Dispelled! The Funniest Myths About Cats

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As humanity has developed since the dawn of our inception, it’s astonishing to think of how far we’ve come as a species and how much more potential we have left to actualize. However, what’s also funny is to recognize just how much misinformation and myth is out there in the world. While dogs might be man’s best friends, our cats are the most refined acquaintance we have.

With cats we enjoy less of a mutually over loving relationship such as that dogs provide, but a respectful interplay of a relationship dynamic which keeps things interesting. Cats want you to love them on their own time, and we can respect that. This independence is why we allow them to roam the suburbs alone, as well as letting them take care of their own litter such as through CatBoxHQ.com products. As part of this respect, we felt it necessary to dispel some of the most common myths that surround our furry friends, and have a little fun with it.

Myth #1 – Cats Are Untrainable

Cats can be trained. They are intelligent animals. Just getting them interested enough in the first place to acquiesce to your demands is easier said than done. Using the Pavlov’s dog style ‘treating training’ can help you stimulate behaviors which you’d like them to emulate, such as doing their toilet business in a predestined location, or simply preventing them from jumping on your bed when you’re trying to sleep. Give it a try today! Find their favorite treat and see if you can’t get them to give you a high five on demand. Just remember, it might take several sessions, and you will have to seriously put up an effort to get them interested in the routine in the first place. Sometimes, letting them pad on your lap while you watch television and stroke them is much more pleasurable.

Myth #2 – Cats Have Nine Lives

While it would be useful to have a pet that could live nine times, both emotionally and for your finances, this obviously simply isn’t true. The rumor was started because many people mistakenly thought that cats were immune to rabies, a rumor that started in the 50’s. Unfortunately, this is not true. Cats can catch rabies just as humans and dogs can. For this reason, having a good vet is your primary responsibility. Also, keeping an eye on their general condition when they are out in the local environment is worthwhile, because you can never be sure what other cats they might be fighting or enjoying the company of.

Myth #3 – Cats See Things Which We Can’t

While there is something to be said for animal senses and predictions, there is simply no evidence to support the popular claim that cats are some form of super spiritual entity who can see in four dimensions and otherwise have some form of Ancient Egypt grounding of power. If this is the case, you can be sure that more research will have been conducted in this field. For now, though, it seems are little furry friends are as goofy and silly as ever, even if they can sometimes be a little fickle with their love.

Cats are our furriest friends and help enrich our lives. Sometimes, it’s worth dispelling some of the myths around them.

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