Is Your Border Collie Cleverer Than You?

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The border collie is the most intelligent breed of dog in the world. They are the Albert Einstein or Stephen Hawking of the canine world with their aptitude for understanding human language, responding to the nuances of subtle body signals and their sheer enjoyment of solving puzzles and problems. So what makes them so smart?

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Border collies are the dogs that you see whizzing through the obstacle courses at agility trials. They know the route and what to do at each obstacle, whether that’s darting left and right in between bollards, sitting still on a high platform or ensuring all four of their paws touch the end of a see-saw. Miraculously, they know what they’re doing. This is because they understand instruction and can be trained with ease.

Their intelligence doesn’t mean your border collie can throw on a pair of overalls, pick up a wrench and help you fix the oil leak under your car, but they do make for exciting pets. You have to have your wits about you if you own a border collie. They are the Houdinis of the dog world. Border collies have been known to turn on lights, open windows, find a way out of their crate or even open the refrigerator door if they fancy a snack and you aren’t providing it for them. Having to be constantly on your toes is an aspect of dog ownership that border collie enthusiasts relish.

So how do you ensure that your intelligent mutt is entertained? They need to be stimulated at all times.The most intelligent dog in the world needs the best interactive dog toys that encourage them to solve a problem and engage their brains. To keep your border collie amused it’s a good idea to use their favorite doggy treats as an incentive to engage in an activity. A seek a treat puzzle board is an activity that you control. You set the order of which your furry friend has to open windows, twist knobs and push buttons. Only when he or she has worked out the correct order will a treat be released. This toy maintains your dog’s curiosity and has the greater challenge needed for a border collie.

Your border collie will also be an itchy paws kind of a hound. This breed never sits still and is always eager to play fetch or launch into a full blown run. To keep up with this healthy breed, you’ll need to invest in some DIY agility courses in the back garden or head out to the park daily. You could try and meet other border collie owners at a local dog agility club and share helpful hints and tips on how to prevent your dog getting bored.

Remember, your border collie’s ancestral line goes all the way back to the Scottish Highlands where they were working dogs herding sheep, cattle and livestock. They are an active breed with reflexes to match. Your border collie has an innate instinct to chase and be active and work. By channeling their energies and intelligence in an effective way, you can find yourself with a loyal companion for many years to come.

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