Ways To Bring Wildlife To Your Garden

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A garden is a private escape into nature. For animal lovers, it can be a chance to watch wildlife grow and flourish. However, fail to treat your garden properly and it may not attract any animals at all. If you want to lure more wildlife onto your lawn, here are some tricks to turn your home into a scene from Snow White.   

Build a pond

A pond is the perfect way to introduce wildlife into your garden. Fish are easy to get hold of – you can even buy koi carp online depending on the size of the fish you’re after. Pretty soon your pond will start to attract insects such as pond skaters and dragonflies. From here, you may then start to attract other pond-life such as frogs and toads. It’s important to regularly maintain your pond – not only will any fish need feeding, you’ll have to keep the pond clean of algae and weeds that may overgrow. That said it’s healthy to have some pond foliage – this will stop the pondwater getting too clear (birds could pinch your fish) as well as providing nutrient to the wildlife within.


Buy a bird feeder

There are many ways to attract birds to the garden. The most effective method is to buy a bird feeder. These can be hung or placed on a pole. Bird boxes are also an option but make sure that these are suitable for all the birds in your area. If there is a tree in your garden and you want to encourage birds to nest in it, try hanging a bird box from one of its branches (but do note that some birds may not nest in particular trees despite all efforts).

Start a log pile

Log piles are an excellent way of attracting biodiversity to your garden, encouraging small mammals such as hedgehogs and amphibians such as frogs. Insects also love log piles – which in turn attract birds and other wildlife wanting a tasty snack. Because of this you should be careful burning log piles that have been sitting around for a while as they have become someone else’s home. Keep firewood stored away or burn it as soon you buy it.


Grow nectar rich plants

Plants such as salvia, redbeckia, lavender and nepeta are all high in pollen. If you want to attract pretty insects such as bumblebees and butterflies, these kind of plants are sure to do the job. You can grow such plants in a flower bed or grow them against walls and fences. Remember to keep them pruned and regularly watered in the summer.

Cut down on digging

If you’re a keen gardener who is constantly planting new shrubs, your incessant digging may be driving wildlife away. Soil is constantly disturbed can ward off worms, bugs and beetles. These are healthy for the soil, dying and providing nutrients for plants. They also provide a tasty food source for other wildlife such as birds and hedgehogs.

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