Definitely Cannot Do This

I was so sure I could do the 28 Day Fat Shredder programme from Darin Classen Fitness. Convinced. I knew it wouldn’t be easy, but I definitely thought I could do it.
The exercise was easy for me. I managed to make it work. The nutrition plan though. That was something I couldn’t handle. It was too much at once and too much of a lifestyle change. It was never going to be sustainable. I did the Operation Transformation programme in work which saw me make a few changes to my diet but that made all the difference. It is a pity I fell off as I WAS starting to see results. But not to worry. 
My plan now is to take some of the nutritional advice I received on board and adapt it to my lifestyle and needs. In line with this I am going to try out one of Darin’s other plans, or continue to use the 28 day fitness plan, it was one that really suited me.
Expect an update on the fitness plan I will use moving forward later this week!
In the meantime I had a sneak peek at the newest Flye Fit gym today. It’s based on the South Circular Road and is perfect for anyone living or working that side of town, particularly the Rathmines/Ranelagh areas. While it will be rare I use the SCR branch, due to Coolock being just next door to my house, it will be handy for me if I have plans in town, such as brunch, or just want a change of scene on the weekend.
The gym is based in the Old Garda Club in a listed building. The listed status of the building has note hampered them at all. The place looks great, it’s all bright and airy, with a ridiculously high ceiling. Sure there is even a fire place.
What I love most about Flye Fit is it is cheap and affordable, while also being ridiculously self service. €32 a month to use all the gyms. All I need is for Dundrum to open and that will be the icing on the cake. I will be able to work out and buy my comics at once!
 Check out some photos of the new branch below, they were still doing some work on the place so you may need to excuse the appearance in places. It’s open tomorrow at 10am!

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