7 Ways To Declare Your Undying Love For Your Pet

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There’s a reason why cat videos and pictures of baby animals always go viral on social media; people love their pets and can’t get enough of their cute little faces. Those who are lucky enough to have a furry friend in their home know how lucky they are, that’s why they’re always telling their Facebook friends about the adorable and crazy things their pet has been up to. However, just because you’re telling the world how much you love your puppy, doesn’t mean your puppy knows how much you love him. Okay, perhaps that’s not entirely true, but can you really get tired of demonstrating your undying love for your fur baby? Whether it’s a special occasion, or just an average Tuesday, here are a few ways you can treat your pet to another token of your love. How many have you done already?

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Check their fur

If human hair can be troublesome, your dog’s fur is giving him twice as much trouble. If it’s not tangled, or dirty, it still can’t be comfortable having tiny insects hiding in your fur and feeding on your blood all the time. Even though cats are perfectly capable of grooming themselves, they’re also vulnerable to those blood-sucking pests. The easiest way to treat your pet is to invest in some flea medication, or try out some home remedies for fleas as an extra labour of love. With your dog, you can go one step further and bathing him with doggie shampoo and then brush their coat thoroughly. If you can do all this yourself, there is no need to take him to the dog groomer – unless it’s a special occasion.


Treats are a wonderful way to love your pets because the little guys don’t have a choice; they ALL must eat. Plus treats are an easy way to reward good behaviour and train  them to keep up those same patterns. You could even bake some homemade treats to show how much you really care, and to watch what goes into their diets. However, you shouldn’t go crazy on the treat distribution. As difficult as it may be, too many treats can have a detrimental effect on your pet’s health. Giving them too many treats can lead to weight gain, which in turn can lead to various health problems and diseases. Sometimes, loving them means you have to say no once in a while.

New toys

All pets love playtime, even if cats pretend to not be interested at first. While they may be attached to a particular squeaky toy, that worn out chew toy may now be infested with bacteria and other nasty things that aren’t healthy for your pet. Also, you can buy them something to encourage the both of you to have some fun together. You could buy a new ball to take on walks with your dog, or a laser dot to amuse your cat. If you’re a bit strapped for cash at the moment, you can print off coupons at www.CouponSherpa.com and get them their new toys at a discount, or you can save the box from your next Amazon delivery and let them go nuts. Honestly, pets just love play time, and taking part increases the bond you share, builds confidence in the more shy of your furry friends, and can calm the most energetic of animals so they enjoy your down time with you.

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Take him swimming

As the days get longer, the sun will soon get hotter. Help your puppy stay cool by taking him for a dip in cold water. There are two ways to go about this; you could take him out to the beach for a day and incorporate some playtime into your excursion, or you could get a kiddie pool in your garden and watch him splash on the lawn. If neither of these is an option, some good fun with the hose will also do the trick.

Brushes and massages

Cat owners must notice the amount of times their feline friend grooms himself throughout the day; cats actually spend 50 percent of their awake-time self-grooming. Relieve them of their duties by picking up a brush and grooming them yourself. Not only does the comb/brush feel good like an all-over massage, it keeps fur mat-free, skin clean, reduces furballs, and serves as a bonding session between you and the kitty.

Dogs also love getting a thorough combing, and nothing reduces them to a slobbering mess like back scratches and massages. Any time spent bestowing physical affection on your pet is a great way to bond and share your love. Don’t go thinking it’s a one-way street either; studies have shown that stroking an animal can significantly reduce stress and lower blood pressure; yours and your pet’s! Pay special attention to the places your cat likes best, such as the base of the tail and under the cheeks. Dogs aren’t as fussy, but none of them will be able to resist a belly rub.

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Take them somewhere new

When you have an extra day off, take your furry friend on a little adventure. Your dog will be excited to go to the park and meet other dogs. Your cat may not be fond of the carry cage, but your friends and family might be happy to have them visit for a day. Or you could simply vary your walk route to give them new surroundings to excite them.

Talk to them

Don’t listen to those naysayers; you should talk to your pet as much as you want. Your furry companion loves to hear your voice, and they might even understand you. A research group in Budapest used MRI scanning to show that dogs’ brains respond to human voices in the same basic ways as humans. While humans have a smaller, more specialized part of the brain dealing with spoken language, humans and dogs both use the same area of the brain to process the emotional meaning of certain speech patterns.

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