Wait…Pets Aren’t People?

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Don’t get the wrong idea here, we’re not suggesting that pets shouldn’t be loved, adored or cherished. Nor are we suggesting that they shouldn’t be treated like part of the family. They absolutely should and leaving a dog outside is always a bad move. You’re going to have one unhappy little pooch because ultimately, they are pack animals. They want to feel like a part of your world, an essential member of your little group.

But that doesn’t make them people, it doesn’t make them human, and it’s not in your pet’s best interest or yours to treat them as such. Here are a few key reasons why you shouldn’t treat a pet like a person.

Did Someone Say Food?

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There are plenty of pet owners who think it’s a brilliant idea to feed their dog the same as them. Perhaps even treat them with a freshly cut steak every now and then. Maybe as a treat, this is acceptable but be careful you aren’t doing this too regularly because it’s going to lead to a few problems. First, you can turn a dog off their normal food and make them turn their nose up when you fill their bowl. Ultimately, they will begin to wait to see if something better is on offer.

You have to be careful here because pet food is made especially for animals to give them everything they need and keep them healthy. If you suddenly cut this out their diet, they might develop skin irritations or issues like sickness.

If you’re really lucky and your pet shows no signs of changes due to diet, you might still find the fact that they now constantly want what you’re eating irritating. It’s not their fault, they’re just expecting the same menu to continue.

‘He’s Just Being Himself’

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Oh dear, how many dog owners have said this about their fluffy friend. This is typically the excuse for not training an animal. Pet owners like to give their pets their own personality and so they don’t bother with the sit, fetch and rollover. Instead, they let the dogs act how they want. The problem with this, of course, is that you won’t be in control of your animal at all. And don’t forget humans do get trained. We train babies to use the toilet, come back when they’re called and obey orders when they’re young. So, you should at the very least be teaching your dog the same basics that you would a young a child.

If you don’t do this, you’re going to find yourself dealing with an animal with serious behavior problems. Luckily, dog obedience training courses are available for you and your pooch that will get things back to the way they should be. It turns out you can teach an older dog new tricks.

It’s Play

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Finally, you need to be careful how you play with an animal like a dog. Some owners love being boisterous with their dogs in the garden and outside. You might think it’s cute when your dog jumps all over you but this can be a sign of domination, and that should never happen. You need to make sure your dog knows you or someone in your family is head of the pack. This is the only way to make sure that they always respect you and obey in serious situations.

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