Summer Or Winter Holidays? Why Not Have Both?

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Many of us are about to pack a suitcase and fly off somewhere wonderful for a summer holiday. You may have been saving up for months for something really special. Perhaps you’re going with friends, or a loved one. Sometimes it’s nice to head away with parents or siblings too. Perhaps what is most important is that chance to have some warm weather and sunshine for a week!

Of course, the chance for some sun and warmth is the reason many of us wait until winter time to fly away to warmer climates. Summer at home isn’t that bad really. You can guarantee a few warm days at least. Most of us entertain outdoors in the summer with a traditional garden party or barbecue. And there are always plenty of things to do wherever you go. But did you know that you can enjoy winter weather just as much if you head to colder climates?

If you haven’t had a chance to discover Lapland in winter, then you could be missing out on a holiday of a lifetime. Northern Europe is stunningly beautiful all year round. But when everything is covered in a blanket of fresh snow that is several feet deep, you are in for a treat. Whether you want to spend the warm summer here, or the freshness of winter, there are lots of great things to do.

The snow is fun no matter how old you are. Getting around when the snow is deep is perhaps the best part of it. You have several choices for transport when you’re in Lapland. Dog sledding, reindeer-driven sleighs, snowmobiles and snow trekking are all great activities to do. Of course, some are faster than others. But all can take you deep into the forests, across beautiful snowy wildernesses, or just down the track to the local village!

Summer activities in these beautiful landscapes can include hiking or cycling. There is so much to see whatever the season. But if you’re yearning for golden beaches and soft lapping waves, then chances are you’re hundreds of miles south of here. There are many exotic places around the globe that can provide those crystal clear waters and scorching sun we seem to love. And many of these places are warm all year round. So how can you choose between a summer and winter holiday?

If you usually take two weeks for a holiday in the summer, why not take just one, and save the other for a winter break? That way you can have all the fun and action of the snow as well as lazy days on the beach. Skiing, snowboarding and sledding in the winter. Sunbathing, poolside cocktails, and ocean swimming in the summer. And it means you only have to wait six months for your next holiday instead of a whole year!

Whatever you do, and wherever you go, it’s important you enjoy your time away. If you need a time out to relax, a sunny beach could be perfect. And if you need some action and adventure, heading into the snowy wilderness could be ideal. Love what you do.

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