How To Cope When Your Dog Destroys Your Home

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Just about every dog owner has a tale of heartbreaking loss. That moment when you open the door and see those beautiful shoes that cost you a fortune chewed to shreds. The vase you inherited from your beloved Gran is in pieces on the floor. Or your leather recliner wearing all of its insides on the outside. Those are the moments you most want to scream, shout, or evict your pooch from the house. But then he looks up at you with those beautiful brown eyes, and your heart just melts.

Whatever breed of dog you have, there will be an incident or two of total devastation in your home. Often, something has happened to cause the peculiar behaviour. Perhaps your boyfriend just moved in with his canine companion and your fur baby is feeling a little under threat. Or maybe you’ve started a new job with longer hours. Change can be the cause of the unwanted behaviour. But chances are, you just don’t know what on earth was going through your dog’s head when he found your wedding dress and weed all over it.

Canine behaviour may be a mystery to many owners. But there are plenty of good dog behaviour courses that will help you unravel the deepest thoughts of your pet. Rewarding good behaviour is always a better approach than punishing unwanted behaviour. But unusual behaviour may require a little more time and patience to conquer. A dog behaviourist can help you understand the best way to manage your pooch’s peculiar habits. This could help prevent you from suffering any more devastation in your home.

Most of us love a big cuddle with our pets. And our dogs love cuddles too. If he feels he’s in trouble with you over a messy incident, he may come begging for a forgiveness cuddle. Alternatively, he may hide away waiting for you to come to him with a hug. After all, you can’t stay mad at him forever! Withholding affection may not do either of you any favours, even if your pooch has been unbearably naughty in your eyes. In his eyes, he may merely have been playing a fun game, unaware that would be a problem for you.

A deep breath and a few minutes away from whatever horrors you open the door to can help you calm down. Shouting and screaming will only make your throat sore after all! If someone else is in the house, why not ask them to deal with the mess if you feel it will only make you more mad at your dog? If you think your pet was bored, then take him out to play in the park with you. You might buy some toys for him to focus his attention on for next time he’s left alone. Can you take him with you to work? Some employers are open to this.

Finding ways to prevent problems is easier than cleaning up a mess. For more serious incidents, you might want to check if you’re covered by your household insurance. Try to take advantage of pet sitting and dog walking agencies if you find you need to be away from the house a lot.

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