New Member Of The Family: How To Make Your Dog Feel Right At Home

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So you’ve just arrived home with your new pride and joy – your puppy! Congratulations! This is an exciting time for you and your family. Dogs make the best kind of pets. They’re loyal, honest, and show you an overwhelming amount of love, and what do they ask for in return? Nothing.

When returning home, your pup may be a little nervous. You can figure this out by the way he acts, see here for more information. They’re in a new environment, after most likely just being separated from their brothers, sisters and Mother, so you really need to consider that before you accidentally cause more stress to your dog.

Here’s how you can welcome them in the right way.

Welcome them properly

Upon arrival, make sure your little pup is introduced to the other family members properly. You should do this a couple of weeks before you plan on bringing them home too. The breeder may say that the dog gets on well with children, but that may not always be the case, so if you have a child, make sure they meet your potential puppy.

Your dog needs to have a sniff here and a sniff there to get used to its surroundings, so give him some time to explore the area and the people and objects within it.

Make sure they start off well

It’s very important that your dog is fit and healthy. This should all be done way before you plan on bringing your dog home by performing a few background checks on the breeder to make sure they’re a reputable one. Although your dog will probably come with his vaccinations already done, you still want to make sure you prevent any other things causing stress or aggro to your pooch. You can do this by looking at sites like and finding the best treatments from flea collars to mosquito repellent, to keep your dog happy and healthy.   

Be patient with potty training

Potty training isn’t going to be done in an hour, it takes a lot of time and patience, and although it may be frustrating – never take it out on your pup. They’re trying to understand what you want them to do. It’s important to understand that they are not purposely soiling your carpet because they enjoy it, they just need the toilet. – It’s your job to teach them where that is. Whatever you do, don’t get angry and shove their face in their mess – not only is it a form of abuse, but it doesn’t even work.

Give them the attention they need

If you can’t deal with a beautiful creature constantly begging for attention – don’t get a dog.

All a dog wants is your love and affection; they will never lie to you. Never betray you. And will never leave your side, especially in your time of need. So don’t do the same to them.

Play with them, take them for long walks, cuddle with them in front of the tv, feed them when they’re hungry, and let them jump up in bed with you once in awhile… That can be your own little secret you share.

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