5 Terrific Tips To Plan A Perfect Wedding Abroad

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Are you celebrating your engagement? Are you looking forward to planning the day of your dreams? Have you decided to get married abroad? If you’re tying the knot overseas, the planning process may be a little more complex. But don’t panic. Here are terrific tips to help you plan a perfect wedding abroad.

  1. Send your save the dates
If you’re getting married abroad, it’s best to send your save the date cards as early as possible. The more notice you can give your guests the better. Usually, with a save the date card, you only need to include the date and location. But with international adventures, it’s wise to provide a little more information. You may wish to provide details of the nearest airports and some hotel recommendations. You can send information about gifts, timings, and venues with your invitations.

2. Check whether you need a visa
If you’re having your wedding ceremony abroad, you may need to take some legal and logistical considerations into mind. Do you need a tourist visa or a license to get married? Have you got the relevant insurance sorted before you travel? It’s also important to provide your guests with information about legalities before they travel. Seek advice if you’re not sure whether or not you need to apply for a visa. If you’re getting married in Canada, for example, you’ll find information about Canadian visas online. It can take time for applications to be processed, so make sure you give everyone plenty of notice.

3. Check your passport
Before you start planning your wedding, it’s also advisable to check the expiry date of your passport. If you need a new passport, you may need to give yourself 3-6 months to apply, just to be on the safe side. If you’re planning to fly long haul, you usually need at least six months left on your passport from when you travel.

4. Hire a wedding planner
Hiring a wedding planner can make organising your dream day abroad much easier and less stressful. This option gives you a contact who can manage everything in your chosen destination. They can liaise with local suppliers, photographers, and venues. It’s particularly beneficial to enlist the services of a professional planner if there is a language barrier. You can keep in touch via instant messaging and video calls.

5. Make a holiday of it
If you’ve got all your friends and family in one place, it’s a shame to limit the celebrations to a single day. Organise some events in the run-up to the wedding and a gathering afterwards. You could plan a meal the night before the big day or have an early evening drinks party. Hit the slopes for a day of skiing for winter weddings or organise a charity golf tournament. Plan a barbeque and pool party the day after to reminisce.

Planning a wedding can be tricky enough without having to think about different languages and visas. If you’re getting married abroad, bear these top tips in mind. Plan ahead, ask for help, and don’t forget to get all your paperwork in order before you travel.

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The Five Biggest Misconceptions About Las Vegas

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Many people come to Las Vegas every year, and some find themselves surprised and/or disappointed. Why? Because Las Vegas isn’t the city you probably think it is. Thanks to various films and books, people seem to have a very fixed and fantastical image about this great city.

While Las Vegas can be everything you want it to be, there’s so much more to discover there. Here are some of the misconceptions that most people seem to have about Las Vegas.

It’s a seedy place

It’s both funny and tragic that many people only see Las Vegas as a city of sin. They see movies like The Hangover or Leaving Las Vegas and think that the whole thing is just one non-stop, seedy party. But there are plenty of family-friendly attractions in Las Vegas, so it’s hardly a city unsuitable for children. Besides, public intoxication is just as illegal in Las Vegas as it is anywhere else in America. It’s nowhere near as bad as people make out!

There’s nothing to do but gamble…

I refer you again to the family-friendly attractions. But perhaps you’d argue that the “grown-up” activities are just limited to gambling. Wrong, my friend. There are botanical gardens, helicopter rides, wildlife tours, museums – all that good vacation stuff. Heck, there are even serene parks that you can take leisurely strolls in. Not everyone who goes to Vegas goes there to gamble!

…and you’re going to lose at the gambling, anyway

It’s true that most people end up losing money when they gamble in Las Vegas. But that’s true for literally every single gambling institution in the world. If most people won money, then the industry wouldn’t be able to sustain itself! Just because your friend blew $1000 on the sparkly machines in the lobby, it doesn’t mean that all the games are rigged. There are some people who have made a bunch of money gambling in Las Vegas casinos. Just remember to gamble  responsibly, okay?

It’s expensive to stay there

All that color and glamor, eh? It must be crazy expensive to stay in Las Vegas. After all, what vacation accommodation is ever reasonably priced? Well, I don’t blame you for assuming that staying in Las Vegas is a drain on the wallet. But it’s actually one of the cheaper places in America to stay for a vacation. The five-star hotels are reasonably priced (usually because they want you to spend more money in the casino!). And you might save yourself even more money if you check out vacation rentals in Las Vegas.

The Strip is all there is to it

This is basically the same as claiming that Orange County, Florida is just Disneyworld. Or that New York City is just Times Square. The Strip is only part of Las Vegas, although it does often act as Las Vegas’s synecdoche. You need to remember that Las Vegas is a bit city in which people actually, y’know, live and work. It has a rich culture and a growing population. And, okay, while the Grand Canyon isn’t in Las Vegas, it is right next to it!

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