Make Your Bride’s Day With These Thoughtful Ideas

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Your wedding day is one of the most significant events that will ever happen to you. It’s the day where you marry the love of your life and promise to be together always. It’s also a chance to spend the day celebrating your new marital status with your closest family and friends. This makes it a very special occasion indeed. So why not make it even more spectacular by planning something extra for your bride on your wedding day. It’s likely that she’s spent months if not years planning this day, making sure every details is absolutely perfect. Planning a thoughtful surprise, whether big or small, shows your appreciation for her hard work while also let’s her know how you feel. It’s likely to be something that she treasures for the rest of her life and it will make her big day special from start to finish. So to give you some much-needed inspiration, here are some romantic, fun and personal ideas you could use.

Personalised Playlist

When your bride starts getting ready with her bridesmaids, music can help put them put them all in a fantastic mood. So why not make her a personalised playlist for her to listen as she starts to get her makeup and hair done. This should include songs that hold significance to you both. It might be a song you danced to on a recent holiday. It could be a song by her favorite band or artist who you’ve taken her to see in concert in the past. You could even include songs that you have written and recorded yourself for an extra personal touch. This is a fabulous idea that will make the getting ready process even more enjoyable, and it’s bound to make her smile. Think back over your relationship and carefully consider which songs or musical artists to include. You can create the playlist on sites like Spotify and organize a tablet or laptop to be delivered to her room with instructions. If you want her to be able to keep her playlist, why not burn it onto a CD. You can present it in a beautiful box with a small card, telling her to play the CD and reminisce about your past together. You can then keep it and play it again in future when you’re both feeling particularly nostalgic.

Pampering Kit

It’s no secret that planning a wedding can be stressful, especially as you get closer to the main event. So help your bride destress and relax by organizing a pampering kit for her to enjoy. It’s often best to give this to her the night before the wedding when she will have more time to use it. You can include face masks, bath bombs, candles and champagne so she can create a mini-spa at home. No pampering kit would be complete without personalised bath robes for your bride and her bridesmaids either. Why not get a matching one for yourself too? This will give you both a keepsake from your wedding day, and you can even wear them on your upcoming honeymoon. This is a thoughtful gift that can make her feel less stressed and anxious about pleasing everyone on your big day. The items in her pampering kit will also make her look and feel even more beautiful. If you’re unsure what to buy, head to a local beauty store and ask the staff for help and advice. Alternatively, you can visit sites like Lush, who specialize in bath bombs, soaps and skincare products. Once you have a good selection, display them in a basket or box and make it look as appealing as possible. It will be hard for her to resist pampering herself when your gift looks so enticing.

Love letters

It might sound very traditional. But sending love letters to your bride is a surefire way of making her feel special on her wedding day. You could write one that she receives just before she enters the church or send multiple ones to her throughout the day. Your handwritten notes will be something she treasures for the rest of her life. You can talk about how you are feeling and what getting married to your soulmate means to you. The letter could tell the story of how you met and how your relationship has progressed to this point. The key with this ideas is making your letters personal and from the heart. Even if you don’t have a way with words, she will love the effort and thought you have put in. You can find beautiful stationery sets online, which will add some class and elegance to your letters.

A video message

A video message is a simple but effective way of telling your bride how much you love and care for her before the ceremony. You can use your phone or a video camera to capture your message which can then be played once your bride wakes up. You could read our romantic emails you’ve written to her in the past or hold up handmade signs. The video message could also reveal the destination of your honeymoon or another surprise you may have organized. You could even recreate a scene from her favorite movie if you wish. Again, make your message personal and heartfelt. She’s bound to be thrilled with her message, and it will make her even more excited to be your wife. Give yourself plenty of time to record your message and do a few practice runs first. You will also need to make sure there is a DVD player or laptop that she can watch your message on before your big day begins.

Now you have some ideas, start planning a thoughtful gift for your bride to receive on the morning of your wedding day. It will be a fantastic start to an already unforgettable occasion and make her feel incredibly loved. Your surprise will just make her even more eager to meet you at the end of the aisle. Just remember to plan ahead and make sure it stays a secret. Also, ask for help from the bridal party and your photographer to capture the moment and execute it successfully.

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