I’m Not Sure I Can Do This

If you follow me on instagram you will know I am doing a 28 day ‘fat shredder’ programme with Darin Classen Fitness. Darin is a personal trainer with a fabulous online facility. The 28 day programme is one I chose because it helps you lose a stone/drop a dress size in 28 days, and ultimately I want to lose a few stone and drop a few sizes so this seemed like the programme most suited to my needs. I spoke to Darin about this and he agreed, giving me tips for getting started.
Before I let you know how I have been getting on the past few days let’s get into the horrible part… The part where I post my weight and measurements online. I don’t have to do this but I am using it as a motivation tool. I am posting my before now so that I revel in my satisfaction when I have after figures with a noticeable difference to post up at the end.

My Weight: 13 stone approx (this was measured on the scales in the gym which I couldn’t really work so I will make sure to measure my after figure on the same scales)
Right bicep relaxed: 31cm
Right bicep contracted: 33cm
High waist (bust): 87cm
Low waist (belly button): 100cm
Hips (bum/hip line): 104cm
Right thigh (widest): 60 cm
Push up (until failure): 16
Burpees (60 sec): 13
Crunches (60 sec): 23
Mountain Climbers (60 sec): failed at 71
2km walk/run: I have noted 90 mins but I think it should have read 19 minutes for a 2km walk
I will keep my recap of my first few days short and sweet. They were uneventful bar me falling at the first hurdle. Literally day one. For me changing my eating habits is hard and going Ketogenic was such a culture change. I went to the gym, did day 1 of the workout and then milled into the crisps and chocolate in my room. The weekend saw no improvement either.
But today I tried again and I think my day went much better. I put a little bit of sauce on my dinner and had one bit of chocolate. Which for me is a big achievement. Hopefully tomorrow will be even better again. 
The next few weeks will be hard. I have a few things on which I don’t want to miss out on, but I am allowing myself those as cheat days provided I am strict every other day. I know the meal plan doesn’t really allow for cheat days but I need to allow myself those two events to stay sane. I might not get the full results I could if I was more strict, but I have to do me. 
I am going to leave it at that for now! I will check back in later in the week after I have given this a bit more of a shot.
Don’t forget you can sign up using the code “LYNNJO”on www.dconlinefitness.com to try out any of Darin’s programmes. 
If you do give any of them a bash let me know how you get on!
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