Makeup Preparation Station: Create The Perfect Space

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Makeup can become a bit of a hobby or guilty pleasure for some. Always wanting to try out the latest concealers and foundations, or different techniques you close follow from uploaded Youtube Videos. We can all get a little obsessed with our appearance, and there isn’t anything majorly wrong with that. However, having an affinity of makeup, and nowhere to store it or even apply it correctly can make your initial investment pointless. Which is why I thought I would share with you some of the ways you can create a makeup preparation station, the perfect space for you to apply and invest your makeup collection.


Have a big sort out

Before creating a space to store and apply your makeup use this as the perfect opportunity to have a big sort out. You may find that you rediscover makeup you forgot you had, or decide that some colour palettes or lipstick choices are just not for you. Don’t throw it away though, if some of the items have not been used then this may be an excellent opportunity to earn some of your investment back. New makeup products sell well online on websites like eBay. You could put the money towards investing in some new products you have been lusting after.

Invest in better tools and makeup products

We can all strive to create the best look we can with our makeup, but often using mediocre products and tools, with little technique, will create mediocre results. Which is something none of us want. With that in mind, investing in better tools and brushes that are quality, and teaming them with a higher quality product like a high pigmented foundation, for example, can produce a better result, even if you don’t have much technique when it comes to application. Investing in products like Blue Bird FX makeup or similar could offer better results. If you want to create a professional look, then you may as well start with professional products.


Make sure you have plenty of natural light

It’s important that you choose a place to apply your makeup where you have access to as much natural light as possible. One suggestion would be in front of a window. This is because you get a better idea on colours and applications. You need to make sure that the light is hitting the center of your face to avoid any shadows being created and an unbalanced application of your makeup. If you can sit directly in front of the window, then you may want to consider some form of lighting in from of you. Many rooms have overhead lighting which can also cast shadows on your face, so investing in a vanity or a mirror with lights on could be a great alternative. You can even get smaller table mirrors with built in lights.

Consider storage options so you can see what you have

If you love your makeup, then one issue could be having too much choice. Of course, there is nothing wrong with that, but we can all be a little guilty of sticking with the same thing. Much like we can do with outfits when our wardrobes are not organised. So create a storage solution that works for you. You can get perspex makeup storage that is clear to see through. Offering draw space and plenty of options to store all your makeup. While thinking about storage try and organise your makeup into categories. This will help when you are wanting to display your make up options, or are looking for something particular. Again this should highlight some forgotten gems, or present opportunities to have a clear out of unwanted makeup.


Keep it pretty

Dressing tables or areas can often look messy, which can ultimately mean we lose where things are or have no desire to spend time there. So keep things pretty by adding a few personal items to the area or dressing table. Perhaps a photo frame or a print with your favourite quote. After all, it will be the area that you prepare for your day, so why not make it motivational.

When it comes to the room you apply makeup in, keep it light

Finally, the colour of the room you apply makeup in is just as important as having access to the right light. If your room is dark, then the light won’t help as much as it could. Try and stick with paint colours that are light and airy. White is always going to be a good option, but of course, this may not work with your home. So in some circumstances avoid darker colours to ensure that you get the best possible environment to apply makeup.

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