with her bridesmaids, music can help put them put them all in a fantastic mood. So why not make her a personalised playlist for her to listen as she starts to get her makeup and hair done. This should include songs that hold significance to you both. It might be a song you danced to on a recent holiday. It could be a song by her favorite band or artist who you’ve taken her to see in concert in the past. You could even include songs that you have written and recorded yourself for an extra personal touch. This is a fabulous idea that will make the getting ready process even more enjoyable, and it’s bound to make her smile. Think back over your relationship and carefully consider which songs or musical artists to include. You can create the playlist on sites like Spotify and organize a tablet or laptop to be delivered to her room with instructions. If you want her to be able to keep her playlist, why not burn it onto a CD. You can present it in a beautiful box with a small card, telling her to play the CD and reminisce about your past together. You can then keep it and play it again in future when you’re both feeling particularly nostalgic.

Pampering Kit

It’s no secret that planning a wedding can be stressful, especially as you get closer to the main event. So help your bride destress and relax by organizing a pampering kit for her to enjoy. It’s often best to give this to her the night before the wedding when she will have more time to use it. You can include face masks, bath bombs, candles and champagne so she can create a mini-spa at home. No pampering kit would be complete without personalised bath robes for your bride and her bridesmaids either. Why not get a matching one for yourself too? This will give you both a keepsake from your wedding day, and you can even wear them on your upcoming honeymoon. This is a thoughtful gift that can make her feel less stressed and anxious about pleasing everyone on your big day. The items in her pampering kit will also make her look and feel even more beautiful. If you’re unsure what to buy, head to a local beauty store and ask the staff for help and advice. Alternatively, you can visit sites like Lush, who specialize in bath bombs, soaps and skincare products. Once you have a good selection, display them in a basket or box and make it look as appealing as possible. It will be hard for her to resist pampering herself when your gift looks so enticing.

Love letters

It might sound very traditional. But sending love letters to your bride is a surefire way of making her feel special on her wedding day. You could write one that she receives just before she enters the church or send multiple ones to her throughout the day. Your handwritten notes will be something she treasures for the rest of her life. You can talk about how you are feeling and what getting married to your soulmate means to you. The letter could tell the story of how you met and how your relationship has progressed to this point. The key with this ideas is making your letters personal and from the heart. Even if you don’t have a way with words, she will love the effort and thought you have put in. You can find beautiful stationery sets online, which will add some class and elegance to your letters.

A video message

A video message is a simple but effective way of telling your bride how much you love and care for her before the ceremony. You can use your phone or a video camera to capture your message which can then be played once your bride wakes up. You could read our romantic emails you’ve written to her in the past or hold up handmade signs. The video message could also reveal the destination of your honeymoon or another surprise you may have organized. You could even recreate a scene from her favorite movie if you wish. Again, make your message personal and heartfelt. She’s bound to be thrilled with her message, and it will make her even more excited to be your wife. Give yourself plenty of time to record your message and do a few practice runs first. You will also need to make sure there is a DVD player or laptop that she can watch your message on before your big day begins.

Now you have some ideas, start planning a thoughtful gift for your bride to receive on the morning of your wedding day. It will be a fantastic start to an already unforgettable occasion and make her feel incredibly loved. Your surprise will just make her even more eager to meet you at the end of the aisle. Just remember to plan ahead and make sure it stays a secret. Also, ask for help from the bridal party and your photographer to capture the moment and execute it successfully.

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Turn Back The Clock In 5 Easy Steps

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We all want to retain our youthful looks and beauty. But, unfortunately, Old Father Time has some other plans for us! It is impossible to halt the aging process, but thankfully there are a few different things we can do to make it seem like we’ve turned back time. If you have been looking for a way to slow down wrinkles, read on! Here are five easy steps to help you turn back the clock!

Use Anti-Aging Creams

Ok, so not all aging creams are made equally. Many of the cheaper creams don’t really fulfill and of their promises and won’t have much effect on your skin. To get a good anti-aging cream, you need to pay good money. But it is totally worth it! A really good cream can reduce the appearance of wrinkles and age lines. And these are two of the biggest telltale signs of old skin! For best results, apply your anti-aging cream once a day.

Use Sunblock

The sun can be very harmful to our skin. Too much time in the sun without any sun block can cause sunburn. And this can, in turn, result in skin cancer. But the sun’s harmful rays can also have some other undesirable effects. It is super important to keep topped up with sunblock whenever you are out in the sun. Otherwise, you will be increasing your chances of getting wrinkled and sagging skin!

Get Your Sleep

Our skin needs its rest just as much as we do! If you aren’t getting enough sleep, you will find that you wake up with bags and dark circles under the eyes. And if the poor quality sleep continues, the skin will start to sag and lose its suppleness. So for fresh skin every day, be sure to get enough shut-eye each night!

Cut Down On Bad Habits

Smoking and drinking alcohol can prematurely age your skin. Smoking is particularly bad as all the toxins from cigarettes can travel around your body. They are very harmful to your skin. And if you regularly drink a lot of alcohol, you will find that your skin begins to prematurely wrinkle and sag. For perfect skin, cut down on these bad habits. It’s not only your skin that will be benefiting; your overall health will as well.

Cosmetic Treatments

There is of, course, one way you can quickly get rid of any wrinkles, age lines, and dark skin patches. Just treat yourself to some cosmetic treatments! You can go under the knife for surgery or choose a non-invasive treatment. You should think about your desired effects and budget when it comes to deciding which procedure is best for you. If you need more information, book an appointment with your local dermatologist. Alternatively, take a look online at sites like Aesthetic Dermatology.

So, if you never want to complain about old and aging skin again, follow these five excellent steps. They will help your skin feel super smooth and get its amazing healthy glow back. You might even end up looking younger than your years!

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Definitely Cannot Do This

I was so sure I could do the 28 Day Fat Shredder programme from Darin Classen Fitness. Convinced. I knew it wouldn’t be easy, but I definitely thought I could do it.
The exercise was easy for me. I managed to make it work. The nutrition plan though. That was something I couldn’t handle. It was too much at once and too much of a lifestyle change. It was never going to be sustainable. I did the Operation Transformation programme in work which saw me make a few changes to my diet but that made all the difference. It is a pity I fell off as I WAS starting to see results. But not to worry. 
My plan now is to take some of the nutritional advice I received on board and adapt it to my lifestyle and needs. In line with this I am going to try out one of Darin’s other plans, or continue to use the 28 day fitness plan, it was one that really suited me.
Expect an update on the fitness plan I will use moving forward later this week!
In the meantime I had a sneak peek at the newest Flye Fit gym today. It’s based on the South Circular Road and is perfect for anyone living or working that side of town, particularly the Rathmines/Ranelagh areas. While it will be rare I use the SCR branch, due to Coolock being just next door to my house, it will be handy for me if I have plans in town, such as brunch, or just want a change of scene on the weekend.
The gym is based in the Old Garda Club in a listed building. The listed status of the building has note hampered them at all. The place looks great, it’s all bright and airy, with a ridiculously high ceiling. Sure there is even a fire place.
What I love most about Flye Fit is it is cheap and affordable, while also being ridiculously self service. €32 a month to use all the gyms. All I need is for Dundrum to open and that will be the icing on the cake. I will be able to work out and buy my comics at once!
 Check out some photos of the new branch below, they were still doing some work on the place so you may need to excuse the appearance in places. It’s open tomorrow at 10am!

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The Three Steps That Can Ensure A Great Family Roadtrip

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The road trip can be one of the most exhilarating and entertaining holidays for the family. Not only are you getting out of your daily lives to see some new (hopefully amazing) locations. You’re also exploring as you do it. You’re seeing new places, having little adventures on the way and creating memories together. So you naturally don’t want it to go wrong. That’s why, when you go on your next road trip, you need to keep the points below in mind.

Plan the route ahead
Indeed, road trips are about exploring and seeing new things. But not every road leads to something interesting and it can be easy to get lost. Whether you’re sticking to your country or taking a trip across Europe. Do your research on the big points where you want to go. How much it costs is a big one to consider. If you’re driving to foreign countries, talk to some locals if you can to pick up some pointers. Have a route planned and know where you’re going. Don’t be afraid to take a detour, just make sure you know how to get back on the road you planned. Road trips can easily be made a lot shorter by a bad choice of turns.

Make sure you have everything you need
There are a few bits of preparation you need to do regarding yourself and your car before you go. First, know what the weather’s going to be like where you’re going and pack appropriately. If you’re going camping on one of your stops, put together a checklist of camping goods using the internet as a resource. Then you need to make sure your car can handle the journey as well. Get it checked out and fitted with new Dunlop tyres so that you don’t end up breaking down on the road. If you do, make sure you have the phone numbers prepared to get help. As well as a spare tyre, jump leads and other things that can get you up and running again.

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Thinking of Becoming a Pet Owner? Here Are Some of the Hidden Costs to Pet Ownership

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ing a pet is wonderful and can be most rewarding. It is important to bear in mind the costs of having a pet, though. As wonderful as a pet is, you don’t want to end up not being able to afford it. Then you might resent your pet for costing you so much. So if you are thinking of getting one, you need to be realistic. It is a good idea to be aware of all of the costs of a pet, before hand. Then you can make an informed decision about getting a pet. Some pets do cost more than others too. So the costs involved might help your decision on the type of pet that you get.


First of all, you need to think about getting the pet home. If it is a smaller pet like a hamster or guinea pig, the chances are you will have a box that will fit. If you are getting a pet like a cat or a dog, you will have to get a carrier. If your dog isn’t a puppy, then you will just need room in the car. So that is something to consider. Do you even have a large enough space in the car? If you don’t, you will need to look into other options.

Once you have your pet home, there are certain checks and vaccinations that they will need to have. All of this does cost money. So one of the first things to do would be to get pet insurance. This can be only a few dollars a month, but it can all add up. Can you afford insurance for your pet? There are the ongoing health expenses of getting a pet too. This can be quite a large amount, the older your pet is. So again, something to consider. Some pets will incur large vet bills than others. A dog or cat are going to have higher bills than a hamster, lizard or some tropical fish for example. So think about the amount that you might have to spend. It could alter the type of animal that you choose.

When at home, you will want to make your pet comfortable and relaxed. So things like toys, scratch posts, and comfy beds are a must. These things can be relatively inexpensive, but they do wear out over time. Could you consider making a kennel yourself, for example? Something like a tropical fish tank can cost a lot of money up front. They tend to last for a while, though. There are ups and downs to each type of pet and the costs that they incur.

One of the other costs of a pet can be your lifestyle. If you are a couple or a family that like to travel abroad a lot, would you be taking your pet with you? If you are, there are costs involved. Even if you choose not to, there are costs involved. You would need them to go to a sitter, or have someone come in each day to check on them. All involving costs and organization.

Don’t be put off getting a pet by this, as they are such fun to have. Just make sure that you are prepared for all that having a pet involves.

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How To Make Sure Illness Doesn’t Ruin Your Holiday

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Holidays are lovely, aren’t they? A little bit of time away to appreciate another part of the world, see how things are done in another place. Those of us who have the travel bug will often lose hours just sitting thinking about going somewhere new. If we can’t go there, we might sit looking at Street View pictures of the city or country in question. No? We don’t ALL do that? OK, never mind then.
There can be no doubt that a holiday in another country is like a little adventure. The first road sign you see in another language, the little changes in architecture and the differences in scenery. It all goes together to make for an enthralling experience. If you speak the language it’s a chance to practise; if you don’t it’s a chance to learn. It’s all very enthralling, but it can be an anxious time as well.
Simply put, the fact that you’re on holiday is something you’ll know in your mind but it may not have been communicated to your body. Sometimes we fall ill, and this does not happen according to a schedule, so what do you do if you get sick in another country?
1. Have A List Of Medications You Are Taking
If you aren’t on any regular medication, congratulations, this will be a very short list. If you are, however, it is advisable to make any doctor aware of them. So make a list and, if possible, translate this into the language of the country where you are going. This is of vital importance, because a doctor may need to give you medication that you are not in a position to assent to or refuse. To avoid any troubling interactions, this list will allow a doctor to make the right decision.
2. Know What You Can Rely On
The existence of a common market in Europe has increased the ability to move between its component countries. While this has many advantages, it is worth recognising that your access to health care varies in different countries. It is a good idea to apply for or renew EHIC card before you go away, as this will give you access to treatment in all partner countries. This is a long list of countries, not limited to the EU.
3. Know What You Can Take With You
Countries have rules about what can be taken across their borders, and it is worth being sure that any medication you bring is covered. Medication that you have been prescribed for a pain condition or for a mental health issue might also be recreationally used. Although you may simply need it to feel human, having a doctor’s letter might benefit you in proving that you’re not planning to sell it in a club.
Having a chronic illness should not be a bar to travelling internationally. Nor should fear of falling ill abroad stop you from planning to travel. Going to new places is one of the great joys in life, and why should it be denied to a wider group of people?

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Summer Or Winter Holidays? Why Not Have Both?

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Many of us are about to pack a suitcase and fly off somewhere wonderful for a summer holiday. You may have been saving up for months for something really special. Perhaps you’re going with friends, or a loved one. Sometimes it’s nice to head away with parents or siblings too. Perhaps what is most important is that chance to have some warm weather and sunshine for a week!

Of course, the chance for some sun and warmth is the reason many of us wait until winter time to fly away to warmer climates. Summer at home isn’t that bad really. You can guarantee a few warm days at least. Most of us entertain outdoors in the summer with a traditional garden party or barbecue. And there are always plenty of things to do wherever you go. But did you know that you can enjoy winter weather just as much if you head to colder climates?

If you haven’t had a chance to discover Lapland in winter, then you could be missing out on a holiday of a lifetime. Northern Europe is stunningly beautiful all year round. But when everything is covered in a blanket of fresh snow that is several feet deep, you are in for a treat. Whether you want to spend the warm summer here, or the freshness of winter, there are lots of great things to do.

The snow is fun no matter how old you are. Getting around when the snow is deep is perhaps the best part of it. You have several choices for transport when you’re in Lapland. Dog sledding, reindeer-driven sleighs, snowmobiles and snow trekking are all great activities to do. Of course, some are faster than others. But all can take you deep into the forests, across beautiful snowy wildernesses, or just down the track to the local village!

Summer activities in these beautiful landscapes can include hiking or cycling. There is so much to see whatever the season. But if you’re yearning for golden beaches and soft lapping waves, then chances are you’re hundreds of miles south of here. There are many exotic places around the globe that can provide those crystal clear waters and scorching sun we seem to love. And many of these places are warm all year round. So how can you choose between a summer and winter holiday?

If you usually take two weeks for a holiday in the summer, why not take just one, and save the other for a winter break? That way you can have all the fun and action of the snow as well as lazy days on the beach. Skiing, snowboarding and sledding in the winter. Sunbathing, poolside cocktails, and ocean swimming in the summer. And it means you only have to wait six months for your next holiday instead of a whole year!

Whatever you do, and wherever you go, it’s important you enjoy your time away. If you need a time out to relax, a sunny beach could be perfect. And if you need some action and adventure, heading into the snowy wilderness could be ideal. Love what you do.

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How To Cope When Your Dog Destroys Your Home

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Just about every dog owner has a tale of heartbreaking loss. That moment when you open the door and see those beautiful shoes that cost you a fortune chewed to shreds. The vase you inherited from your beloved Gran is in pieces on the floor. Or your leather recliner wearing all of its insides on the outside. Those are the moments you most want to scream, shout, or evict your pooch from the house. But then he looks up at you with those beautiful brown eyes, and your heart just melts.

Whatever breed of dog you have, there will be an incident or two of total devastation in your home. Often, something has happened to cause the peculiar behaviour. Perhaps your boyfriend just moved in with his canine companion and your fur baby is feeling a little under threat. Or maybe you’ve started a new job with longer hours. Change can be the cause of the unwanted behaviour. But chances are, you just don’t know what on earth was going through your dog’s head when he found your wedding dress and weed all over it.

Canine behaviour may be a mystery to many owners. But there are plenty of good dog behaviour courses that will help you unravel the deepest thoughts of your pet. Rewarding good behaviour is always a better approach than punishing unwanted behaviour. But unusual behaviour may require a little more time and patience to conquer. A dog behaviourist can help you understand the best way to manage your pooch’s peculiar habits. This could help prevent you from suffering any more devastation in your home.

Most of us love a big cuddle with our pets. And our dogs love cuddles too. If he feels he’s in trouble with you over a messy incident, he may come begging for a forgiveness cuddle. Alternatively, he may hide away waiting for you to come to him with a hug. After all, you can’t stay mad at him forever! Withholding affection may not do either of you any favours, even if your pooch has been unbearably naughty in your eyes. In his eyes, he may merely have been playing a fun game, unaware that would be a problem for you.

A deep breath and a few minutes away from whatever horrors you open the door to can help you calm down. Shouting and screaming will only make your throat sore after all! If someone else is in the house, why not ask them to deal with the mess if you feel it will only make you more mad at your dog? If you think your pet was bored, then take him out to play in the park with you. You might buy some toys for him to focus his attention on for next time he’s left alone. Can you take him with you to work? Some employers are open to this.

Finding ways to prevent problems is easier than cleaning up a mess. For more serious incidents, you might want to check if you’re covered by your household insurance. Try to take advantage of pet sitting and dog walking agencies if you find you need to be away from the house a lot.

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I’m Not Sure I Can Do This

If you follow me on instagram you will know I am doing a 28 day ‘fat shredder’ programme with Darin Classen Fitness. Darin is a personal trainer with a fabulous online facility. The 28 day programme is one I chose because it helps you lose a stone/drop a dress size in 28 days, and ultimately I want to lose a few stone and drop a few sizes so this seemed like the programme most suited to my needs. I spoke to Darin about this and he agreed, giving me tips for getting started.
Before I let you know how I have been getting on the past few days let’s get into the horrible part… The part where I post my weight and measurements online. I don’t have to do this but I am using it as a motivation tool. I am posting my before now so that I revel in my satisfaction when I have after figures with a noticeable difference to post up at the end.

My Weight: 13 stone approx (this was measured on the scales in the gym which I couldn’t really work so I will make sure to measure my after figure on the same scales)
Right bicep relaxed: 31cm
Right bicep contracted: 33cm
High waist (bust): 87cm
Low waist (belly button): 100cm
Hips (bum/hip line): 104cm
Right thigh (widest): 60 cm
Push up (until failure): 16
Burpees (60 sec): 13
Crunches (60 sec): 23
Mountain Climbers (60 sec): failed at 71
2km walk/run: I have noted 90 mins but I think it should have read 19 minutes for a 2km walk
I will keep my recap of my first few days short and sweet. They were uneventful bar me falling at the first hurdle. Literally day one. For me changing my eating habits is hard and going Ketogenic was such a culture change. I went to the gym, did day 1 of the workout and then milled into the crisps and chocolate in my room. The weekend saw no improvement either.
But today I tried again and I think my day went much better. I put a little bit of sauce on my dinner and had one bit of chocolate. Which for me is a big achievement. Hopefully tomorrow will be even better again. 
The next few weeks will be hard. I have a few things on which I don’t want to miss out on, but I am allowing myself those as cheat days provided I am strict every other day. I know the meal plan doesn’t really allow for cheat days but I need to allow myself those two events to stay sane. I might not get the full results I could if I was more strict, but I have to do me. 
I am going to leave it at that for now! I will check back in later in the week after I have given this a bit more of a shot.
Don’t forget you can sign up using the code “LYNNJO”on www.dconlinefitness.com to try out any of Darin’s programmes. 
If you do give any of them a bash let me know how you get on!
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