Do You Want To Give Your Dog A Shiny Coat? Here’s How!

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When considering the dog that has the shiniest coat, there is only one answer: Lassie. This rough collie looked the epitome of good dog health because of her luscious and beautiful coat. When she bounded through the door to inform the neighbor of the devastating house fire and the need to rescue all of the occupants, it was hard to focus on the storyline as you were mesmerized by the sheen on her fur. It’s not impossible for you to have a dog that will turn heads. You just need to know how to achieve a shiny coat for your dog.

A dog’s coat tells you a lot about his health. If it’s dull and flat, the chances are that your dog is a little under the weather. He could be suffering an allergy, overdoing it on the treats or he could be enduring another bout of fleas.

In hot, humid weather, fleas are rife. These nasty little critters can set up home on your mutt and refuse to leave. Don’t try and just comb them out. You’ll never get rid of them all, they lay up to fifty eggs a day so new pests are hatching all the time and your dog probably won’t sit still long enough anyway. It’s vital that you get your hound some flea medicine that kills the infestation quickly and hits every stage of the lifecycle of the flea. With regular monthly treatment, you will see the vitality and shine return to your dog’s coat in no time.

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Like humans, some dogs have allergies or dry skin. One of the easiest ways to treat this is by giving your pal a bath. By adding crushed oatmeal to the water, your dog will feel the soothing effects of the treatment. Try not to rub your dog dry as this can aggravate the skin. Let him dry naturally if possible. After his soak, your dog will feel revitalized, with less irritated skin and more bounce in his coat.

Unless your mutt has a vitamin or nutrient deficiency, there is little need to feed him a specific diet to achieve a healthy coat. The most important thing is ensuring that he has a balanced diet. This means a high-quality wet food and dry food, supplemented by healthy snacks. Just as chocolate can cause a break out on your skin, unhealthy treats can cause the same for your dog so limit them to once or twice a week maximum. Most dogs will eat anything that is put in front of them, so it’s up to you to control their diet.

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When chilling with your dog and he’s fallen asleep for the hundredth time next to you on the sofa, whip out a brush and give him a groom. By combing through his luscious locks, you are releasing the natural oils that can enhance the sheen on his coat.

Your dog will give you hours of pleasure. It’s only right that you look after him and make sure he is as healthy as he can be. With the right diet, care and grooming regimen, your dog can achieve the Lassie look.

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